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Travel guide to Rafsanjan; A spectacular city in Kerman

Travel guide to Rafsanjan; A spectacular city in Kerman

Rafsanjan ‘s ancient city is actually is considered a tourist attraction of Kerman province . Among the advantages of this region, we can mention copper (red gold) and pistachios (green gold). Of course, Rafsanjan is also known as the university hub of the country, because it has prominent universities in various fields. Join us in a travel guide to Rafsanjan to tell you about the benefits of traveling to Rafsanjan and also Let us know the famous sights of Rafsanjan .


In the past, Rafsanjan was known as Bahramabad. Of course, some commentators of the early days of Islam also referred to this region as Anas. Rafsanjan was actually renamed Rafsang Kun, which was chosen more in connection with the underground reserves of this region, because Rafsang means copper and Kun means mine.

Rafsanjan’s climate is semi-desert and its summers are desert hot and its winters are relatively cold. As a result, the range of temperature changes during the year in this region is high. The lowest temperature during the trip to Rafsanjan was about 18-17 degrees below zero and the highest temperature was about 43 degrees above zero. According to the travel guide to the city of Rafsanjan, you should know that this area is one of the environmentally polluted cities and the reason is that the mines of mineral metals release smoke and pollution into the air from long distances and on the other hand, many pistachio orchards to remove their pests. They do a lot of spraying, they cause pollution.

آب و هوای رفسنجان

One of the products and souvenirs of Rafsanjan is pistachio. The pistachio that grows in this region is one of the best in the world and has an export aspect. Pistachio is one of the reasons why Rafsanjan’s name is famous in the world. Pistachio orchards employ more than 60 percent of the city’s staff. According to the travel guide to Rafsanjan, you should know that since 65% of the world’s pistachios are produced in this area, this industry has become indigenous and powerful machine-building companies are operating in this field in Iran.

طلای سبز ایران، پسته

Sarcheshmeh is a region near Rafsanjan. According to the travel guide to Rafsanjan, you should know that this area is one of the largest copper producing hubs in the world. The origin of copper ores has been around for about 25 million years and this area is located on the global copper belt. In addition to copper, gold and molybdenum are also present in this mine.

مس سرچشمه

Parks and green spaces

This city can be considered as a green city, because there are many parks and green spaces in the city, such as Laleh Park, Presidential Park, Young Park, Mother Park and Teacher Park. This is one of the famous sights of Rafsanjan because of the pleasant breezes in them, they have a very pleasant atmosphere.

پارک ها و فضای سبز


One of the famous sights of Rafsanjan is its cinemas, because this region is one of the leading regions in the field of cinema before the revolution. Omid Cinema and Asia Cinema were among the first cinemas to be established in Iran. After the Islamic Revolution, the cinemas of Rafsanjan were set on fire, and this caused the region to be deprived of cinemas for a long time. Currently, the city has three cinemas; Cinema Azadi , Cinema Afsah Hijri.



Presidential Museum and Anthropological Museum is one of the famous sights of Rafsanjan. So, if you are interested in museum tourism during your trip to Rafsanjan, the mentioned museums will surely satisfy you.

موزه ها

Hilan Hotel as the best City and province hotel selected and Haj Agha Ali Traditional Hotel is the largest historic brick hotel in the world.

هتل و مراکز اقامتی

The pilgrimage attractions of this region are very large due to its size. So, if you are interested in tourism and pilgrimage, Rafsanjan will undoubtedly fulfill this request well.

Imamzadeh Bibi Maryam and Imamzadeh Bibi Zeinab

– Imamzadeh Abbas

Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Ali Asghar

– Imamzadeh of Seyed Abdullah and Bibi Safia

– Imamzadeh Hakim Ali Khayyam VIII

– Imamzadeh Reza known as Seyed Gharib

– Imamzadeh Bibi Gohar

– Imamzadeh Bibi Hayat

مکان های زیارتی

– The world’s largest artificial forest

– judges

– Valley in

– Raviz area

– Mirza Cave

– Rage Strait

جاذبه های طبیعی

– Qaisarya Rafsanjan

Pigeon Caravanserai

– Haj Agha Ali House

– certain windshield

– Parrot Cave

– Janatabad Nogh Castle

Anahita Temple

– Moradi Reservoir

Qutbabad Caravanserai

Emarat Bagheri

بادگیر معین

Rafsanjan is a university city and important universities are located there. Each of these universities is in a very high position in terms of academic rank. In this regard, education in this region is of high quality. The following are some of the famous and prominent universities of this city:

– University of Medical Sciences

– Vali-e-Asr University

– Payame Noor University

– Islamic Azad University

– Narjes Khatoon University

– Workers’ House University of Applied Sciences

– Vocational Technical University

– Institute of Higher Education

– Institute of Higher Education

– Covenant Institute of Higher Education

– Allameh Jafari Higher Education Institute

دانشگاه ها و موسسات عالی

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