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Travel to Hengam Island; Unique beauty in the south of Iran

Travel to Hengam Island; Unique beauty in the south of Iran

There are beautiful gems everywhere in the Persian Gulf. One of these valuable areas is Hengam Island . When it has a pristine and beautiful nature that fascinates everyone. Join us as a travel guide to Hengam Island to learn about some of Hengam Island’s most popular tourist attractions.

Travel to Hengam Island; Unique beauty in the south of Iran

Hengam is located in the southern part of Qeshm Island with an area of ​​50 square kilometers and is approximately 54 kilometers away from this island. It is about 79 km from Hengam Island to Bandar Abbas. The highest part of the island is 106 meters high and it belongs to Knox Mountain. The mountains and heights of the island are made of limestone.

It has always been very important because of its strategic position in the Persian Gulf. During the Safavid period, the Portuguese and the Qajar period, the British conquered this important island. During the reign of Karim Khan Zand and in 1799, Sir John Malkam came to Iran to take measures to conquer Iran, but he could not. The reason why the British were so interested in conquering this island was that they considered the beaches of this island very suitable. Also, the strategic location of the island was very valuable to them. During the Qajar period and when the British conquered the island, they tried to build various buildings and structures such as telegraph houses, port facilities and navigation facilities so that they could strengthen their foothold.

The British actually took control of the Persian Gulf shipping lines by establishing naval facilities. Today, a number of British-built buildings remain in the city that can be seen. When the British were on the island, a man named Sultan of Muscat ruled the island. He was one of the Arab sheikhs who knew the time for himself. In the meantime, although the British had come to the island with the consent of the Iranian government, they agreed with and supported the disobedience of the Sultan of Muscat to the Iranian government. They also tried very hard not to have Iranian rule on the island.

This issue existed until 1307. This year, the Iranian government will send three ships to the island to drive British troops out of the island. The British embassy in Iran tried hard to prevent this from happening, but the Iranian government did not back down and withdrew British troops from the island.

There are 103 families living on this island who have been engaged in fishing and fishing, especially shark fishing, from the past to the present. According to the travel guide to Hengam Island, you should know that in the past several years, due to the increase in tourists and travelers, other things such as renting boats, selling handicrafts and souvenirs are also done in the bazaar.

Golk Mountains

There are red mountains and soils on the island. The red soil on the island is used for the construction industry, decorative building materials, as well as the construction and construction of facilities and piers. Another use of this soil is to prepare a jam called “hole” which is done by the local people of this area.

Silver Beach

There is a beautiful beach on this island which is called Silver Beach. The water of this beach is so clear that you can easily see the movement of fish in the water. One of the fun things you can do on this beach is to rent a boat and enter the water with the boatmen and enjoy seeing the fish. You can also ask the boatmen to fish.

Stages of time

There are three villages on Hengam Island. One of them is the village of Hengam-e-Naw, where boats dock when you drive from Kendallo Wharf to Hengam Island. The village has a checkpoint, desalination plant, wharf facilities, post office and school, and in general, it can be said that this part of the island is the best place. The old village is one of the other three villages. This village has a very small population and its houses are mostly empty.

Another of the most famous tourist attractions of Hengam Island is Ghail village. In Ghail village, there are interesting rocks that are like human beings. Among the natives of this area, it is said that these stones were in fact a mother and daughter who were fleeing from the oppressors and asking God to save them. At that moment, God turns them into stones.

Crocodile Park

One of the attractive attractions of this island is the only crocodile park in Iran. This park is called Nopak is the first crocodile farm in Iran. If you are interested in nature tourism, there is a permanent camping site near this park where amenities and accommodation facilities are available.

Animal species of Hengam Island

There are several animals on this island. Different species of fish can be seen in the water. There are also mullets, corals and sharks in these waters. If you want to get into the water and swim, watch out for razor-sharp parrots. Other animals on the island are the snout snout turtle and the native deer.

To access Hengam Island, you must first come to Bandar Abbas. Here, go to Shahid Haqqani Wharf and take the sea bus to Qeshm. When you reach Qeshm, go to Kendallo Beach, which is located in the southern part of Qeshm Island. From this pier you can easily reach Hengam Island. According to the travel guide to Hengam Island, if you come to Qeshm Island by car, the distance from Laft Pier to Kendallo is 35 km. It is also 10 km from the airport to the pier.

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