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The most complete guide for the pleasure of traveling to Kish

Travel to Kish has become very popular these days, it is both stylish and modern and a wonderful coastal city. In fact, traveling to Kish is an ideal option to replace low-cost foreign travel. Kish tour that falls from the earth and the sky. On social networks and text messages everywhere, you are invited to this trip with a cheap Kish tour. To make sure that your trip to Kish is really cheap or not, it is better to get acquainted with the travel guide to Kish article Read the cost of traveling to Kish .

If you do not want to travel to this island with Kish Tour , all you have to do is buy a ticket to Kish, Kish Hotel Book, pack your bags and leave. Now in this article from Kish, Kish sights Kish entertainments and a summary of everything you need to do in this Do the island, we tell you.

What are Kish Shopping Centers?

Campus 1 and 2 shopping centers, Damon, Paniz, Venus, Morvarid and خرید shopping centers are among Kish shopping centers.

What are Kish restaurants?

Damon Food Court, Stone Mountain Restaurant, Royal Star Restaurant, Boomerang Fast Food, Khatereh Restaurant, Uncle Akbar Restaurant and Totti Frouti Beach Restaurant are some of the best restaurants in Kish.

What are the recreation centers of Kish?

Kish Aquarium, Dolphinarium, Kish Bird Garden and… are among Kish Recreation Centers.

Which Kish hotels are there?

Toranj Hotel, Marina Hotel, Dariush Hotel, Sadaf Hotel, Aramis Hotel, Flamingo Hotel and… are some of the good hotels in Kish.

History of Kish

We said that we will tell you about Kish from below, that is why we will introduce Kish from its past and history. Historical books say that Kish Island has been a part of Iran since the Achaemenid period until the Umayyad caliphs came to dominate the island with the spread of Islam.

During the rule of Albuyeh, Kish Island was again under the domination of the Iranians and during the Seljuk period became the largest commercial center of the Persian Gulf. The island of Kish, like the island of Hormuz, fell to the Portuguese for a long time until Imam Qoli Khan, the general of Shah Abbas, conquered the Persian Gulf and Bahrain and all its islands. Since then, Kish has been known as one of the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf.

At the beginning of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s rule, Kish was known as a center for fishing and pearl trade in the Persian Gulf. After the import of Japanese pearls to Iran, the Kish pearl trade flourished and since then Kish has gradually lost its importance.

It was during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah that the tourism potential of Kish was recognized. When Iranian and American consultants visit Kish Island for its natural beauty, Kish beaches and crystal clear waters as an international tourist center They chose, the government started investing on Kish Island. Thus, modern infrastructure was built, including a hotel, an airport, international exhibitions, as well as a residence for the royal family in Kish.

In 1982, Kish was introduced as the first free economic zone in Iran, and currently the island’s economic prosperity is based on tourism and trade. If you like, you can get more information about Kish residents .

Geography of Kish

Kish is one of the 21 Iranian islands that have settled in the Persian Gulf. There are no permanent rivers on Kish Island and the island’s water is supplied from groundwater sources.

Kish Weather

The climate of Kish is hot and humid and the average temperature reaches 26 degrees. Rainfall is very low on the island and only scattered rain is seen in the winter months.

Best time to visit Kish

Winter is the best time to visit Kish Island, with its mild spring weather, you can enjoy swimming and water sports, and on the other hand, there is no annoying heat, humidity and sultry summer. In any travel guide to Kish, this season is the best time to visit Kish.

Photo 1

The climate of Kish Island is hot and humid, with little rainfall, usually in the form of showers in autumn and winter. Kish temperature usually varies between 21 to 33 degrees during the year and the average annual temperature of this island is equal to 27 degrees Celsius. There is no four-season climate on the island and you are faced with two types of warm and temperate climates. Kish spring is moderate until about mid-May, after which the weather warms up. In summer, Kish becomes the land of the sun and, with the help of the sea, creates a sultry climate. Rain and thunderstorms cool the island in autumn and show the best weather in Kish to travelers with thunderstorms, cold nights and mild days.

  • From early January to mid-May, the best time to visit Kish is in terms of weather conditions. During this period, the average temperature of this island is about 19 degrees Celsius and it is considered as the best temperature of the island for a sultry region.
  • Average air temperature from mid-April to mid-May 24 degrees Celsius
  • Average air temperature from mid-May to mid-July 29.5 degrees Celsius
  • Average air temperature from mid-July to mid-September 32.5 ° C
  • Average air temperature from mid-September to mid-November 28.5 degrees Celsius
  • Average temperature from mid-November to mid-December 21 ° C
  • Average air temperature from mid-January to mid-March 16.5 degrees Celsius
  • Average air temperature from mid-March to mid-April 20 degrees Celsius

The cheapest time to travel to Kish

Although winter is the best time to travel to Kish, it is definitely not the cheapest time to travel. Because the island is always unpopular during off-peak seasons, airlines and hotels try to encourage travelers to travel to the island by offering special discounts. You can also use the guide cheapest travel time to Kish .

