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Tomb of Bayazid Bastami

Tomb of Bayazid Bastami

Bayazid Bastami’s tomb is located in Bastam city, 6 km north of Shahroud city, Semnan province. Sultan Al-Arefin Bayazid Bastami is one of the mystics of the third century AH and one of the great Sufis who lived from 161 to 234 AH. Bastam historical complex was built in the pre-Seljuk to Qajar periods and includes the tomb of Imamzadeh Mohammad Ibn Jafar Sadiq (AS), Bayazid Bastami tomb, Bayazid monastery, Bayazid mosque, Al-Jaito porch, Ghazan tomb, Seljuk mosque and minaret, and Kashaneh mosque and tower And it is Shahrokheh school. The tomb of Bayazid Bastami is located in the northern courtyard of this complex with marble carved in the prayer of Imam Ali (as) and is located by an iron fence and a roof at the place of pilgrimage.

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