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Travel guide to Zanjan; A spectacular city with warm-hearted people

One of the oldest cities in Iran is Zanjan which is located in the northwest It is located and in terms of climate, it is very good and pleasant. The city hosts many travelers throughout the year and many locals welcome them with sincerity. Join us in Zanjan city travel guide to provide you with accommodation conditions and famous Get acquainted with the most spectacular attractions of Zanjan .

This city is one of the cities in northwestern Iran and is considered part of the region of Azerbaijan. According to the travel guide article to Zanjan, you should know that this city has an international airport whose flights to Mecca and Medina are on Tuesdays and Fridays during Hajj and Mashhad. Also, it can be reached from any railway line. Zanjan is located on the Tehran-Tabriz railway line. Most buses going to cities in northwestern Iran pass through this city. Of course, note that there are direct buses to Zanjan from many cities.

If you plan to travel to Zanjan by car and originate from Tehran, you can use the Tehran-Karaj, Karaj-Qazvin and Qazvin-Zanjan highways. This route is about 290 km and approximately 3 hours away.

Tourism Hotel

Tourist Hotel 24 beds are located near the main attractions of this city. The hotel rooms are double and come with breakfast. This hotel has a restaurant called is a tourist hotel restaurant .

white hotel

White Hotel is located due to its location in the city center and proximity to shopping and sightseeing centers, and also has a reasonable price.

Hotel Park

Park Hotel is also close to shopping and sightseeing. This old hotel, which has been renovated, has many facilities, including a restaurant, coffee shop, high-speed internet, Internet cafe, taxi service, parking.

Zanjan Grand Hotel

Zanjan Grand Hotel has different rooms, each of which has a different cost. According to the travel guide to Zanjan, you should know that the big hotel of Zanjan, which is considered as the most luxurious hotel in this city, has many facilities such as internet in the lobby, parking, restaurant, coffee shop and shop.

Hotel Sepehr

Sepehr Hotel has two types of rooms, two beds and two bedrooms with four beds. This hotel has facilities such as internet in the lobby, parking, prayer hall and its advantage over other accommodation is close to is Gavazang Tourism.

Of course, traffic is not expected from Zanjan, which is a small city, but like any other city, traffic can be seen in some central parts of the city. There is no hustle and bustle during the holidays. Here are the means of transportation that can be used in this city:

– Bus: There are bus lines for every route in Zanjan and by knowing their routes, you can go anywhere in the city.

– Taxi: In Zanjan, as in other cities, taxi lines as well as telephone taxi offices can be found. According to the travel guide to Zanjan, you should know that like many cities in this city, there are 133 wireless taxis.

– Private car: In Zanjan, due to the lack of traffic, there is no restriction on using a private car and you can easily use your car.

There are many shopping centers in Zanjan that can be visited to buy souvenirs and handicrafts of this city. Some of these shopping centers Pearl Passage in Revolution Square, Iran Zamin Passage , Saadi St. Sales Center, light passage , Old Zanjan Bazaar and are green squares .

Zanjan Grand Mosque

This complex includes a mosque and a school. Design Zanjan Grand Mosque is based on four-porch mosques and has 4 porches on 4 sides It is itself. These porches are symmetrical and this feature can be seen in full in the courtyard. In this beautiful mosque, the courtyard is 48 meters long and 36 meters wide. The location of this case is one of the most famous attractions of Zanjan in the central part and the old part of the city.

mosque Chehelston Zanjan

Chehelston Masjid Zanjan

Ms. Mosque

Masjid Khanum fully reflects the architecture of the Qajar period and the two minarets used in this building are very similar to the minarets Tehran Sepahsalar School are. The decorations used, geometric patterns and colors have created the unique beauties of this one of the most famous attractions of Zanjan.

Masjid Abbasqali

Abbasgholi Mosque is a historical and valuable monument that belongs to the Qajar period. This is one of the most famous attractions of Zanjan in the central part of the city, Saadi Street.

Ishaq Mirza Mosque

Another historical monument and Ghadami Mosque in this city is Ishaq Mirza Mosque, which has been nationally registered. This mosque is also from the history of Qajar and its location is in the northern part of Sarcheshmeh neighborhood, Ayatollah Taleghani Street.

