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Time and kilometer distance between Tehran and Isfahan

It is enough to think of the sweet thought of traveling, then I say to myself, to go by car or bus. Which train or plane fits my circumstances, pocket and time? In this article, I intend to start my journey from Tehran to Isfahan and share with you, dear friends, each of the ways to go from Tehran to Isfahan and tell you how far it is from Tehran to Isfahan.

Until I forget, I must say, in the end we will know the best possible route from Tehran to Isfahan. Follow me with this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine so that after a correct and accurate knowledge about the distance from Tehran to Isfahan, as We wanted to go to the city of turquoise domes or half of the world.

What is the distance from Tehran to Isfahan?

Using a personal machine varies from 431 to 449. The distance between Tehran and Isfahan by train is 410 km and it is 338 km by plane.

Which vehicle is better for traveling to Isfahan than Tehran?

If you want to go to Isfahan in the best and fastest way, regardless of the cost, choose the plane. If you have doubts about choosing a train or a bus, if you want your trip to be tiring, the next choice is the train. If you are planning to tour, go to Isfahan by private car.

When is the best time to visit Isfahan?

All seasons in Isfahan are spectacular and memorable, but spring and early summer (June) is the best time to visit Isfahan due to its cool climate and beautiful nature.

A look at the distance from Tehran to Isfahan in terms of time and distance

First of all, we must know the distance from Tehran to Isfahan so that our trip is based on planning. You may say to yourself, travel does not require a plan and it is time to travel whenever we are on vacation. In answer to this question, I have to offer my service to you, whether your trip is for leisure or work, it varies from earth to sky. That’s why I said, you have to make a plan before you travel.

فاصله تهران تا اصفهان

When we are in a hurry to go to Isfahan, if we are very lucky, we will not face the capacity to complete buses, trains and planes. Do not worry if you go indoors to buy plane and train tickets; The good thing about the bus is that there are several buses to get around every day.

Travel to Isfahan by car

Traveling by car is one of the best options to go to Isfahan. Imagine, whenever you want, you go on the road and you can see cities along the way; This is called marking with a double arrow! Ironically, beautiful and important cities are on your way, which is both a memorable pastime and a short break to cool your car and family.

In my opinion, the sweet part of traveling by car is the place where it is possible to get around in different cities and not leave the hashtag empty-handed by buying souvenirs. Now I will introduce the possible routes to travel to Isfahan by car.

The first route

The first route that allows us to go from Tehran to Isfahan is through the cities of Qom, Salafchegan and Delijan. The distance between Tehran and Isfahan from this route is estimated at 443 km, which will take about 5 and a half hours. Dear travelers, this road has no tolls.

The second route

Needless to say, choosing a route is entirely a matter of taste, and if you are interested in seeing more cities, choose a route you have not been on before. From the second route, you must pass Islamshahr, Qom and Kashan. Crossing this route is 439 km and it took about 4 hours and 44 minutes from Tehran to Isfahan. This route also has tolls that you have to pay to cross, otherwise you will be fined by toll booth cameras.

مسیر دوم Third Route

If you want to use the last route that I will introduce to you, you should take the Karaj highway and move towards Saveh. During your trip you will pass through the cities of Salafchegan, Maymeh and.. The distance from Tehran to Isfahan through this route is 431 km and it took 5 hours and 11 minutes to reach the city of Isfahan. It should be noted that crossing this route also requires payment of tolls.

If this is your first time traveling from Tehran to Isfahan by car, be sure to pay attention to the signs and after entering any of the cities, ask the locals to take the right route or use GPS. /

What is the best route from Tehran to Isfahan?

It should be noted that Tehran-Isfahan buses and most private cars choose the second route for traffic, and the reason is quite clear, because this route is the shortest distance . Compared to other roads. It is also in a better position in terms of asphalt, welfare services and.

Travel to Isfahan by train

I always prefer to travel by train; It is both comfortable and well priced. From Tehran to Isfahan station, several companies are providing services that you can safely book tickets from the Alibaba website. If you look at the ticket reservation systems, you will notice that most of the time the train seats are full or running out. This indicates the high popularity of trains over airplanes and buses.

سفر به اصفهان با قطار So if you want to travel to Isfahan experience by train Book a train ticket from Tehran to Isfahan as soon as possible. The distance between these two cities is about 410 km and on average you are a guest of the train for 7 to 9 hours to reach the Isfahan railway. It may be hard to believe, but train and bus ticket prices are almost the same. If, like me, you consider comfort as the criterion for your trip, go to Isfahan by train. If there is no train ticket, travel by bus (the time to get to Isfahan by bus is less than by train).

تهران تا اصفهان چقدر راه است Isfahan Railway Station is located in Azadi Square, Hezar Jarib Street, 5 km from Shiraz Road, in front of Sepahanshahr. Whenever you reach Isfahan Railway, you can go to your desired destination by using taxis that are in front of the railway gate 24 hours a day. Also, if you do not arrive in Isfahan late, you can go to Chaharbagh Street (one of the main streets of Isfahan) by using city buses.

Which season is cheaper for traveling to Isfahan?

If the main criterion of your trip is the adequacy of travel expenses, travel to Isfahan in autumn and winter. Although the weather in Isfahan is cold in these seasons, you will not be satisfied with the attraction and your bag will be tuned despite the fact that the ticket and hotel are cheaper. Finally, the choice of travel is entirely a matter of taste and largely depends on your pocket. In your opinion, which means is suitable for traveling to Isfahan and which one do you prefer?

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