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The least unique souvenir of Alborz; From Damavand honey to Alborz handicrafts

The least unique souvenir of Alborz; From Damavand honey to Alborz handicrafts

Alborz is a pleasant province that must be visited. In this area, there are many clean places that attract many Tehranians for weekends or even a short day trip. Thanks to the abundant orchards and vegetables, Alborz souvenirs are very much, so do not worry, you will not return empty-handed when traveling to the cities of this province. In the following, we want to introduce you to some delicious Alborz souvenirs and handicrafts. So if you are planning to travel to this beautiful city, do not miss this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine .

Which are the food souvenirs of Alborz?

Damavand honey, green tomatoes, jujube, hazelnut halva, Taleghan dairy, Tutak sweets and all kinds of tree fruits.

What handicrafts are there in Alborz?

Needlework, masonry, woodcarving, glassmaking and kilim weaving are among the best handicrafts of Alborz .

What is Taleghan souvenir?

Yogurt, buttermilk, cheese and yogurt do not matter.

Delicious souvenirs of Alborz

1- Lovely green tomato one of the souvenirs of Alborz

Green tomato is one of those fruits that few people do not crave when they hear its name. Even thinking about this attractive fruit will make your mouth water. Green tomato is one of the spring novelties that you can prepare for your trip for several days during your trip to Karaj. Of course, these karaji green tomatoes are so big, juicy, crunchy and delicious that you will probably finish them all on the first day. In addition to being delicious, green plums have many properties that double its value. This fruit has nothing to do with cleansing the liver and regulating stomach acid. Green tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C and are good for the body. So eating it is both fortune telling and watching! This delicious fruit is mostly harvested in Shahriar gardens and sent from this city to other cities, provinces and cities so that the others will not be deprived of eating this blessing.

گوجه سبز ترش 2-

This sweet is one of the best and most famous souvenirs of Alborz and when you see it, you will feel the urge to taste it. Tutak is mostly cooked during the holidays and it is interesting to know that this snack has also reached the national register! Most Kaki families bake this delicious and unique pastry, along with New Year’s customs. Tutek is the work of art bakers who cook this snack with love. The mild sweet taste of Tutek has made everyone love it with any taste.

The people of Alborz, although they can buy a variety of sweets, still have not given up on the traditions and still make these delicious sweets. We suggest that you buy some of these unique sweets as souvenirs for your friends.

شیرینی توتک 3- Taleghan Dairy, an exemplary taste between dairies

Another souvenir Alborz is a delicious Taleghan dairy that is very popular among everyone Yes. Once you try the taste of Taleghan dairy, no milk and buttermilk will stick to you. Statistics show that many provinces around Alborz buy dairy products from this city! Animal oil is another Taleghan dairy product whose pleasant aroma and taste take everyone by surprise.

This substance is used to make meals and is rich in a variety of vitamins. Of course, if you have high blood fat, it is better to draw a line around it, because it is very high in fat and you may regret consuming it. One of the duties that you must do after your trip to Taleghan is to buy local doogh and yogurt. The cheese of this region is not comparable to other dairy products at all, because it has a memorable taste that will stay under your teeth forever. Taleghan is the local cheese hub of the country.

لبنیات طالقان از سوغات البرز 4- Jujube, one of the best souvenirs of Alborz

Jujube is another souvenir in Alborz It is found in abundance and can be bought dry or fresh. Dried jujube has a very high shelf life and for this reason you can buy it as a souvenir of Alborz. One of the properties of this delicious fruit is that it is an antioxidant that its daily consumption largely prevents premature aging.

Many traditional medicine experts prescribe jujube for clear skin and increased hair growth. We suggest you use it to see its miracles. This souvenir also contains a complex of vitamins B, C and A and you can eat it as a snack. عناب البرز

5- Halwa Loz Damavand

Karaj souvenir is halva luz which is very tasty and has many fans. This halva is a unique sweet that is prepared without the use of sugar. Undoubtedly, you know that walnuts and honey are very nutritious, so their presence in a sweet gives it extraordinary properties. This energy bomb has a strong sweet taste and will be an attractive choice along with evening tea.

This halva is prepared from a skillful mixture of roasted walnuts, rice flour, honey and saffron. The honey used in this sweet has a great effect on its taste. Many people add halva honey a lot and make it taste very sweet. So if you are not a fan of very sweet tastes, you will not become a fan of halvah.