Sheikh Ishraq Boulevard

Many sculptures of handicrafts of this region have been placed in Sheikh Ishraq Boulevard. According to the travel guide to Zanjan, you should know that Sheikh Ishraq was Shahab al-Din Yahya Suhrawardi, who is considered a religious person.

Salt Men Zanjan Archaeological Museum , 6 mummies Some of them were destroyed due to some mining works. Among the six mummies were the mummies of a woman and a teenage boy. It is said that 3 of them belong to the year 400 BC and the time of the Achaemenids and the other 2 belong to the year 400 to 600 AD and the time of the Sassanids.

Eram Park

Eram Park in Zanjan is very suitable for people who love nature and tourism, and it has a museum of natural wildlife and natural history.

Museum of Martyrs’ Works

As can be understood from the name of this museum, here are the works and tools of the martyrs, such as clothes, books, office, chaff, license plates. The Museum of Martyrs’ Works was the home of the first mayor of Zanjan, the late Ali Akbar Khan Tawfiqi, which was turned into a museum in 1999. The museum is open every day except holidays and all people can visit it.

Museum of Manuscripts

This museum is actually in the tomb of Mirza Mehdi. At the entrance, you will encounter a part that is pentagonal and brings a beautiful space in front of your eyes. In this pentagon, one side is dedicated to the entrance and the other 4 sides to the platforms and windows, and in the decoration of this part, blue gypsum moccasins have been used. This tomb includes a courtyard and a building and the area of this building is 700 meters. If you plan to visit this place, note, it is open every day except Mondays.

Laundry Museum

The laundry museum, which used to be a building for washing people’s clothes, is now being renovated. Such a user, who belongs to the laundry and cleaning in a city and neighborhood, is rarely seen in the whole world and has been a very interesting innovation in its time.

Zanjan Bazaar

This vast bazaar, which is the first among the roofed bazaars in terms of length, was built during the Qajar period and in 1213. In this market, there are other types of historical monuments, such as baths, inns, mosques. This bazaar, which has Qajar style architecture and beautiful decorations, is divided into two parts, the upper and lower bazaar, and has 8 rows, each of which belongs to a job and profession such as goldsmiths and shoemakers. Among the techniques used in the architecture of Zanjan Bazaar, we can mention the decoration of porcelain bricks in different shapes, old tiles with various colors, vase columns, arches and different arches.

Haj Dadash Bath

One of the beautiful cafeterias of this city, which is located in the center of the city and the bazaar, is the traditional tea house of Haj Dadash. This dining room was built in the past in Zanjan Bazaar as a bathroom. The architecture and decorations of this bathroom are very beautiful and pleasant, and if we want to choose the best and most beautiful space for a trip to Zanjan, Binet space is a good option. This old and beautiful bath is the only stone bath that is based on two stone pillars.

Haj Ibrahim Bath

Among the old baths of Zanjan that are still used today is the bath of Haj Ibrahim. One day of the week this bath belongs to women (Saturdays) and the rest of the days belong to men. The architecture of this bath is very beautiful and among the features of this building are 11 columns in which lead has been used so that the building is not destroyed. The bathhouse was built of mortar.

Hot Eil Collection

This complex has two parts: one part related to Ail Daghi recreation complex and one part related to Gavazang dam. The first part includes mountain peaks and recreational areas such as restaurants, pavilions and parks, and the second part includes Gavazang Dam, where boating can be done, in this section, restaurants and cafes are considered.

Shit village

Shit village is one of the villages that is very beautiful and rich in nature and has a history of more than 500 years. This village, which is located in the northern part of Zanjan province, is one of the mountainous and green villages. Currently, 240 families live in this village. The village is surrounded by mountains and is located on a mountainside. Among the natural attractions of this village, we can mention Chaharfasl river, springs, various trees and plants such as cherry, pomegranate and fig trees.

Papaya Ski Resort

One of the sights of Zanjan is the Papaya ski slope. This track is allowed for the general public and the reason is the low slope of this track. Papaei ski slope is located 3 km from Ijroud city.

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