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Travel Guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; A spectacular and legendary city

The first image of Rio de Janeiro comes to mind , Olympics and excitement. Join us in a travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to get you some Familiarize yourself with the famous sights of Rio de Janeiro . This virtual trip will definitely be interesting for you.

Surely you are wondering what this bit has to do with a travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? In Rio, what you will see is just beauty. How sweet is it for you to be on a beach? Imagine you are on a beach with a blue sea view. When you put your hands under the shade of your eyes and look at the horizon, you see tall buildings at the junction of the sea and the beach in the distance. Take a walk, the stunning beauty of the mountains will not allow your eyes to be disturbed. The scenery in Rio de Janeiro will surely make you fall in love. Enjoy this wonderful atmosphere as much as you can and get an account of the positive energy environment.

After a long walk, the sound of hunger will come from your stomach. The experience of eating a wonderful Brazilian food will surely be heartwarming for you. You do not need to look for a luxurious restaurant. Look around you. Beach vendors will treat you to a fried dish called Acaraje, of course, for a small change. So, do not forget the Brazilian type of money. Akarajeh is the fried shrimp that will surely fascinate you with its condiments.

Of course, empathy is better everywhere in the world, but its example is better in Rio. When traveling to this city, do not try to use what you have learned English to convey the meaning to the native people of this city, because it is useless. According to the travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you should know that the natives often do not know English, but they will be your kind hosts. Try to understand your words with a kind face and a heart full of compassion by pointing to them. Get help from your body language and before traveling to the famous sights of Rio de Janeiro, it is good to practice a little pantomime to express the concepts.

Are you a drinker? How about coconut water? Do not miss the pleasure of drinking coconut water on your trip to Rio de Janeiro. It is not bad to reflect a little every day when you go to see historical and natural attractions, sit down and deliver coconut green water to your body cells while relieving fatigue. The sweet taste of this drink provides extra energy to continue visiting the famous sights of Rio de Janeiro. Do not worry about spending too much and emptying your pocket, as it is not expensive enough to keep you in that city and you do not have money to return.

In addition to visiting the famous sights of Rio de Janeiro, shopping is part of your itinerary. We have a special offer for you. If you live in Rio de Janeiro, head to the local markets. Undoubtedly, the experience of being in the city and seeing the customs and culture of the people will make you feel good. It may not have the security of luxury shopping malls, but be careful and record good and happy memories for yourself.

What do you think the combination of beans and meat with rice will taste like? In Rio, the compound is a complete dish, and Feijoada is the name given to it.

Visit the Lapa neighborhood and spend a night with your fellow travelers in nightclubs. If you feel hungry, use the local restaurants for a sumptuous dinner. Just be aware of one thing; When you are so overwhelmed with joy, be careful that profiteers everywhere are thinking of trapping their prey. So, please do not prey and do not poison the trip to yourself and your companions.

Do not simply walk past vendors. When you are walking on the wonderful beaches of Rio and looking at the distant horizons, the only thing that may take you out of your privacy and distract you are the vendors with a variety of colorful goods; From chicken milk to human life. If you are looking for a purchase, seize the opportunity and make your purchase. Just be careful not to be so fascinated by the attractiveness of the goods that you are willing to pocket it at any cost.

You must be asking why a thousand and one colors? Dear friends, on your trip to Rio de Janeiro, you will see people of all ethnicities, colors and races, and you will be amazed by different religions, different languages, different cultures. But, the most important thing that stands out in this is that everyone lives together and without any differences.

When your eyes are attracted to the beauty, scenery and tourist attractions or when the sun is fading on the beach, please take our warning seriously and be careful that a tragic accident does not break the wall of your imagination and does not bother you. Take good care of your property and belongings so that you do not allow anyone to reach out.

It takes a full day to visit and visit Jardim Botanico. Undoubtedly, seeing the diversity of more than 6,500 different types of plants will capture a beautiful image in your mind forever. Look carefully and take lots of souvenir photos. You may not be able to experience this opportunity anywhere else in the world.

One of the features of Rio is the multiplicity of supermarkets and one of the features of supermarkets is the multiplicity of their products. So, if you are looking for a specific product, do not worry too much about what to do now. Get ready very happy and cheerful and look for your desired product in supermarkets. We forgot one thing; In addition to being happy and cheerful, add a lot of money to these options. In addition to all this, in these supermarkets you can use the food prepared by the kind-hearted people of Rio. Another suggestion for you in these places is to drink coconut water and herbal tea that will relieve fatigue.

If you still have enough money to travel around the city, check out Zonal Sul. Undoubtedly, you will realize that the crowds around are not unreasonable. Other tourists, like you, have preferred this beach to have a good time in clubs and, of course, restaurants. Rest assured that eating a delicious pizza will make the taste of the trip more lasting for you.

If walking in a forest and reaching a waterfall captures your heart, be sure to National Park Visit Tijuca. By the way, be prepared to see something unexpected happen on your trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If in the middle of the road you see monkeys coming towards you, do not be afraid at all. It ‘s your fault you expect to eat bananas and the monkeys will only look at you from a distance. Sorry, loneliness does not make sense, and you should compliment these creatures in your neighborhood.

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