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The most spectacular museums of Yazd that every tourist should see!

The most spectacular museums of Yazd that every tourist should see!

Yazd is one of the most historic cities in Iran, because it can be history He saw Iranian art and architecture as well as traditional and desert texture in place of this warm and beautiful line. Almost Iran tourism and traveling to different cities of Iran without traveling and visiting the city of Yazd is meaningless, because the museums of Yazd And Yazd sights are among the tourist areas that attract foreign tourists to their desert and beautiful attractions every year.

Museums are usually the best and fastest way to get to know the culture and art of a land or a city in time capsules. If you go to Yazd, you will be surprised by the list of Yazd museums and the knowledge of its time capsules! Because in addition to traveling to a historic and tourist city, you have chosen a place that has a rich culture full of beauty and every tourist should see and know it closely at least once in his life.

What we have prepared for you in this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine is the list of Yazd museums with explanations That you should know before visiting.

Where is the address of Yazd Water Museum and what time is it open?

Yazd Water Museum is located in Amirchakhmaq Square of Yazd, Ghayam Street towards the Martyrs’ Crossroads and is ready to receive visitors until 20:00.

What time does the Museum of Mirrors and Lighting work? Where is the address of this museum?

The working hours of the Yazd Mirror Palace Museum are from 8 am to 8 pm, and its address is on Ayatollah Kashani Street, in front of Haftir Tir Park, next to the Yazd Classic Car Museum.

What are the sights of the Yazd Museum of Glory?

Ayatollah Khatami’s living and personal belongings are located in the Museum of Honors of Yazd. Is displayed.

Where is Solat’s home address?

Solat House is located in Abarkooh city of Yazd, Imam Hossein Square, Shahid Bahonar Street, next to Agha Mosque.

1- Abarkooh Anthropology Museum or Solat Yazdi House

The Anthropology Museum of Abarkooh or Solat House of Yazd belongs to the time of Zandieh and Qajar and is one of the registered national monuments of Iran among the museums of Yazd. In fact, Solat House was the residence of one of the Abarkooh houses named Mr. Solat, and for this reason, this anthropological museum is also called Solat House.

دیدنی ها و جاذبه های فرهنگی

The architecture of Solat House is introverted like most of the buildings on the central plateau of Iran, meaning that when you go to the courtyard you have to go through the porch (brick) of the house to reach a corridor adorned with a tall rectangular tower. And now in the center of the house you can see the pleasant courtyard of Solat House.

The Abarkooh Anthropological Museum houses artifacts from the patriarchal, Safavid and Qajar eras, even the oldest of which date back to the early Islamic period. Things you will see in this museum include anthropological items, tools and clothing related to prehistoric professions, lighting and bath accessories, carved gemstones, chamotte jars and utensils, all kinds of old coins, old copies of some books, hunting and agricultural tools, and It is also jewelry and all kinds of ornaments, etc.

موزه مردم شناسی ابرکوه یا خانه صولت یزدی ها

The cost of a ticket to visit the Abarkooh Anthropology Museum is 3,000 Tomans for each Iranian tourist and 20,000 Tomans for each foreign tourist.

Visiting Hours : Everyday, from 7.15 to 14.15 and 17 to 20

Address: Yazd, Abarkooh city, Imam Hossein Square, Shahid Bahonar St., next to Agha Mosque, Solat Abarkooh House

The architecture of this relatively small and poetic house in Yazd, which dates back to Safavid times, is made of clay and mud with an area of ​​120 square meters and has 6 small four-season rooms, all of which overlook the large porch of the house. Bafghi Wildlife also has a basement that used to be used as a cool place and provided access to the running water that flowed there.

دیدنی ها و جاذبه های فرهنگی

Bafgh Anthropology Museum, including historical artifacts such as old ornaments, traditional medicine and perfumery, agricultural tools, weaving and forging, pottery and metalware, lighting supplies as well as local clothing and handicrafts and Yazd souvenirs . This spectacular and historical place, like the museums of Yazd, is registered in the list of national monuments of Iran.

The cost of a ticket to visit the Bafghi Wild House is 3,000 Tomans for each domestic tourist and 20,000 Tomans for each foreign tourist.

