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There is no necessary infrastructure for tourism in Lorestan province

ISNA / According to the Director General of Lorestan Environmental Protection, in Lorestan Province There is no need for tourism.

Mehpad Fathi Biranvand in a specialized meeting on the role of tourism tours in environmental protection and sustainable tourism with a focus on preventing distortion by the efforts of the University Jihad Students Organization, the General Department of Environmental Protection and Cultural Heritage The meeting hall of the General Directorate of Environmental Protection was held, he said: We live in a province where we have activists and demanding people who, in addition to their criticism, created an intimate atmosphere. “Unfortunately, we are facing the issue of destruction in various ways in Lorestan,” he said. “We must manage and minimize this destruction by observing laws, regulations, culture and education.”

Fathi Biranvand said: Lorestan is the most unique province in terms of species diversity, so that there is 25% biodiversity in it.

Director General of Lorestan Environmental Protection stated: “Unfortunately, in the province, we face threats and destruction (mountains, wetlands and lakes) in terms of biodiversity.

He said: “Currently, the tourism industry has a high income and the focus of policymakers to increase the country’s economic prosperity can be the development of tourism.

This official said: Lorestan Negini is one of the provinces of the country in terms of nature and tourism and the potential can be used to increase the economic prosperity of the province.

Fathi Biranvand said: Lorestan is a tourist destination and we see a lot of travelers during the holidays and Nowruz.

Director General of Lorestan Environmental Protection, pointing out that we will work to protect nature and natural resources for the benefit of the people’s economy, added: “Biological capacity in each region is clear, and if too much pressure is put on nature, biological capacity Reverses so that the rate of destruction is three times the rate of recovery.

He said: “Human encroachment has intensified the destruction and the only issue is to deal with this important education, and in this regard, academic jihad, cultural heritage and environmental protection, public, public and specialized education can prevent many destructions.” To be taken.

Fathi Biranvand, stating that some tourist tours outside the province caused destruction and as an example we saw destruction in the area of ​​the Strait of Piazeh, said: “Currently we are facing the arrival of tourists in some areas where pollution and waste Are left in nature.

Director General of Environmental Protection of Lorestan, stating that there is no necessary infrastructure for tourism in the province, said: Tourism should be promoted responsibly in society.

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