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The most exciting entertainments of Kish that you should not miss

If you want to spend your vacation in such a way that every moment is memorable, it is not bad to travel your luggage for Close to Kish ! People who like their adrenaline to be at their peak most of the time travel to this island at least once. Kish entertainment is designed in such a way that travelers with different tastes do not return to their city empty-handed! It does not matter if you love exciting pastimes or visit the island’s historical sites; In any case, you will experience indescribable pleasure by traveling to Kish!

What are the best water sports in Kish?

There are a variety of water sports in Kish, each of which evokes a different level of excitement. Jet skiing, parasailing, shuttle and building, Ocean water park and flyboard are some of the most popular.

What non-water activities are there in Kish?

If you are interested in non-water sports in Kish, be sure to experience cycling, safari, electric scooter, gyrocopter and bubble football.

What are the attractions for Kish’s historical attractions?

When traveling to Kish, be sure to visit the Greek ship and the underground city of Kariz.

Excitement in Kish Water Recreation

Kish and its water entertainment! Is it possible to just watch the Persian Gulf coast on this island and not get excited about exciting water sports? The best time to visit Kish is autumn; There is a mild climate in Kish this season.

If you buy a Kish ticket in winter, you will see cooler weather in Kish; But it is more likely to rain this season. Travelers who want to experience the thrill of water sports in Kish usually do not find autumn and winter suitable for travel. In autumn, the working hours of these entertainments are reduced, and in winter, sudden rains make it impossible to do water sports in Kish.

The best and of course the most expensive time to travel to the island and visit Kish resorts are May and June. Experience Kish water entertainment with the best quality at this time! The only thing that makes you doubt about the travel time is the overcrowding of Kish in May and June. To feel more excitement in Kish entertainment and at the same time pay less, plan your trip in summer and especially in August. تفریحات کیش There are various water sports in Kish has it. The variety of these exciting pastimes leaves you free to choose the best one. In most cases, a photo will be taken of you as a souvenir of your trip while doing these activities. In the following, we will introduce the best entertainments of Kish.


Even if you do not know how to swim, you can still dive in the waters of the Persian Gulf to a depth of four or six meters! Currently, there are diving clubs on Simorgh Beach, Marjan Beach, Damon Beach and the beach pier. In these clubs you will find professional instructors who teach tourists the basics of diving. شهربازی هایلند کیش؛ جزیره‌گردی به‌صرف لذت و هیجان If you do not have diving equipment, you do not need to worry at all. All you need is a towel, slippers and a swimsuit. In this club, diving clothes and equipment are also at your disposal. Anyone over the age of 10 can go scuba diving on the Persian Gulf. If your child is less than 10 years old, diving will only be possible if approved by the instructor.


Snorkeling is another type of diving that takes place in the shallow waters of the island. To do snorkeling, you have to go to one of the recreational places of Kish on Simorgh beach and buy a ticket. You will need special glasses and shallow diving equipment for this fun; The Snorkeling Club will provide you with these items. غواصی Snorkeling takes about an hour. Anyone over the age of six with any gender can experience snorkeling. In this fascinating sport, see a variety of small fish, snails, mussels and creatures that live in shallow water.


It has been several years since the flyboard was added to Kish’s list of exciting entertainment. If you want to fly in the waters of the Persian Gulf and dive in the water, buy a flyboard ticket. In this entertainment, a device is connected to a jet ski with the help of which you rise a few meters above the sea level and perform dramatic movements. آکواریوم کیش؛ دریچه‌ای به دنیای رنگارنگ زیر آب The smell of sea salt on the flyboard Feel close and create unique memories. Flyboard is more suitable for people who have remarkable agility and foresight. Quick response is the most important feature to complete a full flyboard.

However, Kish tourists have no restrictions to experience this sport from the best recreational places in Kish. If you want to spend a few minutes with Kish flyboard, go to Kish recreational pier or Simorgh beach from 9:00 to 16:00.

