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Thousands of years of life of Aghasht village of Karaj

Thousands of years of life of Aghasht village of Karaj

What was I thinking and what happened! The cavalrymen approach the entrance to the palace with fresh horses, and the medieval gate of the castle opens to make the sound of their horses’ hooves frighten the enemies. Their swords, which kill everything and everyone with the bitter taste of death, are accompanied by the wheezing and breathing of their horses’ breasts, and create a myth. These were all things that came to my mind as soon as I saw the fortress, but O careless heart, I wish it was an ancient castle.

The story was not as I imagined, and a truck named after it was built about 10 years ago. Here is Iran, the village of Aghasht, the mountainous climate of Alborz with warm-hearted people with the fruits of the watersheds, with special ceremonies, with the breath of nature.

If we leave out the new castle of the village, time in the village of Aghasht, takes us to a few hundred years ago or maybe thousands of years ago that Tourism Magazine Alibaba from this water-rich village says that it brings to life the feeling of the same day and night and says that village life is something else.

Whose castle is it for

Mr. Asadi Lari, from Tehran

What are the other letters of Aghasht village castle?

Hogwarts Castle of Iran, Barghan Castle, Barghan Fortress

When is the best time to visit Aghasht village?

Spring and Summer

History of Aghasht village

Before the Muslims looked at Iran or even before there was Islam, a village with all kinds of blessings such as raspberries and plums, natural honey, berries and dairy products in that corner of Alborz province that I did not know thousands of years ago. There was what they were saying. I do not know the truth or falsehood, but it is said that the early people of this enchanting village lived Gabr (originally called Zoroastrians and later became an insulting word and called infidels and polytheists Gabr). روستای آغشت جاده های روستای آغشت Some of the sweet accents of Mazeni and Taleghani It is welcomed in the language of the people of Aghasht village, and when you land here under the wet and dry colored leaves of the village, you hear the sweet sound of this accent from the language of its people. Let’s not neglect the two neighborhoods of Aghsht village, Figs and Sumaq owners, which are obviously named after these two blessings for growing figs and Sumac. جنگل در پاییز Photo by: iribnews

Name of life in Aghsht village

Water. Everything in this summer and mountain village, because of the rains that rain the eyes of the blind devil, untimely and untimely, and the flowing waters and roaring springs, (aghasht) were placed on both the village and its castle. I, who give the people of Aghasht the right to name their village after their honor and abundance of water. حیات روستا در چیست؟ If we really want to go into details and open this word for you. Stick “av” meaning water and “ghesht” meaning accumulation / abundance, and the word “aght” appears, even taking the name of its castle from the same name.

Where is Aghsht village?

From Alborz province, it was unlikely that in the same neighborhoods of Kordan , the heart of Savojilagh city, Chandar and 12 km from Barghan village of Karaj city and exactly between Siban valley and Wardeh valley, a blessed and forested village like Aghsht, how great it is. جاذبه های تاریخی روستا Sarhal river called Glin is located in the north and the village of Tekiyeh and Baghban Kola has its air from the south, and the villages of Ajin Dojin and Valian from the west and northwest, and the valley of Siban and the valley of Radeh from the east.

If we want to enter the geographical coordinates of Aghsht village, its coordinates are calculated with 50 degrees and 87 minutes of longitude from the east and 35 degrees and 98 minutes of latitude from the north.

Village of Aghasht on Google Map

Agasht sights

Apart from the fact that the village of Aghsht has cool and breathtaking weather in the hot and breathtaking summers of Iran, along with nature and attractive trees, reach for the fruit trees and pick one or two clusters of raspberries and eat them. We also mention the sights of Aghsht and Barghan village .

Sharsharband Waterfall

Here, too, the water plays the first role and the waterfall of Sherrshaband, which is known as Hezarrang waterfall, is considered as one of the tudel barbs of this village after Aghsht castle, and to see it, you must be equipped with special mountaineering clothes. Because this waterfall is located in a mountainous place and it is these steep slopes that give more value to the village. آبشار شرشربند

Berghan Places

Apart from Aghasht, we are talking about the sights of Barghan, so that maybe under the pretext of seeing it, you can also visit the village of Aghasht and see the sights of both of them.

