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The king of Tabriz sweets is on the verge of national registration

ISNA / According to the latest news, the king of Tabriz sweets is on the verge of national registration.

Gharabieh sweets have been one of the most important, famous and delicious food symbols of Tabriz from the past to the present; An authentic dry pastry with a long history and a subset of authentic Azerbaijani cookies that have a unique taste and in the dictionary the word kurabiye is defined as the equivalent of a cookie-like cake made in Turkey, Greece and the Middle East.

Cookies are a kind of dry biscuit-like sweets and are considered one of the most consumed sweets in the world, which of course has its origins in our country. Iran has the most variety and antiquity in the world of cookies, cookies have been popular in Iran since the seventh century with the discovery and beginning of sugar consumption.

In every corner of Iran, different types of these delicious cookies are prepared and one of the most special types of these cookies is “Gharabieh Tabriz” sweet, which originates from the city of Tabriz.

The city of Tabriz is one of the most original cities in Iran, which has its own sweets, and among them we can mention Gharabieh, Eris, Nogha and Rahat Al-Halqum.

Qorabieh, the most prominent symbol of Tabriz

Qarabiyeh is a medium layer of sweets and its appearance is round and thick and its size is almost similar to cookies and it is prepared in two sizes, small and ordinary,

Of course, Qarabieh is not limited to Iran and different types are produced in neighboring countries such as Turkey and Azerbaijan, but it is different from Qorabieh in Tabriz.

The head of the Tabriz Confectioners’ Union says that the king of Tabriz sweets is on the verge of national registration: Almonds, sugar, egg whites and pistachios eaten are the ingredients of Qarabiyeh.

Nasser Karimi continues: The main and most traditional of these sweets is almond relatives, but coconut, walnut and pistachio relatives are also produced and have their own special lovers.

How to prepare Tabriz kinship

Regarding the method of preparation, he says: We soak the almonds and it should remain the same for five to six hours, then we drink the water and a soft almond is prepared, mix the egg whites with the sugar and add We grind it to be ground twice with a special machine, then we put it in the mixer and little by little we add the egg white to it, which becomes saturated one hour later, and after it dissolves, we pour the pistachio and We stick it on the papers with salt, but we also put pistachios in the tank until it becomes completely pistachio on it, then we put it in the oven and it is ready 25 minutes later.

Karimi reminds: In ancient times, the great masters of Tabriz produced Qarabieh sweets, and this sweet has been produced with the efforts of ancient people for over a hundred years.

He continues: “People like this sweetness and use it in all their feasts, weddings and occasions. Of course, most of the guests in our city also buy this sweet as a souvenir, which is an almond type.” Has more fans.

Tabriz kinship is nationally registered

Regarding the registration of this sweet, he says: “We talked to the tourism officials and prepared videos on how to prepare it from the city’s confectioneries, and we also asked the customer for their opinions about this sweet, also with the Cultural Heritage Office.” We have coordinated to bring this sweet to the national register. The head of the Tabriz Confectioners ‘Union notes: The Tabriz Confectioners’ Union has been formed for 52 years, and during the last few years they have tried several times to register this sweet nationally, but due to the long process of registering it, some They went out of the way and left the work halfway; We have started this issue seriously and we will definitely register this sweet in the national register, of course, it is not only this sweet but there are other sweets that we will also register after the kinship. “Our traditional kinship is very famous,” he said. The reason why the Tabrizis did not take action was to register it in the name of Tehran, but seeing our efforts, they were willing to register it by East Azerbaijan.

He says: “We have participated in many festivals and introduced this sweet in very famous exhibitions such as international exhibitions and we hope to be able to pay more attention to this issue in the upcoming festivals.” Regarding the export, Karimi notes: “We have not exported this sweet in large quantities so far, but everyone from different countries who came to our country and bought this sweet and took it with them, of course, to some extent.” We have exported to Iraq and Baku.

The province’s cultural heritage and tourism organization has a positive view on this issue

“They are trying to provide conditions after the registration of Qarabiyah to increase the shelf life of this sweet in the packaging,” he said. “This sweet will be nationally registered in the name of the Union and East Azerbaijan.” So far, we have been going through our administrative processes and we have talked to the Cultural Heritage Office and their opinions are positive, which will be registered by the end of this year at the latest.

Expenses, one of the important factors of change in raw materials of kinship

He emphasizes: Due to the recent high prices, the raw materials of Gharabieh are manipulated, while Gharabieh almonds are different and must be Azarshahr and oily almonds, of course, its master is also important and in large confectioneries The city is cooked with the right ingredients, but we plan to make it in small pastries as well.

The president of the confectioners’ union states: Until anything is registered, anything is possible; Even in the cities called Tabriz, they cook a quarantine that is different from the original type from earth to sky, and they tarnish our name. If it is registered, we will do our best to be somewhere else after our city Do not cook and if it is cooked, it should be under our supervision.

The purchase of all sweets has decreased

He says: the purchase of all sweets has decreased, because the budget and purchasing power of the people has decreased compared to before, but among the sweets of the province, saffron lozenge, almond baklava, nougat, eris and rahat al-halqum are also very much It is a bestseller and has its own fans, but the king of Tabriz sweets is Gharabieh.

He adds at the end: We do our best to allow them to sell this sweet at a reasonable price; Officials should not emphasize the price, because then the price of sweets will decrease as the price decreases.

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