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Travel guide to Namak Abroud; A spectacular town in Mazandaran

We are all tired of the monotony from time to time and the colors of work, life, leisure and travel have become the same for us. In the meantime, a trip to Namak Abroud can soothe our tired souls; A town in the northern part of the country that takes every tourist out of boredom and fatigue and gives a different color to his life. Join us in our travel guide to Namak Abroud to get acquainted with the best entertainments and sights of Namak Abroud.

This town in the western part Chalous Road and just between the Caspian Sea and Madoban mountains, it attracts tourists. According to the travel guide to Namak Abroud, you should know that the area of ​​this dreamy nature has exceeded 650 hectares, and in fact, it was the mental exudation of the consulting engineers Daz, Charkhab and Howard Humphrey. Creators of legendary landscapes and suitable for photography in this town are parks known as Shamshad Forest Park and Banafsheh Forest Park. Regarding the area and size of these parks, it can be said that they have allocated 200 hectares from the northern part of Namak Abroud.

This town was created due to the increase in population in Chalous and Nowshahr and to prevent overcrowding, so that some people migrated to this place. Another goal of the construction of this area was to create a pleasant and different place for Iranian and foreign tourists, both of which were implemented. In 1987, the construction permit for this town in the mentioned position was issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and they started to build it. Although the town has attracted a lot of fans today, efforts are still being made to make the complex more exciting.

The best attractions and sights of Namak Abroud include tennis courts, artificial lake with pedals, skating rink, power hang glider, experience of flying with two people, beach entertainment centers and a special cycling track.

If you choose the land route, you can get to this town through one of these roads:

Chalous Road or Kandovan which connects this town to Karaj and Tehran.

– Side road that ends in Gilan.

– With the help of Firoozkooh road that Paul Versk This road is connected to Tehran province.

– via Haraz Road You can also reach this paradise which is located in Mazandaran to Tehran.

According to the travel guide to Namak Abroud, you should know that if you want to reach this town by train, the Gorgan-Tehran train will be a good option.

In this town, you can choose one of its hotels according to your budget or favorite place, and after wandering among the best entertainments and sights of Namak Abroud, you can have a relaxing rest. From the hotels of the region you can go to Venus Plus Chalous Hotel mentioned that its location is in Namak Abroud town and in front of Abshar restaurant. Parsian Azadi Caspian Hotel is a 5-star hotel located 8 minutes away from the town. If you have a small budget, you can use 2 or 3 star hotels that have a lower price range. From these hotels can be Narin Chalous Hotel noted that it is located in Hatchirud and 11 minutes away from the town. Clar Chalous Apartment Hotel was also 2 stars And is about 14 minutes away from Abroud salt.

In Namak Abroud, you can find restaurants that, in addition to good food quality, offer you a great view of nature and the surrounding scenery when serving food. These good restaurants are:

Aylar International Restaurant located on the salt coastal road Abroud, which in addition to delicious food, is a cozy and quiet place.

Abadgaran Restaurant which welcomes tourists in the best possible way until 23:00. It goes without saying that the price of the food in this restaurant is a bit high, but the pleasure of good taste and aroma of the food compensates for the high price.

Akbar Jojeh Baradaran Kalbadi Restaurant which is located on Chalous Road and the quality and taste of its food is very pleasant.

The nature of this region has a temperate and pleasant climate and Alborz mountains, plant species, proximity to the sea, seasonal and local winds all go hand in hand to create a pleasant climate. Two air currents affect the nature of this region: One of these air currents enters Mazandaran from Siberia, which is usually more in winter than in summer and cools the atmosphere of nature in this town. The next stream enters Mazandaran from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which makes the air humid and sultry in summer, and in winter we will see rain and snow and a decrease in temperature.

Finn Forest Park

position Finn Forest Park at km 7 of Chalous Road -Tehran has been registered. One of the reasons for the fame of this park is the crossing of the Chalous River, where walking and spending leisure time conveys a special pleasure to a person. After walking in different parts of Finn Park, you can relax and eat in the wooden huts and huts that have given it a special atmosphere.

Namak Abroud Cable Car

In the southeastern part of the town, telecabin Abroud Salt is located. By riding on the cabins of this attraction, you can watch the steady and soaring peak of Madoban up close. The line of a cable car varies in height from 4 to 49 meters and provides you with beautiful viewing angles. You can enjoy this exciting tourist attraction from 8 am to 11 pm. In terms of security of this device, it can be said that every day the officials check all the cases of this device and make the necessary repairs. So, safely watch the pristine nature of this town from above.

abort salt salt

Namak Abroud sledge The title of the first sledge in all of Iran Is dedicated to itself. It can be boldly said that the excitement and pleasure in this attraction will not be found in any other entertainment and means. The length of this sled is 1250 meters and you can increase or decrease your speed along the way, but the maximum speed installed in this device is 25 kilometers per hour. Please note that children under the age of five are not allowed to ride, and children between the ages of five and ten are only allowed to use the sledge with their parents.

karting track

Purpose of construction Track karting Namak Abroud In fact, it is entertainment and driving training and sports. Experts in this sport, considering the ability of individuals, recommend 6 minutes to tourists and natives to use this device. There are also people who have never driven in the back of a car, but when they see the pleasure of this fun, they are encouraged to try it. These people should not worry at all, because before boarding and starting the game, they will watch a video as a tutorial for 4 minutes and if they learn, they will be allowed to use this device. Regarding the security of this track and its equipment, we can mention its approval and license.

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