Water skiing

Water skiing is done in two ways; Skiing by motor boat or electric cable. Skiing by boat is usually a little more expensive than skiing with electric cable or cable skiing. In this pastime, you stand on a ski pole and grab a rope that attaches to a motorboat or cable car towers. Finally you can ski on the water for 12 minutes. Depending on your weight and tradition, you will travel on water at a speed of 30 to 65 kilometers per hour. 50 روز جشنواره تابستانی کیش 50 روز جایزه و شادی

Parasol umbrella

Watching seabirds, would you like to fly over the sea too? Well, in that case, we have to offer you the Kish parasol. In this lovely pastime, you ride a balloon-like umbrella attached to a motor boat. Sometimes with the permission of the captain the boat moves and with the fast movement of the boat on the sea water you also experience a few minutes flying on the water. By purchasing a Kish parachute ticket, you will be able to ride a boat for 45 minutes and parachute for six minutes. اسکی روی آب In a parachute, you rise to a height of 50 to 100 meters above sea level and see the island from a high angle. If you want to watch big merchant ships in parasailing, head to Damon Beach in the north of the island. Simorgh beach in the east of Kish has also provided the facilities for this recreation.

Apart from these two, Marjan beach and Kish recreational pier are also among the recreational places of Kish that offer parasol parasols. There are no restrictions for men and women to do this fun. Sometimes, at the discretion of the captain, children under the age of 10 will not be allowed to ride a parasol.

Jet Ski

You can go jet skiing alone or for 15 minutes in the Persian Gulf with a friend. Kish Jet Ski Clubs are open from 10 am to 5 pm. Visit these clubs on Damon, Simorgh and Marjan beaches or Kish recreational pier to experience jet skiing. خانه بومیان کیش و سفری کوتاه به اعماق تاریخ جزیره If you have already experienced this fun You do not have it or he thinks you can not do it, no worries at all! Professional jet ski instructors are with you and explain the steps to do it. Safe jet ski equipment will ease your mind about the safety of this recreation. جت اسکی از تفریحات کیش

Shuttle and Banana

Locals usually do not allow passengers to ride the shuttle alone for added safety. You must ride the shuttle tubes with at least one and at most two companions. These tubes are attached to a boat that travels at high speed at sea. Shuttle rides are one of the cheap entertainments in Kish. It will take you about 20 minutes to do this fun. تفریحات کیش Photo from: Irandestination site Riding is just like shuttle riding; Of course, these two entertainments are slightly different. In the shuttle you sit in a tube boat and you are completely inside the boat; But in Banana, you sit on a banana-shaped tube and your feet are in the sea. The duration of using Banana with each ticket is about 15 to 20 minutes. شاتل و بنانا People over 10 years old can experience the shuttle and the building without any restrictions. Unlike diving, male and female travelers have the opportunity to try this fun at the same time. Shuttle and Banana clubs offer leisure services from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


In this fun, you also ride a sturdy air tube that is attached to a motor boat. As the boat moves, so does the fly fish tube. This tube is designed in such a way that it moves away from it by moving on water and hits it with acceleration. This design makes passengers experience more excitement than shuttle riding.

Ladies and gentlemen (over 10 years old) can ride fly fish at the same time. The duration of using Flyfish is between 15 to 20 minutes. If you want to challenge your courage with a fly fish experience, head to the fly fish club on Simorgh beach.


If you prefer tranquility at sea to its exciting pastimes, try speedboat cruising in the waters of the Blue Nile of Khili. Although this entertainment seems simple, but it is considered as a high-priced Kish entertainment. The tour takes about 20 minutes by speedboat. اسکله تفریحی کیش و تجربه هر تفریح آبی که فکرش را بکنید A guide will be with you along the way to avoid any problems. In this fun you will not be able to steer the ship. People of all genders and ages can experience boating in Kish. This recreation will be available in all beaches and recreational places of Kish.

قایق تندرو

Submarine scooter

Submarine scooter is simply modern diving. In this fun, you ride a scooter and go to a depth of 10 meters under the sea. You do not need to know how to swim, professional trainers with safe facilities are with you and help you. To experience the submarine scooter, you should go to Kish recreational pier between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.قایق تندرو All tourists over the age of 12 can spend a few minutes on a submarine scooter. Of course, if you have heart disease or fluctuating blood pressure, it is better to choose another Kish pastime. Due to the dimensions of the scooter, the instructors allow people who are over 150 cm tall to ride underwater scooters.زیردریایی از تفریحات کیش


To experience kayaking, you must reach the coral beach or Damon Kish. On Damon Beach you will be allowed to kayak in a larger space. In this exciting fun, you will ride a single or double boat and steer the boat yourself with special oars. The kayak ride takes about 60 minutes. Ladies and gentlemen can try kayaking. Instructors do not allow children to kayak for added safety.

