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The local food of Sanandaj is sweet

The local food of Sanandaj is sweet

The Kurds are very warm and hospitable. Maybe you want to travel to this region or maybe you have been invited to a party in one of the cities of Sanandaj and you want to get acquainted with the local cuisine of Kurdistan. In any case, by reading this article, you can get to know the delicious foods of Kurdistan and wash your heart with soap for a wonderful meal. Just by reading this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine, you will get acquainted with local food of Sanandaj . So stay tuned until the end.

What are the most famous local dishes of Sanandaj?

Kulaneh is the most famous local soup in Sanandaj.

What are the best Sanandaj bread dishes?

The best of these foods are: shish kebab, qimagh, kufta shurva, kahlaneh, qayarmeh.

What are the famous stews of Sanandaj?

Kurdish leek stew, galakheh and rhubarb are the best stews you can taste in Sanandaj.

delicious dishes of Sanandaj

Different dishes are cooked in Kurdistan, each with its own taste, and I am sure you will not be satisfied with eating them. There is so much variety of Sanandaj dishes that one of them is opened in every season and most of the residents or eateries in the city cook the same dish and spread its aroma to several houses on the other side. The question may arise for you, what are the dishes I have just described made from? The question was appropriate, read on to get acquainted with the ashes.

1- Three garlic cloves, winter ash

This famous and delicious dish, which is mostly served in winter, is one of the most popular local dishes in Sanandaj. Kurdish chefs with special skill mix chicken, turkey, lentils, curd, rice, chicken breast, onion and spices to prepare this delicious and of course nutritious soup.

آش سه نگه سیر، آش زمستانه

2- Seed, the best food for new mothers

Kurds make this dish mostly for their special occasions, celebrations, periods and ceremonies. When a child gets his first tooth in Sanandaj, his parents have a party and serve it to the guests at the Kolaneh Ash Festival so that the others can share in their happiness. Wheat, peas, lentils, red beans, dried savory, onions, lamb pen and various spices are combined to prepare this delicious soup.

دانه کولانه، آش بعداز زایمان 3 – Ash Barvishin Torsh

This soup is cooked in such a way that you can taste it both as a main dish and as a dessert. Oatmeal, cobs, apricots, vinegar, onions, oil and spices are used to cook the soup. It is interesting to know that skilled chefs use apricot puree in cooking to give this soup a unique taste.

آش برویشین تورش 4- Ash Lentil Bulgur

The last soup I want to tell you about is oatmeal lentil soup. This dish has a special place among the local dishes of Sanandaj and almost all the women of this city knew how to cook it well. This soup is made from lentils, wheat semolina, onions, potatoes and spices. Of course, I should also say that bulgur lentil soup is also known by other names such as Nism and Savar.

unique sunsets of Sanandaj

Among the local foods of Sanandaj, stews have been able to sit more on people’s tables. To cook these foods, more plants are used that grow around Sanandaj, for example, this Gilakheh stew that I want to introduce in the following.

1- Gilakhe stew

A plant of the same name grows around Sanandaj and it is thanks to the abundance of gilakhe that food is also cooked with it. I do not know who was the first to be creative and prepare such a delicious stew with this vegetable; But whoever he was, he was undoubtedly admired by many. Gilakheh has two parts, onion and stem, in which there is a lot of fiber in the onion. To make this local dish of Kurdistan, meat, onion, red bean, Omani lemon and leek, parsley or coriander are used.

2- You made leeks stew

The name of this food has been on the list of local foods in Sanandaj for several years. The method of making Kurdish leek stew is very easy, and usually if the housewife does not have enough time to prepare a house meal and time consuming, she will load this delicious stew in the shortest time. To cook this dish, minced meat, chopped leeks, onions, tomato paste, barberry, oil, lemon powder and special spices are used.

خورش تره کردی The combination of these ingredients together has an interesting taste that many are in favor of. It is these different foods of Kurdistan that have made the new flavors of this region remain under the tongue of tourists for a long time.

