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The month of Qazvin Prophet’s Mosque is not hidden behind the majestic and grand entrance

The month of Qazvin Prophet’s Mosque is not hidden behind the majestic and grand entrance

From the front and the distance I look at it, I see nothing but a bony four-shouldered entrance with naves around it that serve as soldiers to see it, but the blue crescent and a golden half of the dome of the Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin behind it. The entrance and the big porch are also from the same months that if we look at its beauty, every moment it wants to be the fourteenth night of the night, which is impossible to leave the entrance of Soltani Mosque with its charms, flirtations and charms.

It is quite clear that the entrance of the mosque does not want people to come to the mosque because of the sacrifice of the dome, and I see that the color and glaze itself is not less than the dome. However, people who do not have hearing ears go to the mosque. That is, it is not a Friday or a year that this mosque does not smell of noble and arrogant people. Iranviva Tourism Magazine from one of the Sights of Qazvin ” he says, from under the naves of the Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin, from his big porch with those yellow, green and earthy maps.

Where is the Prophet’s Mosque?


When is the best time to visit the Prophet Mosque in Qazvin?

any time of the year

What are the attractions of Qazvin Prophet’s Mosque?

Entrance, courtyard and courtyard, porch, arch and porch, four-shoulder entrance. Inscription and dome with two shells

The Grand Mosque of Qazvin is magnificent no matter what I say

Soltani Mosque in the order of Qazvin Bazaar on the south side of Imam Khomeini Street, has adorned the street and the order of the bazaar with its strength and strong domination of brick by brick. This means that it is impossible for your mind to be enlightened with the mosques of the previous periods, and when you compare them with the ancient mosques of today, do not sigh and complain about their differences. مسجد النبی قزوین Although I do not see the height of the naves of Soltani Mosque, but the large entrance fills the short space of the naves. The Qajars, who only knew how to make the Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin look beautiful with seven-color tiles, or even cover the dome with brick tiles, did not even think that this mosque would be one of those mosques that would win our hearts. جاهای دیدنی قزوین

Zirubam Masjid al-Nabi Qazvin

Many say that the Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin has been uprooted since the Safavid period, and after the collapse of this dynasty, he kindly saw that the Qajars were coming back and thinking of rebuilding it. Others say no, this mosque was built during the reign of Agham Mohammad Khan Qajar and Fath Ali Shah Qajar has continued his path.

مسجد النبی قزوین means now that of Shah Tahmasb and Shah Abbas I and Shah Let’s say that Abbas II had a hand in building architecture in the sights of Qazvin. By doing so, he built a mosque among all the building blocks of religious buildings that were making a fuss at the time in Qazvin. That is, out of 5 great royal mosques, 4 mosques were built during the Qajar period that the Qajars could breathe a sigh of relief from religion and mysticism. برج و باروی قزوین Where is the end of its minaret? At least those mosques in the Sunni provinces of Iran, whose architecture I love, have a minaret. However, this mosque does not have the same minaret. That is, the period was a strange one. They allowed the construction of a mosque, but they fell to do what I could to erect the minaret. It was not a matter of a day or two; It is in the middle of a few decades that the situation in Nasserite time goes back to the previous time.

It is said that Master Mirza Shirazi took over the architecture of Soltani Mosque and established it in 1166 AH. The Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin, with an area of ​​nearly 14,000 meters, has found its way into the list of national monuments since June 20, 1337, so that maybe one day it will become global. جاذبه های گردشگری قزوین If you want to talk about it these days, it’s a little unhealthy and messy. I do not know who, or perhaps I do not want to say, the historic altar of the western porch, was destroyed and went to work. This altar, which was full of marble decorations and enamel tiles and fresh Qajar bedding on the south side of the west porch, was destroyed at night in the absence of Friday evening.

Of course, some denied this, but from the pictures taken, it is clear that there is no altar on the west porch. Now there is a possibility that they did it for reconstruction and there is a misunderstanding which I hope is the same. جاهای دیدنی قزوین Different names of Qazvin Prophet’s Mosque Qazvin Prophet Mosque is known as Shah Mosque or Soltani Mosque. It is said that because of his concurrence with the construction of the Soltani Mosque in Tehran and the Soltani Mosque in Boroujerd during the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, his sultan was brought and glued to the base of his mosque; Soltani Mosque. But I really did not find any other reason for these letters, whether graceful, beautiful or beautifully sitting on one of the sights of Qazvin. مسجد النبی قزوین

A look at the architecture of the mosque

The Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin, like the old mosque in Qazvin, has a nave, what a nave; An underground nave that is now a library for exquisite and precious books. The northern, western and eastern entrances are the entrances of the Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin, which lead you to the paradise of God. معماری مسجد بزرگ قزوین The first thing that dazzles you, I hoped was its turquoise dome, but does it leave a four-shouldered entrance? The great entrance of the mosque with its grandeur draws your attention to itself. The courtyard of Soltani Mosque, like many other buildings and gardens, is in the shape of an attractive rectangle, with a courtyard of four porches and a charming pool.

different sections of the mosque

The section of Qazvin Prophet’s Mosque sings songs about the beauties of Iranian and Islamic architecture. It is in Qazvin, where beautiful buildings also flow from. In the following, I will say about the entrance of Soltani Mosque, from the courtyard, courtyard, porch, main hall, arch and porch, and from the entrance and inscriptions, and from the dome of its two shells. بخش های مختلف مسجد النبی

Entrance of Qazvin Prophet’s Mosque

has 3 inputs; North, West and East. Its western and eastern entrances do not bother you, but its huge large northern entrance dazzles you. When you go to the courtyard of Soltani Mosque, apart from the terraced naves and its weighty entrance, you will see a large stone pool that has taken root in the middle of the courtyard.