If you do not know how to kayak in the sea, get help from the instructors of this fun. These instructors will be with you at all stages of kayaking. This entertainment is calculated at the economic rate in relation to its price from Kish entertainment.

Pedel board

In this fun, you stand on large pedal boards and move on the water with special paddles. The most important and exciting part of pedaling is keeping the balance on the board. Few people can balance well on a pedestal. Pedal board tickets are sold in two modes: regular pedal board and pedal board rejection (with larger dimensions). The duration of this fun is about an hour. There are pedal boards on Simorgh Beach and Damon Beach.

Sibab kish

One of the newest entertainments of Kish is Si Bab. This fun is very similar to jet skiing. You are lying on a motor vehicle and in the same position you will steer it with the help of the steering wheel. Experience the movement and excitement of jet skiing many times over by riding on water and underwater. Tourists can buy tickets by riding Sibab in 10 to 20 minutes. Sibab Club is active on Simorgh beach.

Kish cruise ship

Kish cruise ships usually run their programs at night. You will take part in a night battle by buying tickets for these cruise ships. Live music and comedy shows are the most important parts of this two-hour war. Kish cruise ship tickets have different prices. This price depends more on the boat’s working hours, type of vessel and its facilities. It will be possible for anyone to attend Kish cruise ship programs.

Kish Aquarium Ship

Kish Aquarium ship is more suitable for people who love the tranquility of the sea than the experience of excitement in it. In this fun, you ride a boat with windows or glass floors and go to the part of the sea where sea creatures gather. See the group movement of sea creatures from the boat window.

The tour of the aquarium takes about an hour. You must be present 15 minutes before the departure of the ship. These ships set sail every hour from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Aida Marin Aquarium Ship, White Whale, Star, Tourist, Simorgh, Tika and… are the most popular aquarium ships in Kish.

Buddy Marina Kish

Kish Marina Water Park is the only floating water park on the water. This park is made of strong wind tubes. Unfortunately, currently only men and children over the age of three can use Kish Marina Body. This water park is open from 10 am to 6 pm on the beach near the Marina Kish Hotel. Tickets for this collection are sold for one-hour intervals.

Crazy boot

Ever seen a scene of a crazy boatman on the water in a movie? Crazy boot is exactly what you saw on the screen! You will ride a fast boat with more features, which in addition to moving at high speed on the water, also performs dramatic movements. In this fun, you have to hold the handles on the side of the boat so that you do not fall into the water!

بادی مارینا

Of course, they do not leave the boot of Crazy Boot to anyone. The professional captain of this boat guides you and creates indescribable excitement for you. People of all ages, weights, genders, and circumstances can take a 10-minute boating ride with Crazy Boot. Crazy boot is done from 10 am to sunset.

Ocean Water Park

Ocean Water Park is one of the largest and most equipped water parks in our country. There are the best and most exciting slides in this park. The remarkable thing about this water park is its amazing view of the sea. Ladies and gentlemen can use Ocean Water Park in two full days or half days.

باغ پرندگان کیش؛ دنیایی پر از نادیده‌های طبیعت

Tickets are slightly cheaper and discounted for children under three and the elderly over 65. To attend this water park, you must have towels and swimwear with you. Of course, booths in this park sell you the necessary equipment. Ocean Park play machines and water slides are numerous; As a result, you do not need to procrastinate to use them.پارک آبی اوشن

Kish Marine Recreation Complex

As the name implies, you can find a variety of water and sea activities. Kish Marine Recreation Complex has enough equipment and facilities for exciting recreation. On the sandy beach of this complex, various clubs have been set up for diving, parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing and.. Men and women of all ages and conditions can use the facilities of Kish Marine Recreation Complex.جذاب ترین تفریحات کیش

The complex has a parking lot that will be free for all visitors. If you feel very tired, visit the massage parlor of the marine entertainment complex or use its spa services. In the integrated coffee shop, taste the best and most delicious drinks suitable for the season or snacks.

Address: Sanai St., Andisheh Boulevard, Kish Marine Recreation Complex

Visiting time: Every day from 10 am to 6 pm

Visit Dolphin Park

Kish Dolphin Park is not far from the city center. The most important part of the Dolphin Park is its dolphinarium. The dolphinarium includes animals such as dolphins, porpoises, lions, penguins and guinea pigs. By purchasing tickets, travelers can participate in fun and exciting events starring dolphins and sea lions.