Visiting Hours : Everyday

Address: Yazd, Bafgh city, Masjed Jame Street

3- Heydarzadeh Coin and Anthropology Museum, Yazd Money Hall

In one of the oldest neighborhoods of Yazd, the Heidarzadeh Museum of Coins and Anthropology is located in the Arabzadeh House of Fahadan neighborhood. The area of ​​this house is 800 square meters, which has a Qajri history. The works of this museum have been collected during the years 1335 to 1383 by the efforts of Hossein Heidarzadeh, who was one of the prominent professors of numismatics, and have been exhibited in 10 halls with a large hall between rooms 3 and 5.

موزه سکه و مردم شناسی حیدرزاده، تالار پول یزد

Architecture of Heidarzadeh Coin Museum and Anthropology It has a Qajar style, such as Islamic bedspreads and motifs, and the space is decorated with inscriptions of Karbala religious poems and wooden treasures.

In the Yazd Coin Museum, 5,000 gold, silver, copper and brass coins belonging to pre-Islamic, Islamic and contemporary historical periods are kept. Old banknotes from the time of Nasser al-Din Shah can still be seen in this museum.

Heidarzadeh Museum of Coins and Anthropology, which is one of the most famous museums in Yazd, has placed a variety of anthropological, cultural and historical items of Iran and Yazd for public viewing. Thousands of treasures and anthropological objects from 42 historical periods from the Achaemenid period to the present day, jewelry, rosaries and documents and manuscripts are kept in this museum.

موزه سکه و مردم شناسی حیدرزاده، تالار پول یزد

The entrance ticket for the Heidarzadeh Museum in Yazd It is 3 thousand tomans for domestic tourists and 20 thousand tomans for foreign tourists.

Visiting Hours: Everyday from 8am to 8pm

Address: Heidarzadeh Coin and Anthropology Museum, Fahadan neighborhood, Imam Khomeini Street, Yazd, Yazdzadeh, Yazd

5- Yazd Museum of Historical Documents, Lari House

The history of one of the most attractive museums in Yazd dates back to 270 years ago. When a group of merchants from the city of Lar migrated to Yazd and Haj Gholam Hossein Malazinel, who was one of their descendants, built this house in the Fahadan neighborhood of Yazd in 1243 AH, where his descendants lived for generations. After a while, Haj Mohammad Ibrahim Lari took ownership of the house and made it known as the Lari House.

موزه اسناد تاریخی یزد، خانه لاری ها

The house of trucks from the time of its construction until The first Pahlavi was of great grandeur and was considered an aristocratic house; Of course, this house was used in one period as the monastery of the Nematullahs. For a long time, due to the passage of time and heredity, it was an abandoned house until the cultural heritage of Yazd city in 1363 with the purchase of this old and very beautiful building from its owner, Ali Yazdinejad, took over its management and since 2006 parts of The Lari House has been turned into a National Document Museum and is under the auspices of the National Documents and Library Organization.

The very pleasant architecture of the Lari house, like all this list of Yazd museums, is special and spectacular. In the wood and 2 percussions of this house, it leads us to the porch and then to the yard of the truck. In the middle of the courtyard, a large pond with a wooden bed on it enchants every viewer.

The area of ​​this house is 1700 square meters with 3 yards, 6 chapters in the square of the house. The southern part of the house with a large and windy hall known as the summer residence, the northern part is winter and the western part of the house as a spring sleeping area and the eastern part with a mirror room, kitchen, cellar and other spaces is suitable for autumn. The kitchen and stables are also completely separate from the house.

دیدنی ها و جاذبه های فرهنگی

In the Museum of Historical Documents of the House of Lorries, there are 110 paintings of old documents of Yazd province, including government documents and decrees, marriage documents, trade documents, revolution documents and documents related to the discovery of hijab during Reza Shah’s time, as well as personalities. Various documents related to the aqueducts and a number of historical photographs are on display for visitors.

The ticket price of Yazd Museum of Historical Documents is 3 thousand Tomans for domestic visitors and 20 thousand Tomans for foreign visitors.

