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The strangest places in Iran that you probably do not know

The strangest places in Iran that you probably do not know
Do you know the strangest sights of Iran? What do you think strange means? That is, something that surprises you. Now this surprise can be due to the excessive beauty of a place or maybe other features such as being scary or pristine. do you agree? Do you accept? Knowing the strange regions of Iran will definitely be pleasant for those who are looking for special tourist destinations. Adventurous people like to travel to places that have a special and strange feature. In this article, we want to tell you about the strangest places of interest in Iran. You will see some strange places below. This strangeness is sometimes due to their natural structure, sometimes due to strange events and in some cases due to the horror stories that have been created around them.

1. Sefidchah Cemetery

If you’ve seen horror movies, you must have seen that horrible cemeteries at night are always a constant part of the sequences of these movies. Why are we so afraid of cemeteries? Is there really room for fear? If we are realistic and free from superstitions, we will certainly not be afraid of cemeteries, but whether we like it or not, we will sometimes be frightened.

For example, if you know Sefidchah Cemetery, you may not be willing to visit it at night. This cemetery, which can be one of the strangest places of interest in Iran, is located in Behshahr Mazandaran . The tombstones of this cemetery are placed vertically above the tomb of each person and strange shapes and engravings can be seen on them. Sefidchah cemetery dates back to the Timurid period.

There is a lot of talk and hadith about Sefidchah. For example, some residents around the place believe that the cemetery soil is such that it prevents the dead from rotting. Historical studies are needed to understand why the style of placing the tombstones of the dead in this place was like this and what exactly the engravings on the tombs meant.

2. Village of the Twins

Would you like to have twins? Do you belong to the community of twins? We think that having twins is a very interesting phenomenon. Imagine waking up every day and facing someone just like you, or if you are not identical twins, see someone who has set foot in this world with you at the same time and day and from the same source.


It feels interesting and at the same time strange. Now imagine going to a village where most people are twins. That’s amazing, isn’t it? In a village called Shahrabad in Abarkooh Yazd , most of the children born are twins. If you look at the classrooms in this village, you will feel that you have diplopia because you see two similar people or the same twins behind almost every bench.

Marriages in this sparsely populated village are more familial and may be due to genetic factors for twins among the villagers. Those who have visited this village believe that you will see many repetitive people while touring it. Because there are many identical twins in this village. Undoubtedly, this place is one of the strangest places in Iran. No? Seeing all these twins in one place is like getting into Tim Burton’s fantasy movies.

3. Jingle Forest

Another of the strangest Iran sights is the Scream Forest. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. It’s horrible, and even more so, very strange.

This is a forest near Torqabeh in Mashhad . That is, as the sun rises, screams sound in the forest. This scream is not like the sound of insects or the shaking of tree leaves in the wind, but it is a vague and unknown scream for which the reason is not clear.

Of course, the follow-up by the authorities shows that these sounds are made by crickets among the branches of trees. Whatever the reason, stepping into this forest at night is horrible. The sound of insect screams or any other creature that wanders in this forest has made the screaming forest one of the strangest places in Iran.

4. Stone Garden

The rock garden also has a strange story. A rock garden is a garden with trees that grow on its branches instead of fruit and leaves. If you go to Sirjan in Kerman , you will encounter a rock garden. A garden owned by a deaf and dumb man named Darvishkhan Esfandiarpour.

This man was a shepherd and gardener, but suddenly one day he stopped doing this and instead of his usual work, he looked for uniform stones and added them as fruit to the trees in his garden. What was the cause? There are many rumors about this person’s work.

Some say that they did this in protest of land reform in 1340, some say that extraterrestrial beings are involved, and some simply believe that madness was the cause of these actions. In any case, the reason for creating the rock garden, whatever it is, has created one of the strangest places in Iran.

5. Bermuda Triangle of Iran

Where is the Bermuda Triangle of Iran? Going to a desert near Semnan, you will reach the Bermuda Triangle of Iran. But our advice is not to do that. Why? Because every movement that enters the Bermuda desert is dragged in it and the color of its face can no longer be seen.

The sandy swamps in the sands of the Bermuda Triangle leave no room for tourism. So if you love your sweet soul, it’s better to get rid of the thought of going to Bermuda. This desert is also called Rig Jan . Of course, there are certain places for tourism in this area that it makes sense to visit only with an experienced guide.

