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Travel to Finland in the summer and the best things to do

Travel to Finland in the summer and the best things to do

Finland is one of the most amazing countries in continental Europe and one of The best time to visit this country is summer. Travel to this country may not be what you initially imagined; But in the summer there are countless opportunities for adventure, natural beauty and fun in this country that make it unique. Finland’s geographical location on the Gulf Stream means that its climate is milder than that of its neighbors, with temperatures averaging 17 degrees Celsius in the summer. In the article about traveling to Finland in summer, we intend to go around . So, join us and the famous sights of Finland.

سفر به فنلاند در تابستان و بهترین کارهایی که باید انجام داد

Finland has more than 187,000 lakes, which means that the people of this country are experienced and perfect on every lake holiday. Staying in a cottage in Lakeland, Finland is a lake area that allows you to experience a truly Finnish vacation, immerses you in nature and offers stunning views. It shows your eyes. The most popular tourist destinations in Lakeland include Kuopio (a beautiful and colorful city known for its intimate people) and Joensuu (a cultural city known for its annual music festival).

As the weather gets warmer in the summer, you can not leave Finland’s most famous attractions without trying the Finnish sauna. Some lake huts have their own saunas, and Finns believe that having a sauna helps with everything from stress to staying young and losing weight. It is safe to say that relaxing in a Finnish sauna can be an ideal start or end to a busy day.

در یک کلبه کنار دریاچه اقامت کنید

Imagine this picture while traveling to Finland in the summer: After a day of hiking and sightseeing in Finland, you and your friends are touring the small town where you live. . The summer breeze is blowing and you find yourself in an open-air concert hall and see an orchestra accompanying an opera singer. If this is not your favorite photo, you can join a pop or heavy metal festival. Finland has more than 20 annual music festivals and you will definitely enjoy at least one of them. From festivals with soothing music to festivals with uplifting music and daytime celebrations, there are all kinds of summer music festivals. Many of these festivals are held in small and beautiful towns by the lake, and you can visit these cities to buy or photograph the famous sights of Finland and at the same time enjoy listening to music.

در یک کنسرت موسیقی فضای باز شرکت کنید

Eating outdoors is one of the greatest pleasures of summer, and Finns bring it to an end. Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky Helsinki Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky is an annual event and the streets , Parks and other urban areas of the capital turn into a stylish and luxurious dining hall. Participants in this informal tradition place their food on long tables covered with white tablecloths; Tables where thousands of people sit and enjoy dinner with family, friends, neighbors and strangers. If your trip did not coincide with this festival, do not worry at all.

You can always have a picnic in one of Finland’s national parks or dine at a local restaurant with outdoor tables. Of course, if you, like us, believe that attending the Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky Festival is a unique event that should never be missed, be sure to take your trip with you and enjoy it to the fullest. Taste doing this while traveling to Finland in the summer.

از خوردن یک غذای عالی زیر ستاره ها لذت ببرید

Finland’s national parks are the best place to spend summer days in the country. There are 40 national parks across the country, each offering unique scenery, exciting activities and unique opportunities for visitors. Finland’s national parks shine brightly in summer with hiking trails, great fishing opportunities and water sports such as boating and swimming. At Koli National Park in North Karelia, visitors can enjoy the most ideal summer activities possible; Picking raspberries.

They are allowed to pick and eat raspberries and blueberries. You can also compete to pick the juiciest raspberries or go hunting for edible mushrooms in the park. Finally, there is a great national park in Finland for every tourist with all tastes and travel planning.

به گشت و گذار در یکی از پارکهای ملی فنلاند بروید

If you are not satisfied with the beautiful and spectacular lakes of Finland, the experience of cruising by steam can be a great way to spend time in these lakes. In the past, when modern methods of transportation were not available, the easiest way to travel in Finland was to use boats and steamships. Today, although modern transportation methods are widely used in this country, traveling by boat and steamboat is still the most interesting and scenic way.

Many larger lakes, such as Lake Saimaa, offer visitors steamboat trips in remembrance of the old days. Depending on the geographical location of the place where you are sailing, you can go boating or cross several lakes in one of the cleanest and clearest waters in the world, surrounded by dense forests. You can even travel to different islands, as there are thousands of small islands in the Finnish lakes, making hiking endless. So, you can choose the best and most ideal option in your opinion and enjoy the trip to the most famous sights of Finland.

سفر دریایی با کشتی های بخار را تجربه کنید

Tourists looking for adventure and excitement can head to Atreenalin Seikkailupuisto Saimaa and experience activities such as climbing rope, zipping and climbing walls. Built with the environment in mind and completely nature-friendly, the park offers a variety of classes for visitors of all ages and levels of skill. Children under 130 cm tall also have their own park and can perform these activities in complete safety.

If you’re not sure if you have the courage or patience to zip up the park’s towering trees, do not worry at all. The park is located near Lake Saimaa; So you can just relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area or go to a nearby small town for food and drink. One of the best parts of traveling is finding new and unexpected things to do. If you used to think that you know everything about Finland’s famous sights, we hope you now know that this country has so much more to offer and is not just a winter country for winter activities and sports.

در طبیعت فنلاند قدم بزنید

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