Visiting hours: Every day from 8 am to 8 pm

Address: Yazd, Imam Khomeini St., Fahadan neighborhood, next to the pergola mansion

House of trucks in Yazd on Google Camp

6- Yazd Water Museum, the house of hatter

Among the list of Yazd museums, it can be admitted that one of the most important museums in Yazd is the Water Museum or the House of the Hatter, whose construction dates back to the Qajar period. Haj Seyyed Ali Akbar Kolahdooz, who was a big businessman, started the construction of this house with an area of ​​720 square meters in 1266 and finished it in 1269.

The architecture of the Kolahdooz house is similar to that of many Iranian and Yazidi houses. The rooms and halls are all located around a central courtyard to have their own sun and shade for each season of the year. Delicate plasterwork and mirror work have been used on the inner and outer walls of the hatter’s house.

موزه آب یزد، خانه کلاهدوزها در موزه های یزد

Now that the house has been turned into a water museum and is managed by the Regional Water Company, we can see historical artifacts such as 200 objects related to digging ditches to historical documents related to aqueducts and catchments, special digging ditches, well wheels, Be it clothes, valves, pottery and glassware, muskets, etc.

The importance of the Yazd Water Museum to the rich and unique history of Iran in the field of groundwater management, which even today we can not see a function like it and the intelligence behind digging such aqueducts, in fact for many years in the same way, Iranians in the region They lived in drought and desert, they were able to achieve prosperity and agriculture of crops.

Yazd Water Museum has 5 floors, the main parts of this museum are from the first to the fifth floor as follows: aqueduct passage, desert cold storage for food, the main part of Yazd Water Museum, the residence of the hatter family and the Hall of Mirrors, the roof of Yazd Water Museum

But the cost of a water museum ticket is 4 thousand tomans for domestic tourists and 30 thousand tomans for foreign tourists.

Visiting hours: Every day from 15.30 to 19 and 14.30 to 20

Address: Yazd, Amirchakhmaq Square, Ghiam Street, Shohada Crossroads, Yazd Water Museum

House of Hatter Yazd on Google Camp

7- Vaziri Museum, Waqf Museum of Yazd

Among the museums of Yazd, the Vaziri Museum is managed under the supervision of Astan Quds Razavi, whose old objects have been purchased from the historical houses of Yazd. This building was dedicated by Hajj Seyyed Ali Mohammad Vaziri Yazdi, which contains two sections: a museum and a library. Its library was opened in 1334 AH and its museum was opened in 1348.

موزه وزیری، موزه وقفی یزد

The works kept in the Vaziri Museum include old coins and locks, expensive furs belonging to one of the houses in Yazd, home appliances and handicrafts, lighting accessories, traditional clothes and fabrics, lines and manuscripts, bathroom accessories and so on.

The Vaziri Library also contains more than 4,800 manuscripts, about 6,000 lithographs, 235,000 printed books and more than 6,000 periodicals, which are very valuable. Of course, it should be noted that this library is public and currently has 27,000 active members.

موزه وزیری، موزه وقفی یزد

The entrance fee for the Vaziri Museum in Yazd is 3,000 Tomans for a domestic visitor and 20,000 Tomans for a foreign visitor.

Visiting and arriving hours: Every day except Fridays, from 7 to 19.30

Address: Yazd, Imam Khomeini St., at the end of Masjed-Jame St., Yazd Vaziri Museum

Yazd Vaziri Museum on Google Camp

8- Yazd stone treasure, the land of precious stones

When you visit the city of Yazd and plan to visit a museum, the good thing is that among the list of museums in this city, many museums are located in the vicinity. Now, one of the most enchanting museums in Yazd is the Yazd stone treasure, which if you are interested in ornamental, antique and very eye-catching stones, is the best place to relax your eyes and get acquainted with the world of stones.

گنجینه سنگ یزد، سرزمین سنگ های قیمتی

Yazd Stone Museum was established in 1397 by Mr. Ardani and is the first specialized museum of precious and special stones in Yazd province. It is interesting to know that all the stones of this museum have been extracted from Yazd province, and in view of the richness of this city from special mines and stones, this treasure may not be available anywhere else.

Yazd stone treasure includes various types of amethyst stones, Abolon oyster, Verphonite, jasper, agate, turquoise, jade and even meteorite, etc. that you can visit.

