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The story of the murder that made the Finn Bath famous!

The story of the murder that made the Finn Bath famous!

Finn Bath is the slaughterhouse of one of the greatest men in the history of Iran and may be far from humanity, which makes it one of the sights Let’s compare Kashan ; But the beautiful architecture and the patterns on the walls of the bathroom have closed our doors. This bathroom has seen one of the saddest deaths in history.

The death of a great man who voluntarily went to the slaughterhouse and even chose how to die. The persecution of the people of that period is unforgivable for this great man; But it is our duty to say more about the architecture and beauty of the bathroom so that you do not get too upset and sad. For this reason, in this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine , we are going to travel to the distant years, when the bath was built.

Where is the fan bath?

Finn Bath is located in Kashan, near Amirkabir Highway.

Why is this bathroom so popular?

The reason for the fame of Kashan Fin Bath is the assassination of the Prime Minister of Iran during the Qajar period, which took place in January 1230.

What is the best time to visit the Finn Bath?

If you are looking for a private time to visit the Finn bath, autumn and winter will definitely be one of the best choices for you. In summer, the Finn Garden welcomes many tourists and is crowded.

Get to know Finn

Finn Bath, located in Finn Garden, is one of the historical attractions of Kashan, which has witnessed many historical events and has cried many times for the tragic events that took place there. The main reason for the fame of this bath is the assassination of Mirza Taghi Khan Amir Kabir, Prime Minister Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar on January 11, 1230.

This historical event is the most important factor that tourists travel to Kashan to see this bath. Unfortunately, after this painful historical event, the Finn bath and the garden were forgotten for a while, and this time became the best opportunity for the villains to plunder some of the beauties of this garden. حمام فین امیرکبیر The historical memory of the Finn Bath, a black spot and the greatness of the assassination of Amir Kabir D, it is true, but if we want to summarize the beauty and elegance that lies in its architecture in this one murder, another oppression is against it. There are two baths in Kashan Fin Garden area, which are called small and large baths. The small bath was built in the Safavid period and the large bath was built in the Qajar period. It was as if the new king hated to use the previous king’s bath and had to build his own one in the Finn Garden.

The large bath was built during the Qajar period and by the direct order of Fath Ali Shah and was mostly used by rulers and high-ranking people, and as a result, the crew and ordinary people used the small bath of the Safavid period. Both bathrooms have separate sections such as entrance, greenhouse, treasury, fountain, changing room or shower. معرفی کلی حمام Photo from: Iseeworld site Although the baths were built a long time ago, the technology used to make them is remarkable. For example, ducts are made to change the bath water and refresh it, which work like clockwork. It does not seem that more than 100 years have passed since their construction.

One of the most interesting parts of the Finn bath is the waterproofing of the walls, which is made of lime, mortar and sand to prevent wasting energy and keeping water warm. The use of natural and functional materials has made this bath still standing after all these years. مقتل امیرکبیر

A look at the history of the Finn Bath

There are two historical baths in Kashan Fin Garden, each of which is of special importance for a reason. The small bath was built at the same time as the original building of Kashan Fin Garden in the Safavid period, and its fame is due to important and historical events. The small bath originally witnessed the assassination of the Prime Minister of Iran during the Qajar period, and the floor of this bath was stained with the blood of this great man. تاریخچه حمام فین The Great Bath, also known as the Royal Bath, was built by order of Fath Ali Shah Qajar during the Qajar period. With the end of the glorious Safavid era, the small bath flourished and the large bath played a significant role in this oblivion. The large bath was built for the use of elders and court commanders and is therefore very valuable in terms of interior architecture. دیدنی های تاریخی In this beautiful bathroom, marble columns are used and all the capitals and the ceiling of the bathroom are designed. Beautifully painted. If you enter the bathroom, the first thing that catches your attention are the paintings on the walls and ceiling. The paintings are so beautiful and uniform that you think they have been copied.