Historical bridge of Barghan

A historical bridge has been built since the Safavid period, when the Shahroud River has been under its control for many years. Another historical attraction of this village is the bridge, which was included in the list of national monuments of Iran on February 23, 2003, and the Zandieh, Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties were not unaware of it, and they put a hand on it to restore it firmly and firmly. Stay. The historical bridge of Barghan is located on the river Barghan, which comes from the two villages of Durvan and Surah. رودخانه جذاب

Berghan Grand Mosque

The Barghan Grand Mosque is 500 to 800 years old, no less than other mosques in the village. This old mosque, 13 km away from Karaj and 50 km away from Tehran, was built by Jalal al-Dawla Kiomars from the Rostamdar dynasty, and evidence suggests that the Shiite religion has been practiced in the Savojbolagh area since the Safavid period and continues to this day. مسجد جامع برغان Now, if you want to know about the “Rostamdar kings”, the Badusbanians (Paduspanians) are a small dynasty of Zoroastrians. It was around the Caspian Sea (near Mazandaran) that they ruled Tabarestan and Royan, when Jalal al-Dawlah Kiomars, son of Biston, came and converted their religion to Shiism.

Do not judge by the appearance of Aght Castle

The ancient appearance of the Fortress seems to take us back to the Middle Ages and the ancient empires, but the string of fantasy. This architecture, which is a patch of awkwardness, does not fit into Iranian architecture at all. That is, it seems unlikely to Iranians to build such Western architecture. But the fortress you see does not date back thousands of years, not even a few hundred years. دیدنی های قلعه روستای آغشت In fact, a loved one from Tehran came to this village 10 years ago and built a luxurious villa, and his heart longed for a medieval fortress, which today is known as Aghasht Fortress, Barghan Fortress, Berghan Fortress and Hogwarts Fortress of Iran. It takes everyone in the style of European architecture.

The construction of the interior of this architecture in the perfume of Greek and Roman Renaissance architecture has not been completed yet and in total, it does not have more than 5 floors. I do not know what the purpose of building this villa was, but I think that due to the creativity and atmosphere of the architect, it has become impossible for the foot of this castle to appear when it comes to the village. جاذبه های قلعه Sixty years ago, around the 1940s, a bathhouse was built in the village. In the same decade, people came to the old bathhouse of Aghasht village and cleaned it until in 1991, there was no news about the bathhouse again. خانه های روستای آغشت What I am saying is that it lasted until 1991, but today it is no longer as much as the noise of previous years, and due to the renovations and renovations inside, it has become just a spectacular place, which is really a spectacular place with its glazed walls.

Tomb of Fatemeh Khatoon (Imamzadeh Bibi Ghezelr)

Imamzadeh Bibi Ghezelz (AS) or Fatemeh Khatoon is located next to a cemetery and flower garden of 10 great and dear martyrs who are the descendants of Imam Musa Kazem (AS). مقبره فاطمه خاتون Architecture The tomb with that conical dome – I think silver – and the stone and gypsum building is one of the architectures of the Safavid period is unique.مقبره فاطمه خاتون

Aghsht River (Glen River)

The population of most villages is due to the blessing of water, which gathers together to form a civilization. How is it known that maybe there was a civilization in this village and we do not know.

let’s move on. The Aghat River with its two tributaries, the Berghan River and the Glin River, and a main tributary, emerges from the trotting heart of Mardanoraz Mountain, Alam Zamin Mountain, Kline Rud Mountains, the fountain of Siroud village, Kafab and Ivanak, and has become the beating heart of the village and its people.

رودخانه روستا

Sepidan beard ceremony and other ceremonies of Aghasht village

The first time I read about the beard ceremony, I thought it must be a special ceremony. I mean, maybe to dye men’s beards and mustaches, this ceremony is held, and I got on the saddle again. In this ceremony, there are village elders who hold the hands of the people and their young people and on the beginning of Eid, 2nd and 3rd of Farudin, they walk to the heart of the village and greet the people, travelers, tourists and congratulate the new solar year.

Then they turn to those who have the grief of a loved one in their chest in the same year and their absence is not old for them yet. At the end of the ceremony, if there is a comment and suggestion, it will be discussed in the work report of the village council.

ریش سفید مراسم

Another ceremony of the people of Aghasht village is that in 13th of Badr, they greet travelers and tourists with a flower seed and are happy. Let’s throw.

The rest of the ceremonies of the people of Aghasht, which are held in this village in their own way, like the ceremonies of different places in Iran, such as fireworks, spoon-throwing and Syrian Wednesday, and cooking soups and memorable periods.

How is the climate and nature of the soil?

Although the population of the village reaches 700 to 800 people, but its summer and mountainous climate has caused the people of Tehran, who are always present on the scene, to build or buy villas there and spend their weekends and holidays in this village of Darandasht. The soil, what can we say, is fertile, fertile and nutritious.