موزه های یزد

Visiting hours: Every day, from 9 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 10 pm

Address: Ayatollah Kashani St., next to the South Factory, adjacent to the Museum of Classic Cars

Yazd stone treasure on Googleomp

9- Yazd Ebrat Museum, the story of a family horror

Ebrat Museum of Yazd, in Abarkooh city, is one of the museums of Yazd that has its own story and narration. The story goes that in 1328 Shamsi, a family was killed in Abarkooh and only one of them survived the night.

It is narrated that they were killed for trying to prevent the spread of the Baha’i sect, and that their killers were probably from the same sect, but the age of the victims, except for the mother of the family, was all children under 15 years old.

موزه عبرت یزد، داستان یک وحشت خانوادگی

The museum also has a library with seven thousand volumes of books that are accessible for the people of Abarkooh to use and read books.

Visiting hours: Every day, from 9 am to 5 pm

Address: Yazd, Safaieh, not far from underpass number one (Quds), in front of Martyrs School

Yazd Ebrat Museum on Google map

10- Yazd Museum of Honors, Khatami House

In the house of the Friday Imam of Yazd, Ayatollah Khatami, is one of the museums of Yazd, the Museum of Honors. This historic house has a central courtyard, a hall, several rooms, a porch, a windbreak and a waterfall through which the water of the Charkhab aqueduct passed.

موزه مفاخر یزد، خانه خاتمی

Visible works of this museum are the tools and works of Ayatollah Khatami as well as the celebrities of Ardakan and Yazd.

The cost of visiting the Museum of Honors and Men of Yazd is 3 thousand tomans for a domestic tourist and 20 thousand tomans for a foreign tourist.

Visiting hours: Every day except Fridays, from 30: 8 to 13:30 and 18 to 20 Address: Yazd, Ardakan, Charkhab neighborhood, Ayatollah Khatami’s house

Yazd Museum of Glory on Google Camp

11- Yazd Carpet Museum, the house of the Afzalis in Yazd museums

One of the historical houses that is one of the museums of this city these days is the house of the Afzalis or the carpet museum, which dates back to the late Qajar period. Ardakan Carpet Museum was established in 2009 by Professor Pourshah Mohammadi, a weaver and master of original carpet designs. In 2010, he bought the cultural heritage of this house and after its reconstruction and restoration, it was exposed to the public again.

موزه فرش یزد، خانه افضلی ها در موزه های یزد

The architecture of the Afzali house is quite similar to other old houses in Yazd, with an area of 1200 square meters, a central courtyard and summer and winter living rooms, and several windbreaks, cellars and waterfalls, which are decorated with beautiful plasterwork and mirrors.

Among the weaving works exhibited in this museum, the handicrafts of Ardakani men and women and other parts of the country, modeling of Safavid period workshops, zillows related to the year 849 to 837 AH, and a number of Ardakani carpet designs can be mentioned.

موزه های یزد

The entrance ticket to the Yazd Carpet Museum is 3,000 Tomans for domestic visitors and 20,000 Tomans for foreign visitors.

Visiting hours: Every day, from 9 to 12 and 17 to 21

Address: Yazd, Ardakan, Charkhab neighborhood, Ayatollah Khatami alley, Ardakan carpet museum

The best house of Yazd on Google Camp

12- Yazd Post and Printing House Museum is an old monument

Meybod Post Museum and Printing House is a large and beautiful fortress from the Qajar period, which was built by order of Amir Kabir next to the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai of Meybod. In recent years, the Meybod Association of Cultural Souvenirs has renovated the building and handed it over to the post office.

موزه پست و چاپارخانه یزد، یادگار قدیم میبد

Where were the printing presses originally located? The printing presses were in fact the place where the horses were kept and treated, which, as a new courier, had the task of sending important and urgent letters and correspondence to the government. This low method has been invented and used since the Achaemenid period and the expansion of the Persian Empire, and for this reason some believe that the Iranians were the first inventors of low.

The castle consists of an open area, two indoor areas, rooms for the head of the printing house and the accommodation of couriers and guests, several stables and stables for horses, in which works related to the post and horses of the printing house have been displayed from ancient times to the present day.

موزه پست و چاپارخانه یزد، یادگار قدیم میبد

Also, the ticket price of Yazd Post Museum is 3 thousand Tomans for each domestic tourist and 20 thousand Tomans for each foreign tourist.

