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Travel to Bonab city; A spectacular city in East Azerbaijan

One of the oldest cities in Iran, Is Bonab city of East Azerbaijan. Bonab was located in the southern part of East Azerbaijan . Join us in the travel guide to Bonab city to provide you with a number of famous sights of Bonab Introduce.

Many researchers have researched and searched this place to find its antiquity. Some believe that this city has memorials in its heart that indicate the existence of this city during the Sassanid rule. If we want to talk about the monuments and relics that have been obtained from this historical place, we must first mention the caves that have preserved their beauty to this day. The number of these caves, which were once inhabited by the natives, reaches 36. 93 hills are also engraved on the ground in this city. Examples of these historical hills are Qara Tappeh, Gazavdasht, and Qizlar, Qala-e-Si. Many researches have been done on these hills and the result of this search and research is the discovery of valuable and old works.

Many people tried to determine the style and context of architecture in Bonab. However, since this area was destroyed during the Mongol invasion, it is very difficult and to some extent impossible to fulfill this request. But this does not mean that since then, these ruins have destroyed the beautiful face of the city, because with the coming to power of the Safavid government, by the order of the Shah, they added a beautiful look to the city by building places such as baths, mosques and inns. . According to the travel guide to Bonab city, you should know that with these interpretations, we come to the conclusion that the time of prosperity and freshness of Bonab was during the Safavid rule.

Bonab ends from the north to a city called Ajab Shir, from the south to Malekan and Azerbaijan (west), from the east to Maragheh and from the west to Lake Urmia. Those who are curious about the area of ​​this area, consider an area of ​​779 square kilometers for Bonab. According to the travel guide to Bonab city, if we want to express the geographical location of Bonab in relation to another city and in slang, we can say that Bonab is 120 km away from Tabriz on the earth. Finally, to complete the geographical location, we must talk about its height relative to sea level, which is 1290 meters, which has been recorded for this comparison.

Chaharsoo Market

about the past Chaharsoo Market It can be claimed that it has survived 4 fires, and as a result of these frequent and harmful incidents, its roof has been destroyed and it has been rebuilt and repaired with the help of the people and the relevant authorities. Tourists who make their way to this famous Bonab sightseeing can buy all kinds of necessities from the shops in this market and enjoy a meal in the restaurants of this place. According to the travel guide to Bonab city, you should know that if you need souvenirs for your relatives and friends, this market is the best place to fulfill this wish.

Pigeon House (Amir Farhangi)

to reach Amir Farhangi Bonab Pigeon House , take yourself to a street called Art Street. This ancient place dates back to the Qajar rule. The components of this place were three floors, each of which was active in a specific field. To describe the activity of these floors, it should be said that the first floor of this building was called the garden house, the second floor was a place for keeping and protecting pigeons and the third floor was used for guarding. This place is so important and valuable that in 2008 it included its name in the labyrinth of other national monuments of Iran.

One of the most memorable events in Bonab in the past was the invasion of Russian warplanes during World War II. The reason for this attack at that time was the floor and architecture of this tower, which made this building a watchtower for the Russians. According to the travel guide to Bonab city, you should know that the year of construction of this old building is related to the year 1280 AH and since then it is considered as one of the valuable relics.

Masjed Zargaran

About fame Zargaran Bonab Mosque It can be said that The name of this place also shines in the list of national monuments of Iran. Regarding the past of this mosque, it can be said that in the distant years, on the international route to the south of the country, I have seen it from the north of this mosque. There were caravanserais in this place and the location of these caravanserais was right in front of this old mosque. Over time, this place lost its fame and popularity and no one cared about this monument anymore. These issues caused the demolition of one of the walls of this monument. With the demolition of this wall, attention was drawn to this mosque and the relevant officials tried to repair and renovate this place.

This building dates back to the Safavid rule and one of the beauties of this old mosque is its capitals. Stepping in this case of the famous sights of Bonab, the beauty of the decorations is so great that it fascinates every human being. Quranic and holy writings with a pleasant Nasta’liq script on these pillars are the main reason for the enchantment of tourists’ eyes. For a better description of this old building, we can talk about its roof, which alone is one of the beauties of this mosque, and the number of columns that have kept this roof elevated reaches 8.

Haj Fathullah bath

The bath that we will describe in this part of the travel guide to Bonab city is known as Haj Fathullah bath among the people. The year of construction of this bath is related to the time of Qajar rule and since then, it is famous in general and in particular. If you refer to the list of national monuments, the registration number 3822 will put the name of this bath in front of your eyes. This registration took place in 2001 AH and is considered one of the old honors of Bonab city. The location of this historic bath is near a road called Mahal Gavdel and the Red Mosque.