ورودی مسجد النبی قزوین As soon as you arrive, more The enamel tiles and their decorations with green, yellow, earthy and azure colors will attract your attention, whether you want to attract the attention of the north entrance of the mosque or not.

courtyard and yard

A 87-by-89-meter-high courtyard north and south of the nave, on the east and west sides of which reaches the porch, gives rise to a large stone pond that holds a sea of ​​water. صحن و حیاط مسجد

Beautiful and spacious porch

Qazvin Prophet Mosque has 4 porches with 2 earrings on each side.

Historical arches and porches

Each of the north and south porticos of Soltani Mosque has 4 arches, of which 9 arches in the east and west porticos hit its north and south hands. Each of the naves of Soltani Mosque with 28 small naqli arches and 16 square meters for a majestic and majestic building, has praised this great mosque. طاق زیبا و تاریخی مسجد These 28 small arches 16 square meters, one 6 meters apart and mounted on 18 pillars. Each of the arches has three sash springs. I am talking about the sliding windows of the upper part, which open and close vertically up and down in front of the heavenly courtyard of the mosque, which has been worn out by the cowardice of the time, so that the wooden door can take its place. پنچره ها و نورگیرها

Magnificent entrances and entrances

The northern entrance of the mosque, with its beautiful paintings and its blue, green, yellow, brown, Mogharnas, and Nasta’liq and third lines, which lead to Imam Street and lead us from a porch to the courtyard of the mosque, bleeds to our hearts. سردرها و ورودی های باشکوه means that all over the northern entrance is just tiled with original enamel and style tiles and azure inscriptions. This entrance leads us straight to a porch whose ground is in the shape of a polygon of Khums (the shape of a pentagonal polygon) is 82 meters and a large minaret is mounted on it.

Fancy Inscriptions

Ancient inscriptions in this mosque show that along with Soltani Mosque in Tehran and Soltani Mosque in Boroujerd, it is one of the historical mosques of the Qajar period and the era of Fath Ali Shah هزارتوی مسجد تاریخی قزوین ایوان There is no place in Soltani Mosque that has not seen the color of art and beauty of Iranian artists. It is one of the beautiful plans of the entrance and the inscriptions of the north and south porches of Soltani Mosque, which listen to the Quranic melody and make the space a divine and heavenly space.کتیبه خوش نقش و نگار

The dome of two magnificent shells

From a dome with a diameter of 15 meters and a tiled mosque, I would say that it has two shells. The dome is a double-skinned dome built on top of each other. The dome of the mosque is located just above the mausoleum. The culprit is the same curtain or separator with a length of 150 and a width of 14 and an area of 210 square meters, rooted inside the mosque in the ground.مسجد النبی قزوین

The best time to visit the mosque

Whenever you want and see an opportunity to see one of the spectacular attractions of Qazvin, go to the Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin, which relaxes your mind about your beauty and the romantic atmosphere between you and God.

Where is the Prophet Mosque?

Text address: Iran, Qazvin province, Qazvin city, south side of Imam Khomeini street, between Obaid Zakani street and Saadi street

Phone number: 02833220280

مسجد النبی قزوین

Prophet’s Mosque on Google Map

The best way to reach the mosque

There is no way you can easily reach the Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin and relax. By car and bus and everything you have and do not have, you can reach Qazvin province and the city of Qazvin itself. As soon as you reach Imam Khomeini Street, go to its southern side, between Obaid Zakani Street and Saadi Street, where the Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin or the Soltani Mosque shines like the moonlight in Qazvin.

بهترین زمان بازدید

Beautiful of Qazvin…

Qazvin, the city of calligraphy and love, has attractive architecture in the sights of Qazvin and one of them is the Prophet’s Mosque in Qazvin or Soltani Mosque. Today, we talked from under the mosque about how it had penetrated the hearts of the people of that time during the Qajar period and who had fallen in love with its beauty and courage. Do not see how much sugar and vegetables its attractive dome is.

دیدنی های قزوین Perhaps so that people would not lose consciousness of the beauty of its dome, they hid the dome behind a large and lofty entrance. However, my heart is full of the mischief of the people of that time, who have left so much beauty in memory, and spared a minaret. The minaret, which is one of the components in front of the mosques, and here there is no mention of those huge minarets. Sometimes I imagine in his mind the minarets that if they were, they would give the ultimate beauty gift.

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