جاذبه های روستا

It is because of the fertile and efficient soil of this village that the people chose agriculture and animal husbandry and rolled up their sleeves to grow all crops such as walnuts, barley, wheat, plums, berries, cherries, green tomatoes and honey. .

Of course, in addition to the people of the village today, its ancient people were also farmers and ranchers, and in addition to these products, other products such as raspberries in the village were among his other blessings.

The sights around Aghat

The village of Aghasht itself has many sights, but the sights around it are no less than the village of Aghasht itself, and it may even boast of many of its attractions and attractions.کوه های اطراف روستا

Challengar village

Aghsht village, which is a thousand years old, but the village of Chalangdar, which is 200 years old, is located in Chandar and Savojbolagh counties in Alborz province, next to Aghsht village. Spectacular, orchards of walnuts, apples, peaches, pears, etc. are grown.

According to the 1996 census, it had a population of 78, which reached 421 in the 2016 census. Its people also speak Tati.

جاده های روستایی

Herjab Bathroom

This is where we see one of the architectures of the Qajar period. The bath of Herjab of the Qajar dynasty is located in the Chandar section of the village of Herjab, and the interesting thing is that it was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran on March 27, 2007. However, the fall of the bathroom in the eyes of the people and officials has caused it not to be seen and parts of it have been damaged.

Imamzadeh Ali Akbar

Imamzadeh Ali Akbar is located in the village of Takiyeh Aghasht, next to the village of Aghasht and adjacent to the famous castle of Aghasht, which has the beauties of its hood.امامزاده اکبر

Travel time to Aghshat

It is true that the sights of Iran have unique and pleasant beauties in all 4 seasons, but Aghasht village is a mountain village and I do not think winter is a good season to hit and go to Aghasht. But summer is a good time to visit this hundred-year-old village. Now we were told not to say why.خانه های روستایی منطقه

A trip to Aghasht village and tips about it

What is the situation of reaching the village and the access route from Karaj to Aghasht village?

If after all that you have read about the village and the fort of Aghasht and your heart faints for it, you should go from Karaj to Gohardasht and the road to Atashgah, the village of Barghan and the village of Aghasht.

جاده های حوالی روستا

This is from the first access path. But from the second access route, let’s say that at the 20th kilometer of the Karaj-Qazvin highway and towards Kordan, then go to Barghan. Also drive 4 km to see Aghsht village after Baghban village.

You may see signs for renting villas, gardens and orchards along the way, so if you are planning to stay in this beautiful village, you should rent the villa you want for a few happy days in advance.

خانه های حوالی روستای آغشت

Facilities of Aght village

There is everything you need in the village of Aghasht, from the sports lawn, the Aghasht Grand Mosque and the Abolfasl Mosque, from the gas station to a primary school (after which they have to go outside the village to continue their education), a prayer hall, a health center, W.C. There is a refreshing spring 17 km from Aghsht village that polishes your heart.

پل برغان

Distance from Tehran to Aghasht village

A village with this pleasant climate that has been rooted in Alborz for hundreds of years, is not far from Tehran. That is, if you live in Tehran and your heart is full of northern forests and the daily leaves of the land, you are only 75 or 76 kilometers away from this village. You are not too far from Karaj village with 25 or 26 kilometers from Karaj.اقامت در روستا

Do you want not to go to Aghasht village?

Here we talked about the spectacular beauty of one of the villages of Iran and you saw that his head was worth the tension. That is, the fortress of Aghasht, which wants to make the claim of the Europeans and at first glance fool us, which has a history of its own and still does not know that architecture is the language of a civilization, go to this village again because of the heart of Aghasht village.

So the castle is covered with nothing. Our hearts want us to sit for hours without any reason and see the cocoon of nature in Tehran, which, if you shake your head, the polluted air still grips you. Now, if you can not come to the north, the village of Aghasht, which is at your fingertips, and you can take the hands of a woman and a child or your comrades and spend the night in the tent for a few days, if not in its villas.

قلعه هاگوارتز ایران

Is it possible to visit inside Aghsht Castle?

By no means. Aghsht Castle is a private building and belongs to Mr. Asadi Lari. Even photographing and filming from inside a private property is morally forbidden and prosecuted, let alone secretly or even temporarily. So do not make trouble for yourself under the pretext of seeing a historical place. Because the fort has a personal owner.قلعه هاگوارتز ایران

Khorvin village

Another village of several thousand years in Chandar section of Savojbolagh city is Khorvin village, whose Shiite people speak Tati language and in the 2006 census, 866 people and in the 2016 census, 940 people and now it seems to have a population of about 1200 people. . Meanwhile, the people of this village are happy with horticulture and animal husbandry.

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