Of course, if you spend a little patience and explore the city, you may also find low-sweet halvah. You will notice these differences when you try two different types of halva. This halva is cut in the shape of a rhombus and for this reason it is popularly known as a lozenge. Of course, it can be bought with other shapes, but it is mostly cut in the shape of a rhombus.

سوغات البرز 6- Damavand honey, honey popular among the world

fame This honey dates back to a very old time. Beekeeping is one of the sub-sectors of agriculture and with the spread of this job, agriculture has become more prosperous in Damavand. Because bees, in addition to producing honey, spread plant pollen in gardens. It is interesting to know that 90% of the benefits of bees are allocated to increasing agricultural products and only 10% of it is related to honey production!

Damavand has about 155 hectares of forest where different plant species grow and for this reason it is one of the best areas of the country for It is considered beekeeping. Damavand honey is one of the best souvenirs of Alborz that you must buy when traveling to this region. Enjoying a hearty breakfast with honey is another thing.

سوغات جذاب کرج 7- Different fruits of Damavand; From apples to cherries

Most people in the provinces around Alborz are counting down the days until October so that they can eat the sweet and crisp apples of Damavand. This fruit is not only popular among boats, but is also one of the most popular export fruits in the country. Of course, the good news is that Damavand fruits do not end only with apples, and there are orchards of pears, green tomatoes, walnuts, cherries, etc. in this region. All kinds of fruits grow well in the gardens of Karaj. The gardens of this region find a thousand colors and flavors in spring that even when you see them, your appetite will be opened.

میوه های مختلف باغات Alborz Handicrafts

This young city has beautiful handicrafts along with its delicacies.

1- Needlework

This art is one of the original handicrafts of our beloved country that is popular in many cities of Iran. Needlework workshops are mostly found in Alborz and Sistan and Baluchestan. Needlework can be considered as patterns mixed with a woman’s dreams, which with beautiful art implements beautiful patterns on the fabric.

By looking at these unique handicrafts, you can be immersed in the mysteries and stories behind it. Embroidered fabrics have exemplary beauty and giving them as a gift will make your friends feel good.

صنایع دستی البرز 2- stonemasonry

This art is one another Alborz handicrafts are considered, which of course is a very difficult job. With creativity, skill and special tools, artists make the desired designs from stone in the best way to show their art to others. By carving additional sections from rough stone, their stonemasons create beautiful and eye-catching patterns that attract the eyes of every passer-by. If you are a fan of decorative sculptures and statues, stone objects will be one of the most pleasant souvenirs of Alborz for you.

سنگ تراشی 3- Carving, original art among Alborz handicrafts

There are certain types of inlaid carvings These include Kufic scripts, Islamic motifs, flowers and plants, and so on. Inlay is mostly done on walnut, boxwood and pear wood, because this type of wood is stronger and it is the artist who must determine the type of wood before starting work.

منبت کاری زیبا 4- glassware Shaping the glass with the help of the artist’s hands

Before starting work, the glassmaker heats the glass so that it can change its shape. With the help of a special tool and blowing air into the glass, he creates unique shapes with exemplary beauty. It is interesting to know that in the past, Alborz glassmakers used silica stone to implement their art, but today, due to the use of affordable materials, this material has given way to shards of glass.

When the glass is ready, it is slightly machined and eye-catching colors are added to it to double the beauty of the structures. When the objects are finished, they stay in the oven for a while so that the colors become part of the glass.

سوغات البرز 5- Carpet weaving, one of Alborz handicrafts

Glim weaving is a famous art in Iran that many people in the whole country are engaged in. Craftsmen weave woolen yarns with special skill and make amazing patterns with yarn. The designs on the kilims are taken from the culture, traditions, beliefs and customs of the past, and seeing them reminds us of our ancestors. If you are looking for traditional gifts among Alborz souvenirs, be sure to buy a kilim.

گلیم و جاجیم Thanks to the customs and mirrors of the past, each part of the country has its own souvenir. Alborz is one of the clean areas around Tehran and many people travel to it to spend their leisure time, so in this article we have introduced some of the most popular souvenirs of Alborz. If you have experience buying Alborz souvenirs or handicrafts, we are happy for you to share your opinions with us.

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