3- Rhubarb stew, the main dish of Sanandaj

I have said before that different plants grow around this city. One of the most common plants around Sanandaj is rhubarb. The abundance of rhubarb has caused the people of this region to use it to prepare several different types of traditional foods of Sanandaj, for example, they use this delicious and rich plant to cook rhubarb stew.

Mutton, onion, mint, parsley and rhubarb are used in the preparation of this stew. Rhubarb stew is one of the main dishes of Kurdistan.

خورش ریواس، غذای اصلی سنندج Sanandaj tonic bread dishes

Hello, bread dishes! The local food of Sanandaj is very many and varied. For this reason, when traveling to this city, your hands are open for wandering. Undoubtedly, you can find your favorite food with any taste. So far, I have introduced two types of food, stew and stew, and there is still another type, and that is bread. For those who are not very fond of rice, breads and snacks are an ideal choice. In general, several different types of bread are cooked in Sanandaj, each with its own flavor and aroma.

1- Qayermeh or artichoke fried!

One of the best local food in Sanandaj is this food, which also has a unique taste. Qayermeh is the congress that is served in most of the parties in this region. It is made from artichokes or celery, flour, cumin, eggs, water or milk, butter, saffron and oil. Many people say that junk food is youthful and that those who are left behind no longer eat such foods.

قایرمه یا کنگر سوخاری!

2- That bread is a unique bread

In the spring, especially at the beginning of the new year, be a guest of every house in Sanandaj, they will cook a very delicious local food called Kohlaneh for you. There is a special way of cooking this food, which is only the work of the Kurds themselves. They say that making a nest is not a difficult task and Kurdish women make it in a short time; But it’s definitely a good thing to fill up, and you can’t expect other people to be good at making it.

که لانه نانی کم‌نظیر This food is made from onions, chives and dough. When the raw materials are mixed together, they are poured on teak (a special frying pan for the Sanandaj region) to be ready. The people of Sanandaj prefer this food with fatty butter or animal oil. Ingredients for old-fashioned cooking are: onion, flour, animal oil, flour, water and salt.

3- Shish Kebab, the most special local food of Sanandaj

One of the local dishes of Sanandaj is Shish Kebab which is served only in this area. This food is very nutritious and of course it is a little different from restaurant kebabs. To make shish kebabs, you should soak beef or mutton in a mixture of hot mint, pepper, saffron, garlic, onion and olive oil so that the meats absorb the unique taste of these ingredients.

Some residents of Sanandaj prepare this food on the fire or in a pan. To complete the meal, a few sprigs of parsley with fresh tomatoes are served on a plate next to the kebabs to complete your meal.

شیش کباب، خاص‌ترین غذاهای محلی سنندج

4- Kofteh Shurva is another local food in Sanandaj that has many fans.

The way this food is prepared is not much different from rice dumplings, but the ingredients of the two are a little different. To cook this food, meat with bones, minced meat, rice, beef, all kinds of fragrant vegetables, boiled eggs and spices are used.

کوفته شوروا، کوفته برنجی کردی

5- Qimagh، Delicious in the heart of Kurdistan

Qimagh is a dessert that I have named in the list of the best local food in Sanandaj. This snack is similar to kachi, and when a mother just gives birth to a child, they prepare this food for her for a few days after giving birth so that she can live.

Eating qimag is recommended for people who have a cold temper, because the raw materials for preparing this food warm the body. It also improves heartburn and warms the intestines. Qimagh is made from a combination of animal oil, flour, rose, sugar and spices, although some people add saffron and walnuts to this dish to make it an energy bomb.

What you should read about traditional Sanandaj food

In this article, I tried to introduce you to the best local food of Sanandaj. These dishes that were introduced are the most famous dishes that are cooked in this area. If you are from Kurdistan and you feel that food has been missed, just leave us a comment below to complete the list of local food in Sanandaj.

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