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Travel to Kordan for a day of peace and away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Travel to Kordan for a day of peace and away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Travel to Kordan is always good, but sometimes it is the best choice! Residents of big cities have a common experience; Sometimes they get so tired of the hustle and bustle of the city that they just want to find a cozy corner and relax! If you have time to travel, you can give yourself a few days off and get away from everyday life, but many times you are so busy that your work does not go straight and leave you, and at best you can spend a day or two without the weekend. Work.

The duties of people who travel time are clear; All they have to do is go to Alibaba’s website and specify the destination and time of their trip, Alibaba will do the rest. Of course, Alibaba does not want to leave the second group without a plan! If you are in the second group and have free time on the weekend, a trip to Kordan is one of our recommendations. In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we will talk about Kurds and explain how you can end up without getting too far away from your work. Have a relaxing week.

Where is the address of Rud Kordan?

This river originates from Kahar mountain and passes through the middle of Kordan village. The Kordan River runs parallel to the canal road in this city.

How far is Tehran from Kordan?

Tehran is about 65 km away from Kordan, which can be covered in one hour.

What is the best time to visit Kordan?

It depends on your taste, but usually tourists choose spring and autumn to travel to this area.

The climate of Kurdistan is not less than the climate of Ferdows!

Kordan is similar to the north, which is a little closer to Tehran and Karaj has been! The climate of this village is cool in spring and if you are cold, it is better to bring warm clothes. The best thing to do on a Kurdish spring night is to light a fire in the courtyard of the villa, gather around the fire with friends or family, make a barbecue or baked potato meal, and say flowers and hear flowers while eating! Of course, you may also need to put a thin blanket over your shoulder. زیبایی های کردان The weather gets warmer in summer, but a trip to Kordan this season is a refuge to escape the hot days of Tehran. This village is located in a mountainous area and for this reason its temperature usually does not exceed 30 degrees. If you wear cotton clothes this season, you will not feel hot even at noon.

Summer is the season when the fruits of the gardens are fruitful and all the Kurdish entertainment is available, which is why many Kurdish players (people who go to Kurdistan a lot!) say that summer is the best season you can have. Select to travel to this area.

آب و هوای کردان

Kurdish weather in autumn

Autumn is loved by photographers! We Iranians love photography with the golden leaves of autumn and of course walking among them and hearing their voices! Autumn is a combination of the texture of traditional garden alleys and the murmur of leaf colors. Autumn in this region reminds me of Chehrazi Radio podcast and Jamshid’s words: “Where is autumn depressing? The look of Narangia, the look of Narangia, speaks to man in the present language! See the persimmon. “October, November, woe to Azar!” In the words of Jamshid: “The world of virtues means autumn!”

Kurdish winter and its entertainment

Winter is Kurdish in white; If you want to experience an exciting winter, you should go to Disney Track . The winters of the Kurds are calm and without fuss. If you are looking for comfort in the snow, you should put your warm clothes and knitwear in a suitcase, fasten the tire chains and mark the location of the Kurds on the map and hit the road. جاذبه های کردان In winter, snow all sounds It absorbs the surroundings and nothing but silence is heard. This adventure in silence becomes more interesting when the villa has a chair and you enjoy a hot noodle soup.

Before planning for Kordan winter recreation, be sure to check the weather news, as in some seasons, the roads leading to Kordan are icy and public transportation is not possible.

All four seasons are the best time to visit Kurdistan, but…

Which season you choose to travel to this area depends on your taste. For example, if you want to have fun such as paragliding or horseback riding, you should plan to travel to Kurdistan in the warm seasons.

If you want to go to Kordan for autumn photography or winter snowfall, you should plan to travel to this region in the second six months of the year. Due to the cold weather and the possibility of snow and rain, Kurdish recreation becomes more limited in winter and autumn. جاذبه های کردان

In Kurdistan, you see nature and history together

Have you noticed how beautiful some of the rural areas of Iran are, where the thatched walls and traditional texture houses are connected to the gardens and nature? It is as if these mansions are no longer man-made and have become part of nature. The sights of Kurdistan also have features.

Some people who have never been to Kordan think that there are only luxury villas, halls, etc. in this village, but years before Kordan became a recreational village, people in They lived it. It is part of the historical sights of Kurdistan and has a long history. دیدنی های کردان Even works from the sixth lunar century Also discovered in this area, the sixth century is the time when the Ghaznavid and Suhrawardi Sanai lived. In the following, we will introduce the sights of the Kurds in a few lines, and what remains of their description will be narrated to you by the Kurds while visiting the sights!

Travel to Kordan for those who like excitement

Until this part of the article, we talked more about relaxation and sights that have positive energy, but do not raise the adrenaline in the blood. If you spend the weekend in Kordan, it is not bad to challenge yourself a bit and go for exciting and sporting entertainment. After Kordan became known as one of the sights around Tehran and the number of visitors increased , Various recreational facilities were set up in it. Kordan is now fun for people of all ages and tastes.