These trained animals perform spectacular dramatic movements that are not without grace. Live music, competitions and از are other parts of these programs. Fortunately, Dolphin Park is one of the most attractive recreational places in Kish that travelers can visit as a family.

مجتمع تفریحات دریایی کیش

At the beginning of your arrival in the Dolphin Park, you will take special buses, and after visiting the Bird Garden, you will pass the saltwater aquarium tunnel and reach the Dolphinarium. In the saltwater aquarium tunnel, you can see different marine animals in Kish Aquarium up close. Bird Garden This complex is home to several species of beautiful birds such as Macau, Thracian, Tanja, Pelican, Peacock and که that are breathtaking to watch!

In another part of the dolphin park there are animals such as crocodiles, chameleons, snakes and other reptiles. If you wish, you can take attractive photos in the Dolphin Park and print these photos on your T-shirt, glass, wooden board or in the collection photography booth. You can visit the Bird Garden from 4pm to 4:45 pm and the Dolphinarium from 5pm to 6:30 pm.

پارک دلفین

Address: Jahan St., next to Niloufar Park, Kish Dolphin Park

Visiting time: Every day from 15:30 to 20:00

Enjoy Kish non-water recreation

Kish’s exciting pastimes are not limited to its water pastimes. If you do not get along well with water sports or you suffer from aquaphobia, find excitement in non-water sports in Kish. The best time to experience these pastimes is autumn. Of course, traveling this season will be a little more expensive than other times. If you want to enjoy Kish non-water entertainment at the lowest possible cost, buy a Kish ticket for hot summer days.

جاهای دیدنی کیش

Bungee Jumping

Kish bungee jumping is one of the most exciting pastimes on the island. Only people who do not have heart problems, high blood pressure, discs and osteoarthritis can experience bungee jumping. Remember that it is forbidden to take nerve, psychedelic and sedative pills or alcohol and drugs in the 24 hours before bungee jumping. Pregnant women should look for another hobby. People over the age of 14 and weighing between 35 and 135 kg are allowed to bungee jumping.

If you love excitement and height, try bungee jumping. In this sport you jump from a height of 40 meters; In this jump, the rope will be tied to you to stop before hitting the ground.

There are two platforms of 40 and 60 meters in Kish Bungee Jumping Complex. Depending on the excitement you want to experience, go for one of them. It is better to know that the ticket prices of these two platforms are not the same. It will take you about an hour to prepare for the bungee jumping experience and do it. If you wish, after performing this fun in Kish Bungee Jumping Complex, visit its coffee shop.

Big Ball

How much balance do you have? If you claim this is like drinking water for you, be sure to try Kish Big Ball. Bigball is a very large ball that floats on water. You go inside the ball and you have to try to keep your balance without falling.

If you are a professional, you can take control of the ball inside the big ball and move on the water. By purchasing larger Big Ball tickets, you will be able to have this fun with your friend. This will make it easier for you to maintain balance and be more attractive.

سواحل کیش؛ زیر آب، روی آب و کنار آب

It is possible for everyone to use bigball. To experience this fun, go to Kish recreational pier. Bigball is known as one of the best entertainments in Kish that requires little cost. You should spend about 10 to 15 minutes of your time doing bigball.

riding bike

Are you looking for cheap entertainment in Kish? Be sure to try cycling on the island’s famous track. The track is 75 km long and can be reached in three to four hours. It is better not to pedal the whole route continuously and stop in parts of the route. On-site buffets and on-site buffets make cycling easier for you.

بیگ بال If you have not brought your bike with you to Kish, rent a bike from one of the bike rental branches such as Persian Golf or Greek Ship. There are single, double, multiplayer and tricycles in these centers. Kish cycling track is built parallel to the beach and no car is allowed to enter it. For this reason, tourists ride bicycles with great safety and enjoy the amazing view of the sea.دوچرخه سواری


In Kish Safari, you ride in big cars and the driver drives the car in the desert. The exciting part is that the driver goes through a steep path and drives the car with incredible speed. Playing happy and exciting songs makes Kish safari more fun.