Bonab has many historical baths, but this bath has a special reputation among other baths. The reason for this fame was the use of caravans before entering the city, who believed that when entering the city, they should be completely physically clean. If you go to this bath now, the atmosphere of being old and historic will not give you in some parts, because this bath has changed a lot and it can almost be said that part of it has become a new bath.

Mehrabad historical bath

If we want to know about the past Mehrabad traditional bath

Tarab Qara Gheshlagh

After a bit of sightseeing in the heart of the baths and historical monuments, it is time to put yourself in the beautiful hands of nature and get rid of physical and mental fatigue. To do this, go to a wetland called Qara Gheshlagh Stare at the beauties of this landscape. This is one of the famous sights of Bonab in the southern part of Lake Urmia. Various plants along with the radiance of the sun’s rays in the waters of this lagoon have created a beautiful theme, and by walking in it, you will have the feeling of walking in a small paradise.

Gazawasht Mosque

This mosque has no special decoration and shape from the outside, and this simplicity in its construction distinguished it from other famous sights of Bonab. To reach this mosque, it is enough to reach a square called Tareh Bar and see this mosque in front of your eyes. Gazavasht Grand Mosque has a nave, which measurements show is about two meters different from the asphalt surface of the street. For each part of this mosque, we can give brief explanations so that we can get acquainted with its shape and structure before the trip.

Regarding the entrance of this nave, we can say that we will reach this old nave by passing 8 steps. Arriving at this nave, we will see a rectangular space that accommodates 12 columns in its heart as beautifully as possible. The balcony in this mosque is reserved for women. To use this balcony, reach the northern part of this monument. From the structures of this female balcony, its floor can be described, which is supported by 6 columns. These old columns are made of wood and the balcony floor is made of slate. Another spectacular part of this mosque is its porch and courtyard. Regarding the field of activity of this courtyard, it can be claimed that this courtyard was given to famous students of religious sciences.

Bridge Five Springs

Panj Cheshmeh Bridge on the river with flowing and clear water shows its beauty to nature. Walking on an ancient bridge in the heart of a pristine and calm nature can give tourists a unique feeling during the trip and even life. The river that puts this bridge on it has a width of over 60 meters. The number of springs that have passed through the arms of this bridge reaches 5, and each of these springs has a certain length and width. Descriptions can be made about the material of this bridge to get more acquainted with its beauties.

First of all, let’s start with the famous sights of Bonab. The floor of a bridge, which is covered with a cobblestone garment and has stone bases under it, can be very attractive. The arches seen in this historic bridge are made of bricks that have taken the shape of a rectangle. This monument was destroyed over time and the movement of people and cars. Reconstructions were done in the field of repairing foundations, bodies on both sides of the bridge, arches, flooring and boxing, and this made it possible for us to enjoy the presence of dreamy nature and historical bridges today.

Rural Village

Your historical village of Sur It is located in a place about 24 km from Bonab and attracts every tourist with its calm and unique nature. According to the research that was done on the structures and remnants of this old village, it dates back to 2500 to 3000 years ago. One of the features that can be explained about this village is the space around it. The village is surrounded by valleys in which the natural atmosphere of life has been preserved from the past to the present.

They are built in small and narrow village houses. Despite these small doors, the existing rooms occupy a large area of ​​the land of this old village. Other features of these mountain houses include their columns. These columns were originally the result of carvings made during the construction of houses. The function of these columns is to hold the roofs of the houses. According to the census conducted in this old area, the area of ​​mountain houses can be seen in the range of 150 meters to 250 meters. One of the beauties in the architecture of these houses is their roof, which by installing vents, a beautiful ray of the golden rays of the sun is scattered in the house.

One of the other sections that will attract your attention in the travel guide to Bonab city is the warehouse of these houses, which were built under the house and where I will taste various materials and equipment. The arrangement of these houses is such that a house is built in the heart of the mountain and the next house is constructed at a distance of 40 cm from it.

Regarding the climate and weather conditions of this old region, Lake Urmia is the recipient, because very few of the lakes are made of themselves. For this reason, I experience different weather conditions in this region in every season of the year, each of which shows its beauty and pleasantness to nature and tourists.

One of the best foods is called Kebab Doost, which intoxicates the taste and aroma of this kebab for every human being. The origin of this kebab is cooked in a historical city. The person who cooked these delicious dishes for the first time was called Mash Samad Chefbashi. These kebabs are cooked in a saucepan. In the past, this kebab should have been cooked for the first time about 77 years ago in the ozone market of the hands of the artist Mash Samad, and since then, this food has resonated throughout Iran.

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