Transportation in Kish

Travel to Kish Island by air, ie Kish International Airport, and also by sea via The port of Kish is done. Most Kish tours take passengers to the island by plane. If you do not want to travel to the island with Tour Kish you can Get your Kish plane ticket from the Alibaba website. On Alia Baba website, you can compare the price of Kish plane tickets from different airlines and easily find the cheap Kish ticket using the price filter.

Kish International Airport

On the 7th of Aban 1356, Kish Airport with the landing of the first Concorde passenger plane in The airport was inaugurated in the presence of the leaders of the Pahlavi government and domestic and foreign investors. The night flights of the airport started in 1994 by equipping the runway with special lights for flying at night.

Kish Airport has two terminals, one for domestic flights and the other for international flights. Currently, Kish Airport flies to 20 domestic destinations and two foreign destinations, namely Muscat and Dubai.


Kish is a small island that eliminates the need for tourists and locals to travel by subway and city buses. Hence, taxis are the most important vehicle on the island. Kish taxis are often expensive and high quality cars and can be seen in two colors, yellow and white. Yellow taxis are linear taxis and white taxis are used as closed taxis and telephone taxis.

If you want, instead of using a taxi, you can rent a car in Kish . In this case, you will pay more, but in the end you will feel more comfortable.

فرودگاه کیش


Another part of the travel guide to Kish is to use the minibus. Taxis are so readily available on the island that there is less need to travel by minibus. The island’s minibuses consist of two lines, the first line with 13 stations and the second line with 42 stations to take passengers to any part of the island.

Driverless car rental

For those who love luxury and expensive cars, Kish is just like paradise. With the boom of tourism on the island, companies car rental in Kish have also started operating in it, where luxury cars And rent imports to tourists in different price ranges.

For those who have traveled to Kish by plane and do not have their own car and on the other hand always prefer to have a car in the destination city, the car rental option is very convenient. You can even rent a car with a driver on Kish Island.

حمل و نقل عمومی در کیش

Kish Travel Guide and Kish Historical Attractions

Although we do not know Kish Island as a historical tourist destination and we are more interested in water recreation and shopping on this modern and luxurious island, but seeing its historical monuments will surprise you.

Visiting the historical attractions of Kish is one of the important recommendations in the travel guide to Kish. The monuments and historical sites in the list of Kish’s sights depict the fascinating southern climate throughout history, and it is a good opportunity to get to know the island from other angles. In the following, we will introduce the most important historical attractions of Kish to you.

Kish Green Tree

Green tree is one of the most relaxing historical attractions of Kish, which can be included in the list of natural attractions of Kish. This tree is more than 500 years old and is highly respected among the natives. The colorful pieces of cloth tied to each corner of the tree show the locals’ belief in the tree’s sanctity and fulfillment of needs.

This tree grows on the island with a strange image and its roots protrude from the soil instead of sinking into the ground. This tree is one of the Lore trees and an urban park has been established under the pretext of its existence and it is known as the Green Tree Park.

Address: Olympic Boulevard, Green Tree Street, Green Tree Park

Kish Reservoir

In this part of Kish travel guide, we want to introduce you to Kish twin reservoir. Twin water reservoir is one of the historical attractions of Kish, the construction of which is very similar to the architectural style of Yazd city. In the structure of these two buildings, you will encounter five windbreaks and you will imagine that you are in the alleys of Yazd. Two domes can be seen next to these windbreaks, which have made the reservoir more beautiful.

درخت سبز کیش در راهنمای سفر به کیش It should be noted that the construction of this building dates back to the contemporary period and was built in 1372. This building was built on an old reservoir and in the past it was used to store water and keep the water temperature cool through windbreaks. But today it has no such application and modernity has replaced it. What is remarkable about this building today is its unique architectural style compared to the texture of other parts of the island, and it no longer mentions water reserves and cool air from windbreaks.

Address: North of Kish Island, Green Tree Street

Kish aristocratic house

The house of nobles is one of the historical attractions of Kish, which is located in the ancient city of Harira. The city of Harirah is 800 years old and many parts of it are now available for visiting. The aristocratic house is one of the most spectacular parts of the ancient city of Harirah and its area can accommodate several families.

