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The historic city of Khatosha; The capital of the Hittite Empire in Turkey

For those interested in tourism, especially ancient tourism, Turkey is a familiar name. Turkey, with its long history dating back to the Neolithic period, welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year. The existence of amazing and historical monuments in Turkey caused the prosperity of ancient tourism in this country. The historic city of Khatusha, which was the capital of the empire during the Hittite era, annually hosts a number of millions of tourists who have traveled to Turkey. Join us in this interesting and readable article to know where the historical city of Khatosha is and to get more acquainted with the ancient capital of the Hittites.

The Hittites were an ancient people who established a monarchy in Anatolia, northern Mesopotamia and Syria. Its capital was the historic city of Khatusha, and today, the remains of this ancient city are located in Çorum, Turkey. Until the twentieth century, there was no evidence to prove the existence of this empire, so that some did not consider the existence of this ancient empire in Turkey as a rumor. However, during the excavations and the discovery of antiquities, most archaeologists have confirmed the existence of this historical empire in Turkey. According to the article Where is the historical city of Khatosha, you should know that one of the most important ancient monuments of the historical city of Khatosha is the inscription of the peace treaty between the Hittites and the ancient Egyptians, which was signed after the war in the 13th century BC.

One of the highlights in the history of the Hittites , Their contemporaneity with the ancient Egyptians, which some historical sources consider to be exactly similar to the Egyptians. The Bible also mentions the Hittite Empire several times as a powerful empire. History also proves this, because in the 13th century BC, a great battle took place between them and the Egyptians, which is called the Battle of Kadesh. This battle is the oldest battle in human history and the information of the forces and their arrangement was recorded in history. In this war, the Hittites were able to defeat the great Pharaoh Ramses and force the Egyptians to retreat to Egypt. Years later, the two countries signed a peace treaty, making it the oldest treaty in the world.

Although today only ruins of the ancient Hittite capital remain, seeing the remains and studying these historical and ancient monuments informs us of the beautiful and unique architecture that this city had during its lifetime. he does. The ancient capital of the Hittites, during its heyday, had a population of about 1.8 square kilometers and a population of nearly 50,000. The city has two parts, outer and inner, which are surrounded by strong and high walls in both parts of the city. The outer wall, the remains of which are still visible, is about eight kilometers long and was built to protect the entire city from enemy attacks. The outer city is located in the southern part of the city of Khatusha in Turkey and stretches for about one square kilometer.

And the sculptures are extremely beautiful, depicting warriors, lions and sphinxes. It can be said that the largest building in the ancient city of Khatosha is a tall castle located in the center of the city and had large office buildings and several temples. In addition, there were four other temples in the city, each built on a porch. There were also residential and secular buildings next to these temples. Also, the buildings that housed the royal family were usually built on high ground.

Based on the article on the historic city of Khatusha You should know that outside the walls of the city of Khatosha, there is a cemetery where the Hittites first burned the dead and buried them. In the past, the city of Khatosha was surrounded by fertile land, hills and lush forests, and the people of this city used them for agriculture, grazing livestock and providing wood needed to build and maintain the city.

The highlight of the history of the Hittite Empire is the Hittite expertise in chariot construction. History shows that the Hittites had great skill and expertise in building chariots during their lifetime, so that the fastest and lightest chariots of that time were made by these people. Another difference between these chariots and other chariots of that time was that although the Hittites lived in the Bronze Age, they were made with iron tools. These chariots facilitated transportation and were a special advantage for them in battles.

With the end of the Hittite rule in the 20th century BC, the ancient city of Khatosha was also destroyed. Archaeological excavations show that the city burned completely in a fire. Since not many important documents have been found from this ancient city so far, it is possible that the inhabitants of the city left there before it was destroyed and took important documents and objects with them. Some Turks say that Khatusha was more like a ghost town before it was discovered.

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