The large bathroom has two bathrooms, the first bathroom is closer to the main entrance and is lit by lattice windows that stealthily enter the bathroom. Light plays an important role in the Finn bathroom, because without it, the interior would be dark and dim, and no one would want to enter this dark space. حمام زیبای فین

Important historical events of Kashan beautiful bath

The most important historical event of Kashan Fin Bath is the assassination of Amir Kabir, Prime Minister Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar in January 1230. Prior to this historic event, the small bath of Fin Kashan may not have been so well known, but since it witnessed the murder of this great man, it has been known as one of the historical sites of the country, which is famous for such a tragic incident. Received. ساعت کاری و شرایط بازدید In fact, the main reason for the popularity of the small bath can be considered the assassination of Amir Kabir. It is not a good way for a bathroom to become famous, but our destiny is sometimes subject to events that take place around us and events that we have no control over.

Different parts of the fan bath

Kashan Fin Bath consists of different parts, each of which has been added to this beautiful bath for a special reason. In this section, we are going to tell you about the different parts of the Finn Bath so that you are familiar with the different parts of it during your trip and no part of your eyes is far away.

Small bathroom

The small bath was built in the Safavid period and at the same time with the construction of the original building of Kashan Fin Garden. This bathroom was built for the use of the crew and its main difference with the large bathroom is in its architectural style, dimensions and use. One of the most important parts of the small bath is the place where Amir Kabir was killed. جاذبه های تاریخی کاشان

Large bathroom

The Great Bath, built during the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, is like a large historical monument in which you can see beautiful examples of Qajar architecture. The Great Bath, also known as the Royal Bath, was actually a bath for the elders of the Qajar court.

Perhaps they did not consider it their honor to bathe in the bath built by another sultan; Perhaps they found the size of the small bathroom too small compared to their high position. In any case, Fath Ali Shah Qajar himself directly ordered the construction of a large bath, and the architect and designer laid the finishing touches as much as they could. دسترسی به مجموعه تاریخی In this bathroom, like the small fan bath, there are parts including an entrance, a greenhouse, a treasury, a fountain, a washing area, and a barn or changing room. . This beautiful bath has yellow marble columns with gypsum capitals and is decorated with Qajar period motifs. Despite all the decorations, you do not expect a bathroom here. It looks more like a traditional restaurant now!

It is interesting to know that the large bathroom has two bathrooms, the first bath or dressing room is closer to the entrance. There is a platform at the end of the lead and it has a wall heater. In the first ceiling, there are mesh skylights that illuminate the space well. These grids are made of clay towards the garden, and through their empty space you can see the trees of Kashan Fin Garden, which have been blown away and are dancing. It’s a beautiful view for a bathroom, isn’t it? مجسمه هایی در حال حمام کردن The second site has a pond in the middle and a route for traffic on the east side. Its floor is lower than the level of the ceiling. The architecture of the large bath is such that to exit the first bath, the second sarbineh must be used and then the first sarbineh.

Thus, after bathing and leaving the greenhouse, you should first wash your feet in the second Sarbineh pool, and then dry your body in mild air, and finally enter the first Sarbineh and put on your clothes. The reason for this type of design was to balance the body temperature and prepare it for exposure to the air outside the bathroom.


It is located in front of the main entrance or dressing room. This entrance is basically the route you have to take to enter the dressing room or locker room. ورودی حمام


The dressing room is a place to change clothes and get ready to enter the bathroom. As we mentioned, there are two bathrooms in the large bathroom, the uses of which have already been explained.


The treasury, also known as the pool, was once a place for people to clean and wash. In order to have a correct idea of the treasury, we must say that like today’s pools, its water was rarely changed and many people washed themselves in it. But in the case of large and small baths, the situation is a little different, because corridors and canals for changing the water of the treasury were installed on the floor of the bath, and the water of this pool was changing from time to time.


A greenhouse is a small room that has a controlled ambient temperature and its air is dry or humid.حمام فین کاشان

Ponds and fountains

In different parts of Finn Bath, as one of the sights of Kashan, there are ponds and fountains that have added to the beauty of this place. These pools, which are located on the floor of the bath, are fed by a special water supply system for Kashan Fin Bath.