آب انبار کیش This building consists of two houses, north and south, the northern part of which has more area. The discovery of star tiles in this house is one of the documents of the aristocracy of this house. Remains of the entrance platforms and the ruins of the Royal Hall are other clues that point to the wealth of its inhabitants. Industrial workshops, mosques, Harira baths, ports, aqueducts and water reservoirs are other parts of the ancient city of Harira.

Address: North of Kish Island, near the Olympic Sports Complex, Karaneh Street, the ancient city of Harireh

Kish Indigenous Anthropology House

Kish Indigenous Anthropology House is one of the most beautiful historical attractions of Kish, which is estimated to be about 200 years old. This house is one of the most beautiful places in Kish and its introduction in the travel guide to Kish can not be neglected. This old house with an area of ​​about 1200 square meters is located in the historical neighborhood of Safin.

خانه اعیانی کیش The first owner of this house was a pearl merchant named Haj Abdullah. The house includes winter and summer rooms, a courtyard for guests, a family courtyard for family members, a storage room, water wells, a kitchen and more. This house became the Kish Anthropology Museum in 1993. The house serves local coffee and dates, and local souvenirs are sold in one of the rooms.

Address: Safin neighborhood, after the fish market, in front of the fishing pier

The ancient city of Harirah

Kish Island has an ancient city in its northern part, whose name is registered in the list of national monuments of Iran. The history of this ancient city dates back to the 5th to 10th centuries AH and it is said that it has been at the peak of prosperity and prosperity for 6 centuries, ie from the 4th to the 10th century. Many archeological excavations have been carried out on this historical city, and as a result, one can see the beach complex, aristocratic houses, baths, mosques and old aqueducts.

آب انبار کیش

We’ve heard the name Tree of Wishes, but only in stories. In a few steps of the ancient city of Harirah, you can go under the umbrella of the aerial roots of this tree in the real world and ask for your wishes. Some people tie cloths to tree branches to make their wishes come true. The green tree is the same lore tree or temple fig that entered Iran during the Ilkhanid period. It is the oldest tree on the island, 500 to 600 years old.

Kariz Underground City

The underground city of Kariz has been dug at a depth of 16 meters in the heart of the earth. As you walk through the corridors of this land city, you can see fossils on the ceiling and walls. Experts estimate the lifespan of these fossils to be 270 to 570 million years.

شهر باستانی حریره

The earthly city borrowed its existence from a 2,500-year-old aqueduct that long ago supplied the island with fresh water. This underground city is located in the heart of the only coral island in the world and is also the only building whose roof is covered with natural shells and corals, which is why the name of this underground city has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Greek ship

One of the most iconic images that can be seen from Kish Island or even after you have traveled to Kish yourself, one of the most beautiful images that will come to mind in your mind is the image of the Greek ship Kish at sunset. The black contrast of the burning ship with the red of the Persian Gulf sunset has created such a beauty that no tourist on a trip to Kish can pass through it.

Kariz Underground City

There is no travel guide to Kish that does not know about this ship. The Greek ship sank in 1345 near the village of Baghu on the island. As efforts to save the ship were unsuccessful, the ship and its crew were evacuated all the time, and the ship was reportedly set on fire after being evacuated to obtain a premium.

Kish Coast

Welcoming locals and tourists to the Kish coastline, watching the children sit and play in the evening, the Kish Municipality is excited to build beautiful parks. Beaches should not be neglected for a travel guide to Kish. Kish Beach Parks is one of the most popular places on the island these days, where travelers and locals go for walks, barbecues and picnics. Of course, you can also get better information about Kish beaches.

In this part of Kish travel guide, we want to introduce you to the attractive beaches of this island. Spending time on the beaches of Kish is one of the fascinating and relaxing experiences of traveling to this island. In the following, we will introduce some of the most famous beach parks in Kish.

Recreational pier beach

Kish recreational pier beach is one of the attractive attractions of the island. At Kish recreational pier, you can try various island water recreations. Do not miss boating, aquarium boats and در at this pier. Also, if you are a relaxer and away from excitement, in the travel guide to Kish, we suggest you to walk in this recreational pier.

This pier invites you to watch the coral reefs and the beautiful waves of the bay. The cafes and restaurants of this beach are a good opportunity to relax a bit and enjoy the view of the sea and the sky and immerse yourself in peace. You will also see seagulls in the sky and sea.

Cycling is another recreational facility on the beach and there are bike rental stations on the beach. Also, the recreational pier is one of the choices of people interested in fishing among the beaches of Kish.