Kordan River

Kordan is alive and well because water is flowing in its river veins and I hope this flow will be continuous. Thanks to the river, they have built orchards in the village and invite summer tourists to eat delicious fruits. Of course, guests have to pay for what they eat to help the villagers! رودخانه کردان Kordan river with the name of Kordan lake Is known. This river originates from Kahar mountain which is in the northeast of Kordan, passes through the middle of the village and goes to the southwest, after passing Savojbolagh and Nazarabad, it also reaches Shoor river. This long journey means watering millions of trees and plants and creating hundreds of places for picnics and camping! رودخانه کردان

Bridge Lady Desert

Banoo Sahra Bridge used to be a bridge and now nothing but two main pillars remain. A new bridge has been built next to the river to cross it. The architecture of this bridge dates back to the Safavid period, it was restored during the Qajar period to be used again, but the carousel did not turn in favor of this bridge and finally destroyed the rapid currents of water and the drilling of illegal wells. This bridge is located two kilometers from Kordan and in a small village of the same name. پل بانو صحرا

Paul Bano Sahra on Google Map

Tomb tower or Imamzadeh of Hossein Kordan

The tomb tower dates back to the Seljuk period. As I looked at the tower, I imagined that the helmet of a giant Seljuk soldier had fallen to the ground and turned into a mansion! There are two stories about the tomb tower. The first narration says that this mansion is a traditional tomb and one of the descendants of Imam Sajjad named Imamzadeh Hussein is buried in it. The religious people of the area go to this mansion for pilgrimage. The second narration says that this tower was a military fortress during the Seljuk period and was never used as a tomb. برج مقبره یا امامزاده حسین Tomb tower, whether it is a shrine or a fortress The historical reed is one of the sights that you should not miss when traveling to Kurdistan. Combining historical architecture with fountains and trees around the tomb has a beautiful view that is also suitable for a picnic. دهکده تفریحی کردان

    • 65 villas and suites in different capacities
    • Water complex including large and small pool, diving board, dry and steam sauna, cold water pool and Jacuzzi
    • Cycling Track
    • Archery and Rifle Shooting Hall
    • Billiard hall
    • Beach soccer field and artificial turf field
    • Gym
    • Indoor multi-purpose hall
    • Artificial lake for boating and fishing
    • Zoo (the village environment is designed to resemble the ecology of the creatures in which it is kept).
    • Coffee shops and restaurants in different styles
    • Barbecue and picnic facilities

سفر به کردان The sports complexes of Isar village are built as standard and host many competitions.

Kordan Recreation Village on Google Map

Paragliding in Kordan

In a documentary with the voice of Master Parviz Bahram, I heard: Man has dreamed of flying from the beginning! This sentence is etched in my mind with the same sound and is associated with every flight in my mind. In pursuit of this long-held dream, man invented various flying equipment, some of which, like paragliding, are used as recreation. پاراگلایدر در سفر به کردان If you are not afraid of heights, you like flying and you do not get stressed when you are suspended between the ground and the air, you should definitely try paragliding. Paragliding is one of those travel experiences in Kurdistan that I can write ten pages about and describe how I feel, but no one knows how sweet it is until they have eaten honey!

Rock climbing in Kordan

In Kordan, there are both artificial and natural rock climbing facilities. Rock climbing is a more exciting version of mountaineering, but you have to be a professional to do it. Some Kurdish rocks have a very vertical slope and it is very dangerous to climb them. For this reason, people who do not have the experience of this work, usually go to other entertainments when traveling to Kurdistan and leave this work to professionals! جاهای دیدنی کردان

Horse riding in Kordan

There are several equestrian clubs in Kordan. It does not matter if you are a professional rider or a beginner, horses are ready to ride. Even many people who own villas in the area own horses. Horseback riding in Kurdish nature is one of the sweetest experiences for riders.

The horses of the equestrian clubs in this area have been trained and there are also professional trainers in these clubs. So you can have fun riding and take photos or learn riding professionally. سوارکاری در طبیعت

Mountaineering in Kordan

The foothills of the Kurdish mountains are green, but the further you go to the summit, the less vegetation there is and the more rocks. The peaks of Kurdistan are a link between earth and sky. If you choose Kahar Mountain for mountaineering, you will reach the source of Kordan River, you may also see the animals that live in this mountain in the middle of mountaineering. Of course, you have to be careful of insect and reptile bites. It is better to climb with professional tours in Kordan to reach the peak from the right path. کوهنوردی در کردان

Nature tourism in Kurdistan: the main goal of tourists

For many professional tourists, traveling to Kordan means nature tourism and overnight stays in this village. You know that part of the sights of the Kurds are its extraordinary nature. If you are one of the people who like the sound of water, take a walk along the Kordan River and enjoy the nature around the river. Put your feet in the river water and feel the flow of water. If the weather is hot, sprinkle some water on your fellow travelers! Of course, before doing this, make sure they have an extra set of clothes with them. طبیعت گردی کردان If you prefer silence and stillness, head to the alley of Kurdish gardens. Of course, the silence of the garden alleys is not absolute and therefore does not become boring. Sometimes, in the silence, you hear the sound of the wind among the branches, which caresses your face as well.

