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To develop tourism, the environment must be considered first

ISNA / According to the latest news, for the development of tourism, the environment must be considered first.

Hojjatullah Abbasian, Head of Lorestan Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Tourism Group in a specialized meeting on the role of tourism tours in environmental protection and sustainable tourism with a focus on preventing distortion by the Jihad University Students Organization, General Directorate of Protection Environment and cultural heritage and with the presence of authorized tourism tours were held in the meeting hall of the General Directorate of Environmental Protection, while thanking the university jihad, which has been one of the concerns of the environment for several years, said: Our friends in the university jihad show that They are committed to their social responsibility and are concerned about the environment and tourism, and in this regard, they have held various programs.

He stated: Lorestan is one of the most suitable areas for tourism and You will rarely find a place in the world that is more than 50,000 years old in terms of human life and civilization.

The head of Lorestan Cultural Heritage Tourism Group pointed out: The province has more than 5,000 historical monuments, of which about 2,500 have been nationally registered.

Abbasian added: There is the largest landslide in the world in Lorestan province, which is Seymareh landslide and has more than 90 historical bridges, most of which belong to the Sassanid period.

He stated: There are more than 60 permanent and seasonal waterfalls in Lorestan and this province has four seasons, the least of which happens in the geopolitical area, which is a crossroads of history, civilization, culture and nature. Are located together.

The head of Lorestan Cultural Heritage Tourism Group continued: “Unfortunately, the exploitation and harvesting that should have been done has not been done yet and part of it goes back to cultural heritage, part to the history of tourism in the country and part to the history of Lorestan.” Abbasian stated: Places such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran, Mashhad and Tabriz have been the centers of kings for some time, so special attention has been paid to them and they have been developed, but unfortunately Lorestan does not have this advantage and is less considered. Has taken.

“We are trying to achieve our natural right due to the position of our tourism,” he said. “We have several attractions that are much superior to the registered attractions if we want to compare them.”

The head of Lorestan Cultural Heritage Tourism Group pointed out: Lake Gohar and Qala-e-Falak-e-Aflak If you look at many of the places that have been registered, They are superior, but unfortunately we do not have a global record because of the pre-existing look and lack of infrastructure that needs to be prepared.

Referring to the sustainable field of tourism, Abbasian added: “The tourism family has never counted natural resources and the environment as its property.

He added: “Environment is a priority and for the development of tourism, we must first pay attention to the environment.

The head of Lorestan Cultural Heritage Tourism Group stated: Lack of awareness and tourists’ knowledge of the environment is one of the problems. If they are aware, they will not do so. Although the level of awareness of local communities has increased in recent years, it has not yet reached that level of deterrence.

Abbasian continued: “The type of human and natural environment in terms of endurance against various factors is one of the issues that cause damage to the environment.

He said: “Deforestation and unauthorized land use changes that are taking place. An excessive number of smugglers of animals that are on the red list, such as the Lorestani salamander and construction that is inconsistent with nature and the tensions that are created between tourists and local communities.” It can be all of the problems we have in the discussion of tourism.

The head of the Lorestan Cultural Heritage Tourism Group stated: Tourism is a double-edged sword that can be used optimally to promote prosperity and can create many socio-cultural problems.

Abbasian stated: “Measures have been taken in this direction. Tourism has now progressed with the past 10 years, but we have many problems for tourism development. Perhaps one of the main problems is that we, as the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, have no ownership of any natural monuments.” And it is criticized why it is not well managed.

He pointed out: in order to create tourism facilities, we have to get its permits from other departments, and in this regard, it must be seen whether they are capable of this infrastructure or whether it is one of their priorities or not. This made it impossible for us to do our job properly.

The head of the Lorestan Cultural Heritage Tourism Group added: “Sustainable development says that the harvesting and exploitation of resources should be such that it remains for future generations. Now we must use the environment, but it must be managed and be on the path of sustainable development.” / Abbasian stated: A system was set up to use tourist tours with the least loss of natural resources and tourism, which is still in the initial stage, and tourist tours must register in the system before their trip and the system will Gives permission.

He continued: “By launching this system, unauthorized tours can be prevented, and the judiciary and law enforcement must have the necessary cooperation to deal with unauthorized tours.”

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