Address: End of Sea Boulevard

Coconut Tree Beach

Among the beaches of Kish, there is a beach of postcards with tall trees, the beauty of which competes with the famous beaches of the world. The beach of coconut trees is one of the recreational places of Kish and is considered as one of the cozy areas of the island. Choose the Coconut Tree Beach Park to enjoy the tranquility of the island and solitude with nature, sit for a moment on the shores of the beautiful Persian Gulf and gaze at the horizon.

Beach Wharf in Travel Guide to Kish - Kish beaches To relax in this small park, you can use the pavilions located in it. Watching the sunset of Coconut Beach will undoubtedly be unforgettable and in our travel guide to Kish, we recommend that you do not miss the golden sunset of Kish Coconut Beach. This postcard beach is a short distance from Kish recreational pier.

Address: East coast of Kish Island, Ferdowsi Street

Simorgh Beach

Simorgh Beach Park is one of the recreational places of Kish, which is located in the southeast of the island and is considered one of the most attractive coastal landscapes. The park includes facilities such as a pavilion, a café, a bike path, a hiking trail, a children’s playground, ping pong tables and a badminton court. One of the design attractions of this park is the artistic sculptures.

احاحل درختان width نار نار The white statue of a man by the beach with his beard and hair strewn in the wind has given the park an artistic look. Simorgh statue is also one of the other works of art in this park, which has become a symbol of this beautiful beach of Kish.

Address: Jahan Road, near Simorgh Hotel

Mir Mahna Beach Park and Beach

Mir Mahna Beach Park is the largest amusement park on the island, located near the Arab and Indigenous neighborhood of the island. In addition to walking along the Persian Gulf in this coastal park, you will enjoy experiences such as seeing turtles wandering in the coastal park, or heading to the fish market and buying freshly caught fish, which if Have the patience to grill as well.

ساحل سیمرغ If you want to go boating, it is enough to go to the recreational pier and go to the Persian Gulf by heart boat. If you want absolute silence and peace, sit in one of the four places intended for watching the sea and leave your heart to the endless water of the Persian Gulf.

Beach Park and Marjan Beach

Kish coral beach, which also passes through the Kish cycling track, is a center for water recreation on the island, and you can try almost any water sport you want here, from jet skiing, parasailing and scuba diving to scuba diving. If you love to see or collect snails and oysters in the Persian Gulf, here you can sit on the coral reef to watch oysters and anemones, mermaids and a variety of colorful fish.

Coastal Park Mir Mahna Kish

After enjoying the underwater world or enjoying the sea fun at sunset, drinking tea can complete all these beauties and pleasures. The area around the park is full of cafes, teahouses and buffets where you can entertain yourself with tea and a variety of drinks, and if you want food, visit the restaurants around the park.

Fisherman’s Beach Park and Beach

The Fisherman’s Beach Park is famous for its symbol, the 12-meter statue of the Fisherman. The statue of a fisherman is the second largest figurative statue in Iran after the statue of the pearl hunter Bandar Abbas. Hur Iranian, Kenar and Lor are the native plants of the island that make the park space different.

Marjan Coastal Park and Travel Guide to Kish

The park is also a choice for locals and tourists alike to build sand sculptures on the beach, and may be the best place for your children to safely play in the sand, build castles and sand towers, and make the island’s pure nature a guest of their childhood world.

Kish Fun

The variety of Kish recreation centers and places from historical attractions to water recreation and shopping centers is so great that every tourist with all tastes can enjoy it. This article tells you all about them.

We continue the travel guide to Kish with the recreational places of this island. Kish entertainment is an inseparable part of the trip to this island, and in this trip, try at least one of the island’s entertainment, especially its water entertainment, and do not miss the experience of excitement and adrenaline. In the following, we have prepared a list of Kish entertainment places for you.

Kish Gyrocopter

Most of Kish’s entertainment is mixed with excitement, and one of the most attractive is the Kish gyrocopter. The Jabrocopter is a small propeller helicopter that provides the opportunity to view the island from a height. Each person must ride this small bird alone and fly over the historical attractions of Kish and the Persian Gulf with the help of a pilot.

Coastal Park Man Fisherman The height level of the gyrocopter is not very high. The maximum bearing weight for this aircraft is 115 kg and its passengers should not be less than 10 years old. We hope you enjoy the sunset on this short 10 minute flight.

Address: Mir Mahina Boulevard, Melal Square, next to the commercial phase of Kish Island, Kish Air Club

Kish Bungee Jumping

In Kish, you are faced with a world of exciting entertainment, and with a proper schedule, you can experience most of them. One of the most exciting pastimes of Kish is bungee jumping. In an instant you can experience a world of excitement and fear and finally enjoy the peace of its release. This fun will be very attractive for lovers of speed and altitude. In this jump, the weight of the participants should be between 35 and 90 kg.