Locals say the desert is not cursed and anyone who steps on it will disappear. Despite all this, there are still tourist tours interested in exploring this desert. It is up to you to decide if you would like to see such a place.

6. Venice Iran

Venice in Iran is also one of the strangest places in Iran. Consider a village with houses on the water and people coming and going by boat. This village is located in Sarakhieh, Khuzestan. If you want to get from one house to another, you have to use small boats and boats.

As a tourist, visiting the village of Sarakhieh may be interesting to you, but rest assured that you will not be willing to live in this village. what is the reason? The water of the wetland is polluted due to lack of necessary care. The water level also goes down year by year. When the ecosystem is damaged, fishing and the health of the inhabitants are also endangered. So maybe small Venice in Iran is interesting and of course strange to travel, but life in it is not so pleasant.

7. Derek village

Sistan and Baluchestan is full of mystery; Sights and wonders, special culture and customs and originality that, of course, breathes under the shadow of oppressive welfare deprivations. Derak village is also located in Konarak city in the same province.

Derak village is not an ordinary village. This place has the cleanest and most pristine beach you can imagine. Imagine yourself: you, the sunset and the sea on a pristine and lonely beach! It’s very poetic, do you agree? Perception has a cool climate, and the presence of sand dunes and palm trees along the coast with the blue sea, has made it so beautiful that this beauty leads to strangeness.

In our opinion, Derek village is one of the strangest places in Iran with its stunning beauty. Understanding in Baluchi language means a settlement near the valley. We hope that tourism will flourish in this pristine village, but only if nothing diminishes its beauty and health.

8. Kandovan village

If you look around Tabriz 62 km southwest of it, your eyes will be opened to the beauty of the village Which is both beautiful and extremely strange and funny. Kandovan village is a village with houses in the heart of the mountain. These houses are habitable and about 120 families live in them.

Houses in the heart of conical mountains, which of course are mostly pyramid-shaped. But why do these dear compatriots live in the heart of the mountain? What is the story behind this lifestyle? It is said that in the seventh century AH, the villagers called Hilavar took refuge in the mountains to save themselves from the Mongols, and the building of life in the heart of this mountain has been built since then. If Kandovan is not one of the strangest sights in Iran, then what is?

9. Chaldean

Have you been strong in geography? If the answer is yes, you must know that Chaldoran belongs to the province West Azerbaijan . This beautiful city has a strange feature and it is nothing but a pleasant coolness that makes citizens do not need to buy air conditioners.

Chaldoran is located in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains. Living in a place with a pleasant and cool climate is pleasant, but only if there are no bad events such as floods and it does not destroy the agricultural lands and pastures. Chaldoran was the same in previous years, meaning that there was no news of unfortunate events in it, and living in the foothills of the green plains and under the shelter of cool weather, brought the citizens closer and closer to happiness. However, due to climate change and the loss of vegetation, floods that hit the fields and pastures of Chaldoran have had a negative impact on the climate and living conditions. In any case, Chaldoran and the cool weather can be unabashedly among the strangest in Iran.

10. Neishabour Wooden Village

A village with wooden structures that are resistant to earthquakes and insects; This wooden village is located in Neishabour. Engineer Mojtahedi is a person who built a wooden village in his ancestral village and with his fascinating knowledge and insight into the category of architecture, he was able to create artistic and cultural collections with several tons of wood.

The wooden village and its wooden buildings are located in the village of Mullah Mohammad Aghazadeh. Of course, Engineer Hamid Mojtahedi is no longer with us, but his interesting and attractive village is still one of the important tourist spots Neishabour . The mosque built in the village is resistant to eight magnitude earthquakes, and the aroma of wood, which has nothing more to say, is so pleasant that if you visit the village and its buildings, it will stay in your breath for a long time. This village is also one of the strange places in Iran whose beauty and engineering accuracy are surprising.


Defining a strange word is a bit difficult. As we said earlier, weird is something that surprises you. Well, people are surprised for a variety of reasons. Some because of the beauty of something too much and some because it is scary and

Anyway; The places mentioned in this article are among the strange places, each of which is considered amazing due to its beauty or other special feature. Visit or at least get to know the strangest sights of Iran. This land has something to surprise us and you in Austin, everywhere.

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