Visiting hours: Every day, from 9 to 13 and 17 to 19

Address: Yazd, Meybod, next to Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, Meybod Printing House

Yazd Post Museum on Google Camp

13- Yazd Stone and Mine Museum, tourist and scientific museums

Stone and Mine Museum In the list of Yazd museums, it is one of the exciting places for those who are interested in geology and mining. This museum was established in 2016 with the efforts of the Central Iranian Iron Ore Company.

موزه سنگ و معدن یزد، موزه‌ای توریستی و علمی در موزه های یزد

The building of this museum is 50 years old and belongs to Sirus Baha’i, the former CEO of the Central Iron Ore Company of Iran, and is located in the Choghart mine area of ​​Yazd. The interesting thing about this museum is that you can see, along with all kinds of mining stones and mining tools, photos and images related to the miners, as well as the historical information of the company’s employees and its CEO.

Of course, it should be noted that in order to visit this scientific-tourist museum, you must prepare a letter of introduction and coordinate with the person in charge of the museum for the time of the visit. Also, the entrance fee of this museum is 3 thousand tomans for domestic tourists and 20 thousand tomans for foreign tourists.

Address: Yazd, Bafgh, Bafgh Iron Ore Factory and Mine Complex

Bafgh Yazd Stone and Mine Museum on Google map

14- Yazd Pottery and Ceramics Museum, the cradle of Iranian pottery

Yazd Pottery and Ceramics Museum is located in the complex of Shah Abbasi Meybod Caravanserai, which houses more than a thousand items of pottery related to different historical periods.

The oldest work kept in this museum is a pottery jar belonging to the Median period that archaeologists have found in the city of Meybod, and this unique feature has given the Meybod Pottery and Ceramics Museum among the list of Yazd museums.

موزه سفال و سرامیک یزد، مهد سفال ایران

This museum is located in the Haj Ali Mohammad Reservoir complex, with an area of 500 square meters, which in fact dates back to the Qajar period. Also, the entrance ticket of this museum is 4 thousand Tomans for the domestic visitor and 30 thousand Tomans for the foreign visitor.

Visiting hours: Every day except Tasua and Ashura, from 9 am to 9 pm

Address: Yazd, Meybod, Shah Abbasi Caravanserai Meybod

The Pottery and Ceramics Museum is located on Google map

15- Yazd Classic Car Museum, the proud museum of Iranians

Among the museums of Yazd, this museum invites you to a completely different atmosphere and a modern look at history. The Museum of Classic, Historical and Handmade Cars of Yazd is the place we are talking about. In this museum, a variety of old and antique cars are exhibited, in which you can clearly see the progress of automobile manufacturing.

موزه خودروهای کلاسیک یزد، موزه پر افتخار ایرانی‌ها

Interestingly, the Yazd Museum of Classic Cars, which was established by the Ardani brothers, was selected as the best creative museum in Iran by the International Council of Museums in 2018, and in 1397, the country’s cultural heritage was introduced as the most selected collection.

The cost of a ticket for the Yazd Classic Car Museum is 5,000 Tomans for each domestic tourist and 30,000 Tomans for each foreign tourist.

Visiting hours: Every day, from 10 am to 10 pm

Address: Yazd, Ayatollah Kashani St., in front of Haftatir Park, next to the Museum of Mirrors and Lighting, South Factory Complex, Museum of Classic Cars

Yazd Museum of Classic Cars on Google map

16- Museum of Iran

Certainly, one of the richest cities of Iranian museums in terms of history, society, culture, as well as architecture and the existence of mines, is the hospitable city of Yazd, and in addition to being famous for tourism among Iranians, it is also well known and prominent among the world. For this reason, Yazd is one of the travel destinations of many foreign tourists who travel to Iran.

دیدنی ها و جاذبه های فرهنگی

In addition to the museums of Yazd, the sightseeing and tourist places of this city such as Zoroastrian fire temple and Wazir mill and Dolatabad garden, etc. are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran. It is almost impossible for anyone to regret traveling to Yazd!

You can also travel to this city in the autumn and winter seasons so that the desert heat does not bother you. But if you do not have a problem with the heat, when traveling in spring and summer, you can enjoy the lush gardens of Yazd in the warmth of the desert soil.

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