جاروکوپتر کیش Address: Olympic Square, Kish Underground City Exit, Kish Attraction Complex

Kish Safari Patrol

Adventure with high chassis cars in a land full of highs and lows is another recreational attraction of Kish. This island with Pars Safari complex, hosts fans of excitement and adrenaline and invites you to explore special and ups and downs of the island. The Hummer, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser and 3 are part of the Pars Safari patrol car. Each of these vehicles, with a maximum capacity of 7 people, patrols about 1.5 passengers in specific areas of the island.

بانجی جامپینگ کیش In this travel guide to Kish, we do not recommend you to participate in the Kish safari collection. Despite the high excitement of this recreation, it is better to be your last choice in the list of Kish recreations, because safaris damage the ecosystem of the desert tissue and disrupt the living conditions of desert animals in this area. Address: Persian Gulf Street, Tose’e Boulevard

Kish Escape Room

Kish Escape Room is built with an enigmatic structure for adventure lovers. In each escape room you have to try to move to the next level and find the key to the exit. This puzzle and exciting group game was invented for the first time in Japan and challenged the talent of puzzle claimants.

گشت سافاری کیش In Iran, since 1995, this complex has been added to many tourist areas. Form groups of 2 to 5 people, enter the escape room of Kish and look for the answer to the riddle to reach the exit.

Address: Diplomat of Safin, third floor, booth 28

Titan Kish Observatory

Titan Observatory is another recreational place in Kish, which has become more attractive with a spice of science and curiosity. During the trip to Kish, you will have the chance to watch Mars in the sky of the Persian Gulf and enjoy the order and beauty of nature.

Address: The end of the sea boulevard, the entrance to the recreational pier

Kish Karting

On a trip to Kish Island, you can not miss the karting complex of this island. Kish karting track is a space to drain energy and touch the thrill of speed. In Kart Kish, you will face two long routes of 780 meters and a short route of 680 meters. The karting collection captures an attractive photo of each driver during the movement and driving, and you can buy it from the collection after the printed game is finished.

Kish escape room in the travel guide to Kish Address: Amirkabir Square, Persian Gulf Boulevard

Paintball Kish

You can experience fighting with weapons and colored bullets in Kish paintball. In this group game, you enter the field like a soldier in your war uniform and helmet, take up arms and shoot at your opponent. Of course, all the bullets are gelatinous, and after firing and exploding, the clothes of the person who was shot are colored. Participants in this group game must be over 8 years old and fascinated by war games.

Karting Kish Address: Persian Gulf Street, Tose’e Boulevard

Zorb Kish

One of the most attractive entertainments of Kish should be considered Zorbbal. In this game, the person is placed inside a giant ball and makes a childish arithmetic. In this game, the goal of the person is to maintain balance, and while rolling with the ball, the ability to maintain balance is an extraordinary trick. When traveling to Kish, do not miss the experience of this fascinating game.

پینت بال کیش Address: Persian Gulf Street, Tose’e Boulevard

Kish threshing machine

You have probably seen a lot of electric hammer machines in amusement parks. Colored cars that move around a track in a confined space and may crash into another car at any moment. In Pars Safari Kish complex, you can ride these nostalgic cars.

زورب بال کیش Address: Persian Gulf Street, Tose’e Boulevard

Kish Horror Castle

Horror Castle is one of the recreational places of Kish, which is a very good option for enjoying adrenaline. If you enjoy seeing and hearing events and images that convey horror. Horror Castle is one of the most spectacular and fun places on the island, where you have to go one way with the help of a guide and wait for a scary event at any moment.

Kish Beater in Kish Travel Guide It will take about 10 minutes to walk this route. In addition, this game is defined for the age group. For the under-14 age group, the excitement of this castle is less than the adult group.

Address: Dariush Boulevard, next to the south of Eram Kish Hotel

Kish Aquarium

The name of the island is tied to the crystal clear waters and the colorful underwater world, and seeing the Kish Aquarium with 70 types of decorative fish can make this idea come true. You can see all kinds of saltwater and freshwater fish in the first 20,000 liter freshwater aquarium. In this collection, in addition to fish, there are a variety of reptiles from Iran and the world, rare birds, mammals and taxidermy animals for display.

قله وحشت کیش


Although to see dolphins in the heart of the Persian Gulf, you have to go to the island of Hengam Qeshm, but on a trip to Kish, by visiting the dolphinarium, you can see dolphins up close and enjoy watching their charms. In Kish Dolphinarium, in addition to dolphins, you can also see marine mammals such as sea lions and penguins.

ish aquarium

If you are one of those people who have always wanted to see the salt penguins that we often see in cartoons and documentaries up close, you do not need to travel to Antarctica, the penguins have come to Kish to visit you and take a selfie with the penguins only to the dolphinarium You are far from Kish.