تفریحات کیش Safari is one of the recreational places of Kish that offers several entertainments at the same time. Off-roading and motorcycling are the most popular of these pastimes. Everyone, even children and teenagers, can enjoy the safari. Safari centers are open from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 8 pm. The last reception of passengers for safari experience is 19:00.سافاری

Bubble Football

If you prefer to travel with friends and family and travel in groups, be sure to try bubble football. You need two teams of one to five to play bubble football. Players cover a bubble ball called a bumper that encloses their upper body. The football game is played in two halves of five minutes and the winning team is the one that has conquered the opponent’s goal more times.بهترین تفریحات کیش Everyone who weighs less than 100 kg has the opportunity to experience this fun. To experience bubble football, you can go to one of the recreational places of Kish (especially bubble football) from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 and challenge your agility and scaling skills.فوتبال حبابی

Tennis and badminton

Tourists who have strong muscles in their wrists and forearms are likely to perform better in tennis and badminton. If you do not have the facilities and equipment of this game, you can go to one of the recreational places of Kish, island sports complexes or hotels to experience tennis and badminton. The Kish Olympic Tennis Complex has eight clay courts, two private women’s courts and four hard courts for fans to spend time with.

فوتبال حبابی Some four-star or five-star hotels in Kish have tennis and badminton courts. These hotels rent land and play equipment to tourists. It is good to know that in order to use the hotel facilities, travelers who stay in the hotel have priority.

تنیس و بدمینتون


If you want to see Kish Island from above and patrol the sky, it is not bad to try Kish gyroscope. Gyrocopter is one of the entertainments of Kish that has a high price. In this fun you get on a fun helicopter that has a capacity for two people; You and the pilot fly over the island for 10 minutes.بهترین تفریحات کیش To experience gyro-helicopter riding, you should go to Mirmahna Boulevard and find the Kish recreational flight center. Men and women of all ages can travel to the center by helicopter from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The only limitation to this entertainment is the weight of the people. Tourists who want to board a gyroscope must weigh a maximum of 100 kg.

Kish Escape Room

Tourists who love to solve puzzles also visit Kish escape room. You must have at least three people to play the escape room game. The duration of the escape room, one of the newest places of entertainment in Kish, is about one hour. Fortunately, men and women can simultaneously challenge their intelligence in the escape room of Kish. If you came to Kish with your child, remember that you can not take him to the escape room with you. Diplomat Escape Room and Highland Kish Escape Room have many fans. On autumn days when there are many tourists in Kish, the capacity of this escape room is quickly filled. Kish Escape Room is open from 9 am to 10 pm.

Highland Amusement Park

Travelers who experience this trip with their child will definitely take the time to visit the Highland Amusement Park. In this amusement park, there are various devices and facilities for games and entertainment.

اتاق فرار کیش

Flight simulator, computer games, lottery machines, seven-dimensional cinema, virtual hunting, mini-bowling, mini-golf, ball pool, air hockey and soft play are some of these features. Highland Amusement Park is located in Amirkabir Square, Persian Gulf Boulevard. The amusement park is open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Kish Horror Castle

If none of Kish’s exciting pastimes satisfies you and you want more adrenaline to be released in your body, try Kish Horror Castle. In this horrible house, you walk in a dark tunnel with scary elements in different parts of it.

شهربازی هایلند

Tourists who think that nothing scares them, it is better to choose the full action part in Kish Horror Castle. The two sections, Medium and Low Action, are suitable for people under 14 and people who are not able to bear fear. Kish Horror Castle is one of the cheap recreations on the island and has a lower price than water recreation.

You are in the scary tunnels of Horror Castle for seven minutes or more. If you get lost somewhere, someone with a flashlight will guide you along the way. Of course you do not see that person; The only thing that catches your eye in these seven minutes are the scary things. Kish Horror Castle is open from 6 pm to 2 am.

قلعه وحشت کیش

Electric scooter

The use of electric scooters in Kish is allowed for men and women over 15 years old. In this fun, you ride a small electric motorcycle or electric scooter and move in the designated directions. The use of electric scooters is also allowed on the Kish cycling track. To rent this device, you must go to one of Kish recreational places on Damon, Simorgh and Marjan beaches or Kish recreational pier with a valid ID card and a deposit amount.

هیجان انگیزترین تفریحات کیش

If you are not familiar with how an electric scooter works, be sure to discuss the rental time with the person in charge to know the necessary points. Those who do not comply will have to pay for any possible intentional or unintentional damages. It is necessary to pay attention to four points for using an electric scooter.

Remember to always know from the right and move at a slow pace. Return to the rental location before the electric scooter runs out of charge. Finally, be sure to watch out for children and the elderly so as not to harm them.

Fun by visiting the historical attractions of Kish

A group of Kish travelers are not very interested in experiencing water and non-water recreation. What excites them are the historical attractions of Kish. Exploring these attractions works to catch the breath of tourists!