Water supply system

Kashan Fin Bath has one of the most advanced water supply systems. The water needed for the bath is provided through a well. The mouth of this well is located on the roof of the bath, and for this reason, every day, two workers in different shifts drew water from the well and poured it into the water in front of the well. This atmosphere of water was transferred to the treasury, under which it was lit with firewood and coal. As the water inside the tank heats up, hot water enters the water atmosphere, thus preparing the hot and cold water needed for bathing in the Kashan Fin Bath.حمام فین تاریخی و زیبا

شگفتی‌های معماری حمام

One of the most important architectural wonders in Kashan Fin Bath is the use of natural materials to waterproof the bath. In this bath, which is one of the historical attractions of Kashan, sand, mortar and lime have been used to insulate the walls of the bath, and due to the naturalness of these materials, this bath is still insulated against water. Flowing water in the atmosphere, garden ponds and pools is supplied from Sulaimaniyah spring; But the water needed for the bath was supplied from the well. The plumbing in the bathroom is also remarkable and all the laws of physics are observed. The fin bath is designed to always have enough hot and cold water when needed, and this water is transferred to the bath through fully professional plumbing.دیدنی های کاشان On the columns and on the ceiling of the Finn bath, monochromatic patterns can be seen, all of which are repeated in different sections. Elegance and beauty emanate from the walls of this bathroom, and the patterns on it are such that you think they have been copied or stenciled. The bathroom columns are all made of yellow marble, which is made in a polygonal shape and bears the load of the walls and ceiling. The columns are simple, but the capitals have repetitive patterns. The roof of the bathroom and its arches have different designs and are made of brick. In some parts of the ceiling you can see skylights that are made to provide the lighting needed for the bathroom.حمام فین کجاست؟

The best time to visit Kashan Bath

Kashan Fin Garden and Fin Bath has its own beauties in every season and you can visit this beautiful place in all seasons. But if you are looking for a time when the garden is secluded and you are yourself and yourself, autumn and winter will be the best choice for you. The bathroom is always in place and the conditions do not change, this is a fin garden that comes in different colors in different seasons of the year and each time it flirts beautifully.جاذبه های گردشگری کاشان If you would like to see a seven-color garden where the leaves of the trees fall at your feet like shot soldiers at any moment, we suggest you choose the autumn season; But if you are looking for greenery and birdsong and cool air, spring will definitely be one of your best choices.

Where is the Finn Bath?

Isfahan Province, Kashan, Amirkabir St., Kashan Fin Garden

Kashan Fin Bath on Google Map

Finn Historic Bath Access Path

To access Kashan Fin Bath, you must first go to Fin Garden. So you have to go to the historical city of Kashan in Isfahan province and then enter Amirkabir Highway and then enter Imam Reza Boulevard, enter Imam Reza Boulevard from Baqer al-Ulum Boulevard and drive to the end. At the end of this boulevard, you will enter Mostafa Zadeh Street. From here you have to walk to reach the historic Finn Bath of Kashan.

Working hours and visiting conditions

Finn Bath Hours start at 9 am and tourists can enjoy the beauty of the garden until 6 pm. دیدنی های کاشان

Kashan Fin Bath, a bitter memory or a unique effect

Kashan Fin Bath has many bittersweet memories, memories of children playing in the bath and bitter memories of Amir Kabir’s murder. This beautiful building, which is one of the most important historical monuments of Kashan Fin Garden, was built in the Safavid and Qajar periods and has two separate buildings, including a small bath and a large or royal bath.

The small bathroom is simple; But the large bathroom is so beautiful that when you enter it, you do not think you have entered a bathroom. In this article, we talked about the architecture and different parts of Finn Bath as one of the sights of Kashan and the historical attractions of Kashan, and we hope that in the next trip you will be able to see different parts of this beautiful bath.

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