Kish Bird Garden

In Kish Bird Garden, more than 57 species of birds from different parts of the world have gathered together so that tourists can enjoy watching them for an hour or two and children can get acquainted with these species. Kish Bird Garden is located in the area of ​​Kish Dolphinarium and you can mark it with a double arrow.

Kish Dolphinarium in Kish Travel Guide

Kish Travel Guide and Kish Water Recreation

Traveling to Kish without enjoying the water entertainment of Kish is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower or saying goodbye to London without seeing the Times River and Buckingham Palace.


Diving may not be the first sea entertainment that comes to mind when talking about the thrills of water games and entertainment, but it will undoubtedly be the most different. On the coral beaches of the island, corals filter the water of the Persian Gulf so much that you will have the opportunity to dive in waters with clear eyes.

Garden of Kish Birds

If you’ve ever seen the underwater world only in documentaries, you can now swim up close with colorful fish, take pictures with clownfish and colorful corals, and treat yourself to a different experience on the island. The price of diving in 1400 is about 150 thousand tomans.

Kish Submarine Scooter

Of course, diving is not the only walk to the underwater world, now in Kish you can experience the excitement at its peak with an underwater scooter, which is one of the newest pastimes on the island. You do not even need to know how to ride a scooter or whether you want to carry diving equipment with you, just dive into the water and enjoy. The price of a submarine scooter ticket is 200,000 Tomans.

گواصی در کیش

Shuttle Ride

If you have traveled to Kish with your friends, family and group, do not miss the unique opportunity of shuttle riding. In the shuttle ride, you ride a tube and a fast boat pulls this tube on the sea at high speed and you will be overwhelmed with excitement and adrenaline. The price of the shuttle ticket is 50 thousand tomans.

 Submarine scooter in Kish travel guide

Build a ride

Banana is similar to a shuttle and rides in a banana tube and is killed by a speedboat. You too can take selfies and enjoy yourself at the height of the excitement and going up and down the water. The price of a Banana ticket is 50,000 Tomans.

Kish Flyboard

If you love height, you will love flyboards, and if you are afraid of heights, maybe this fun combined with excitement is a good opportunity to say goodbye to the fear of heights. In this recreational device, you are placed on a base that is connected to a jet ski, and of course, you are kept in the air, and the water pressure excites you as much as it wants. The price of a flyboard ticket is 200,000 Tomans.

شاتل سواری در کیش

Kish Ski Cable

It is said that Kish cable ski cable was the biggest center for this exciting and safe water recreation until 1995. Kish ski cable is about 860 meters long and 12 people can use it at the same time. The price of a cable ski ticket is 45 thousand tomans.

فلای بورد کیش


To experience this exciting sport, you will ride a parachute and this parachute will be pulled by boat at high speed. As you soar into the island’s blue sky, you can enjoy watching the crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf gilded from the golden sun. The price of a parasol ticket is 120 thousand tomans.

کیبل اسکی کیش

Big Ball

You may have seen this sport for the first time in foreign entertainment videos, but now you can experience this wonderful entertainment on the island. On the coral beach of Kish, you can enter these big balls and be immersed in excitement and good mood by swallowing the balls. This entertainment is usually not available in extreme heat, as high temperatures can damage plastic balls and cause inconvenience to anyone inside.

Fast boat tour

If you do not try any of the island’s water sports, you should not skip the Persian Gulf by speedboat. In 1400, according to the travel guide to Kish, the price of a boat tour starts from at least 80,000 Tomans.

Kish beaches; under water, on water and by the water

Aquarium float

The floating aquarium with glass floor and deep windows takes you to watch the colorful underwater world. It also has a reception and a restaurant.

Kish Aquarium Boats

At night, Kish has a recreational pier and is a hangout for locals and tourists for hiking, boating and ice cream. Here you can take yachts run by locals themselves, often with local dance and music.

قایق Ride in Kish

These boats take you to a part of the Persian Gulf where you can see and bag all kinds of fish and aquatic animals by using powerful projectors and the glass bottom of the boat. The price of these yachts is 35 thousand tomans per person.

Kish Women’s Beach

Kish Women’s Beach is located in the northeast of the island and provides a private space for women to swim. This beach has a private bathroom with fresh water. After swimming and bathing in the clear waters of the Persian Gulf, you can invite yourself to a variety of drinks and snacks under the canopies that you can prepare from the beach buffet. Massage and hair weaving services are also available on the beach. The entrance to the ladies’ beach is 10 thousand tomans.