نگاهی به ساکنین جزیره کیش از قبل میلاد تا قرن ۲۱

Karez underground city or Kish aqueduct

The ancient city of Kariz dates back to 2500 years ago. Millions of years ago, the range of nature had expanded in that environment. There are 570 million year old fossils of oysters, turtles and other aquatic animals on the roof of this underground city.

جاذبه های تاریخی کیش The city was designed so that cool air flowed throughout and residents had access to fresh water.شهر زیرزمینی کاریز The main importance of this underground city was its use as an aqueduct. Low temperatures and corals greatly maintained the water quality of the karez. Visiting the underground city of Kariz or the Kish aqueduct is possible for all those who are interested.

شهر زیرزمینی کاریز Tourists also view historical fossils, authentic historical sources and antiquities through protected glass in part of the Kariz complex. In one part of the courtyard you will find a karez coffee shop that serves a variety of high quality snacks and drinks.

شهر زیرزمینی کاریز آدرس: بلوار میرمهنا، حدفاصل میدان المپیک و میدان فارور، شهر زیرزمینی کاریز

زمان بازدید: هرروز از ساعت 9 صبح تا 10 شب

Greece ship

There are many legends about the cause of the sinking of the Greek ship Kish; But the most plausible reason is the lack of lighthouses and foggy weather. This ship has been showing off in the Persian Gulf for many years and is considered as the identity card of Kish Island. Unfortunately, the hull of this ship is decomposing and destroying due to moisture and air contact. You probably only have a few years to watch this ship up close.

قنات کیش

The ship is located in the coastal park of the Greek ship. Cycling, camel riding and motorcycling are some of the entertainments of Kish in this park. There are also several restaurants and coffee shops serving traditional southern and international cuisine. Greek ship is one of the best subjects for photography in Kish. When traveling to Kish, be sure to be in the park at sunset and take a photo next to the Greek ship so that the memories of the trip will always remain in your mind!

Address: Ghoroob Kish Street, Ghoroob Square, Greek Ship Coastal Park

Visiting time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Fig tree temples

The locals of Kish also call this tree Lor. The fig tree dates back to the time of the Mongol invasion of Iran. The importance of this tree is not limited to its antiquity. Indigenous and ancient people of Kish Island believe that the Lore tree is a sacred plant that prays for the needs of its intercessors. For this reason, pieces of cloth were tied around the branches of the tree as an attachment. In recent years, these fabrics have been removed from the tree and a fence has been erected around Lore to further protect it.کشتی یونانی

The fig tree is not a native temple of Iran and its seeds have been imported to Iran from China and India for many years. The strange shape of this tree has caused many tourists in Kish to spend time watching it. This tree has a thick trunk that is made up of a collection of vertical branches. You will find the temple fig tree in the Orange Quarter in northern Kish.

Address: Olympic Square, Harireh Square, Green Tree Street

Visiting time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Kish native house

Would you like to know how the people of Kish lived in the past? In this case, be sure to visit the house of the natives of Kish or the anthropological museum of Kish. The building of the house of the natives of Kish dates back to 200 years ago. In the past, this house belonged to Haj Abdullah Ibn Shahin, one of the famous merchants of Kish. درخت انجیر معابد

Kish native house from different sections such as Chandol (date storage), Masif (summer room), kitchen (kitchen), Bita Al-Awd (main bedroom), Bita Al-Qahwa (guest reception area), Bita Al-Afrokh (school), Steam (fishing equipment warehouse) , Al-Farsha (bride and groom’s room), wire (winter bedroom), steam of steam (livestock fodder warehouse) and Zariba (main garden of the house).

In fact, these sections have been designed in the house of the natives of Kish so that tourists can get acquainted with the life of the natives of Kish in the distant years. The interesting thing about this house is that there are several bathrooms in different parts of it. This shows that cleanliness has been very important among the affluent strata of Kish.

Address: Old ship, 200 meters from the fish market to the Greek ship

Visiting time: Every day from 16:00 to 21:00

and finally

Kish is one of the best tourist destinations for Iranians and can meet the needs of any taste; From shopping and its passages to water sports, historical attractions such as the Greek ship Kish and Kish sights. If you have never traveled to Kish Island, be sure to try a trip to this island, if you have traveled to Kish and want to try this trip again, be sure to try its water sports. Let us know about your experiences.

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