Part of the beach is a diving site that you can experience with the help of professional diving instructors.

In general, if you want to travel to Kish, everything is ready for you; Although many people love Kish and like to live there, living in Kish requires a high cost.

Kish Shopping Centers and Shopping Guide in Kish

In addition to the natural beauty of Kish Island, one of the main reasons that attract tourists from all over Iran to this island is the shopping centers and the extraordinary prices of goods. Even those who are not very good at shopping will not miss the opportunity to buy branded clothes and shoes at reasonable prices in Kish shopping centers.

The reason for the reasonable price and variety of goods is that Kish Island is a free zone and the import of goods has no customs fees. As a result, prices on the island are so different from other cities, especially Tehran, that travelers who went to Kish with one suitcase sometimes travel to their city with several suitcases. You will read more about its shopping centers in the travel guide to Kish.

Kish has so many and varied shopping malls that it may not be possible to go to all of them during a few days trip. Different shopping malls are dedicated to selling different goods, so it is enough for you to find the shopping center related to the goods you want to buy before traveling to save your time.

Luxury Shopping

When shopping from Kish, first of all, you should clarify your task with your travel and shopping budget. If you have a good budget to spend and you are looking to buy clothes from European brands, you can safely visit the shopping centers of Campus 1 and 2 and Damon Shopping Center, and even enjoy the fun and delicious food of its food courts.

Affordable shopping

But if you are looking to buy goods at a reasonable price, in Paniz, Venus and Pearl shopping centers, you can find beautiful, quality clothes, shoes and accessories at a reasonable price.

Damon Shopping Center and Travel Guide to

Buy bags and shoes

To buy bags, shoes and various clothes, count on Pardis 2 business center, Kish business center and Morvarid shopping center.

Bazaar Morvarid

Buy home and kitchen appliances

If you are looking to buy home and kitchen appliances in Kish, visit Pardis 2 Shopping Center. However, you should also lighten the cost of the aircraft overload and continue to buy if it is affordable for you.

Travel guide to Kish to buy chocolate and coffee

Bringing chocolate and coffee from Kish as souvenirs has become part of the trip to Kish, and despite the variety of chocolates sold and the great variety of them, the purchase of chocolate on the island can not be ignored. Although chocolate shops can be found in most of Kish shopping malls, the main center is considered to be Arta Kish shops.

Buy bags and shoes in the travel guide To religion

Set of sports and baby clothes

And of course, there is usually a sports set among the purchases of Kish, which you can find in Pardis 1 market at various prices and models. Marjan Bazaar, Persian Gulf Bazaar and Arab Bazaar are good centers for buying baby and child clothes, they have both very reasonable prices and a great variety. If you are looking for an original and reasonably priced perfume, go to the olive market.

Best Kish Restaurants

Every tourist-friendly city is expected to have a variety of restaurants, and Kish, which is a destination for thousands of travelers a year, has done well.

Damon Food Court

One of the restaurants in Kish where the variety of food will excite you is Damon Food Court. In addition to Persian cuisine and delicious seafood, here you can try a variety of Mexican, Chinese, Indian and vegetarian dishes, and you can even see how to cook different dishes. Damon Restaurant is in Damon Shopping Center and if you go to this center to shop, you can relax in the food court and try delicious food. The green terrace facing the sea, varied and quality food is all that is expected from a good restaurant.

Stone Mountain Restaurant

If you have never been to Daisy Neighborhood in the Persian Gulf, the best place you can give this experience to yourself is Kuh-e Sangi Restaurant. A restaurant with a traditional and very pleasant atmosphere, where delicious daisies are served in stone dishes, accompanied by the aroma of fresh basil, hot Sangak and local doogh. Of course, Daisy is not the only food served in Kuh-e-Sangi restaurant, here you can also eat pounded chicken, chicken and Mirza Ghasemi.

Royal Star Restaurant

Royal Star Restaurant with different decoration and known as English decoration is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Kish. If you want to have a different dinner in a luxurious and stylish atmosphere, remember the name of Royal Star Restaurant. The steaks and burgers of this restaurant are famous and of course its seafood dishes and pasta and Caesar salad can not be simply ignored.

Many residents of Kish Island themselves go to this restaurant and make delicious memories of the delicious food of that night.

فود کورت دامون

The restaurants introduced so far are some of the well-known restaurants on the island, which may be good to visit only once or twice during the trip, unless you want to spend a large part of the trip to Kish to try the food of these restaurants. If you want to enjoy quality food at a reasonable price, you can choose simpler restaurants whose simple appearance does not detract from the deliciousness of their food, such as Boomerang Fast Food, Khatereh Restaurant, Uncle Akbar Restaurant and Totti Frouti Beach Restaurant.

The best hotels in Kish

Welcoming travelers to Kish Island has boosted hotel construction on the island so that travelers’ stays are as memorable as any other experience of the island’s beauty and entertainment. The best hotels in Kish, like its shopping malls and restaurants, are rated and travelers can stay in them depending on their budget.

Luxury and 5 star hotels in Kish

5 star hotels in Kish are the most luxurious and high quality hotels on the island. If you have a good budget for this trip, you can count on these hotels and have a completely different stay.

Hotel Toranj

If you are a little traveler, you have heard the name of the first hotel on the water of the island and Iran, namely Toranj Hotel. The rooms and suites of the Toranj Hotel are arranged in the shape of a Toranj on the Persian Gulf and provide guests with everything that is expected of an ideal stay. The floor of the rooms has a glass vent that you can also see the crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf.

Enjoy cycling on the Toranj Hotel’s cycling track, enjoy traditional seafood dishes in its various restaurants and coffee shops, and if you are a gamer, do not miss the hotel’s beachfront lounge.

Degin Derakhshan Shakhab Pars; Kish Island

Marina Hotel

Marina Park Hotel Kish is another 5-star hotel in Kish that in addition to leisure trips, its conference hall and conference has made this hotel one of the good options for business trips. With Lotus Restaurant and Garden Hotel Marina Hotel, its guests will not need to find good restaurants in the city and here they can enjoy quality Persian and seafood dishes.

In the cafes of Marina Park Hotel Kish, you can also spend cozy evenings during your trip. With the hotel’s beach park, neither you nor your children will be bored at the hotel. Get rid of the tiredness of working days in the hotel’s massage and spa complex and do not miss the hotel’s sports facilities and shops.

Toranj Kish Hotel and travel guide to

Dariush Hotel

Dariush 5-star hotel with Pasargad-inspired architecture is one of the most famous and magnificent hotels in Kish, where the memory of staying will be a colorful part of your trip.

The special location of Dariush Hotel on the east coast of Kish Island, occasional morning walks on the beach, watching the sunset and overnight stays on the pier, make this hotel a great accommodation option for romantic and family trips.

Conference hall, commercial complex, beauty salon and other facilities are Dariush Kish Hotel. This 5-star hotel is the choice of large organizations and companies for holding conferences and seminars. This hotel, like Shayan Kish Hotel, is one of the best and most expensive hotels on the big and beautiful island of Kish.

Marina Hotel in Kish Travel Guide

4 star hotels in Kish

4-star hotels in Kish Although 1 star less than 5-star hotels, you will not see a significant difference in the quality of service. All Kish hotels provide services so well that tourists and guests return to their city satisfied and happy.

Sadaf Hotel

Sadaf 4-star hotel is one of the affordable hotels to stay. The rooms of Kish Hotel are very stylish and provide all the necessary facilities for a cozy and comfortable stay for the guests. The hotel is not far from the airport and you do not have access to shopping malls.

You can also use the island tour and discount hotel tickets for water fun and diving. There are taxis that take you to the shopping and sightseeing centers every moment of the day and night when you leave the hotel. The French Restaurant, Dolphin Restaurant and Traditional Hotel Restaurant serve Persian and seafood dishes.

hotel Dariush Kish

Aramis Hotel

Aramis 4-star hotel is also one of the best completely new hotels in Kish. If you are a shopper, the location of this hotel near the shopping centers of Kish can be a good choice. The restaurants of Aramis Hotel serve delicious Persian, French and seafood dishes, and in its coffee shops you can enjoy a variety of drinks and light snacks.

Flamingo Hotel

Although Kish Island is small and has easy access to all of its attractions, by staying at the Flamingo Hotel you may not even need a taxi to access the many shopping malls and attractions.

The 4-star Flamingo Hotel is a very clean hotel whose professional staff has been a good host for the island’s guests for many years. The location of the hotel and easy access to the markets of Olive, Pearl, Paniz and commercial centers of Kish, Venus, Maryam and the pier, as well as the reasonable price of the Flamingo Hotel have chosen the guests of the beautiful island of Kish.

Know zero to one hundred lives in Kish

In addition to all the hotels mentioned, Shaygan Kish Hotel and Toranj Kish Hotel are among the best and most expensive hotels on the island.

Do you have any questions about traveling to Kish?

We hope you enjoy your trip to Kish Island and create good memories for yourself and your loved ones in the historical attractions and numerous recreational places of this island. Follow Alibaba Tourism Magazine to get acquainted with other islands of the Persian Gulf.

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