Sometimes you will hear the sound of a lone crow or the mass flight of sparrows or even the sound of a woodpecker tapping on tree trunks in a regular rhythm. In short, the Kurdish garden alleys have many stories to tell. سفر به کردان

Kurdish souvenirs for Marco Polos!

Marco Polo traveled to Asia, brought various souvenirs to Europe, and many changes took place in European industry, science and art. Following a TV commercial, we ask those who have just returned from a trip a famous question: What did Marco bring us ?!سوغاتی در سفر به کردان Kurdish gardens have many souvenirs for you; Naturally grown fresh fruits are sold in the local Kurdish market. Apricots, berries, cherries and cherries are souvenirs of Kurdish gardens. Kordan had become one of the most important refugee camps for the war victims during the holy defense, and many Tehranians had migrated to this village during the rain rocket.

Some of them remained in Kurdistan and set up various industries there. The result is that today, walking the streets of Kurdistan, you will see various handicrafts and works of art, and you can buy them and take them as souvenirs. سفر به کردان Here are some of the most famous Kurdish handicrafts.

  • Pottery (jars, vases, pottery, etc.)
  • Hand-woven carpets and rugs
  • Inlaid wood
  • Embroidered fabrics
  • Glassworks
  • Masonry and sculpture works

صنایع دستی کردان

Background and business of the Kurdish people

Kordan had become one of the most important refugee camps for the war victims during the holy defense, and many Tehranians had migrated to this village during the rain rocket. Some of them remained in Kurdistan and set up various industries there. The result is that today, walking the streets of Kurdistan, you will see various handicrafts and works of art, and you can buy them and take them as souvenirs.

Kordan is now an important economic center that sells its products in the surrounding major cities. In this village, various industries such as aluminum making, carton making, poultry and cattle breeding, spinning, weaving and carpet weaving are active. Horticulture and agriculture are other important occupations in this region.پیشینه کردانی ها

Old Kurdish buildings and structures

Evidence shows that the village of Kordan dates back to the sixth century AH, the sixth century was when the Crusades began. Kurdistan gradually became one of the most important military and political centers in Karaj. This is why it is possible that the tomb tower was a military fortress. The historical monuments we introduced earlier were part of the ancient Kurdish monuments. خانه های تاریخی کردانThe village is full of old thatched buildings and garden alleys that, like a time machine, can take you back to a hundred years ago. Watching these buildings and walking in the alleys of Kordan Gardens can relax you as much as when you listen to your favorite music or read your favorite book and drink tea. That is why I say that traveling to Kordan is a great choice for mental and physical relaxation.

Kurdish cuisine

Local food of Alborz region is served in most cities and villages of this region and therefore it is not possible to say exactly which food is for which city. If you go to local Kurdish restaurants, be sure to try the traditional Alborz dishes that we have introduced below:

  • Cocoon Bean Feed: This dish is made from a combination of pinto beans with pods, meat, potatoes, water and spices.
  • Sour soup: The ingredients of this food are vegetable vegetables, chickpeas and beans along with beets and dried sour fruits (plums, cherries and apricot leaves).
  • Yuan Ash: A local Alborz soup made with a combination of lentils, turnips, rice and minced meat.
  • Halim with mutton: This food is served in different cities of Iran, but its originality goes back to Alborz province.

آش ترشی

Rent a villa in Kordan and memorable nights in this village

Kurdish villas are so popular that many people are familiar with traveling to Kurdistan with overnight stays and friendly stays in the villas of this region. The variety of Kurdish villas is very large, some of them are luxurious and have many facilities such as swimming pools, fitness machines, gardens, etc., and others are rented at more reasonable prices.ویلاهای کردان اجاره ویلا در سفر به کردان Kordan also has the possibility of camping in nature and spending the night outdoors. Of course, there is no specific place for camping in this village and camping is possible in different parts of the village. If you are planning to camp, it is best to do this as a group and also check that the space you have chosen to stay in is not part of the personal property and agricultural lands of the people in the area.

There are different types of Kurdish accommodations:

  • Villa accommodations with various facilities such as swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.
  • Villa garden residences that, among other facilities, also place a part of the beautiful Kurdish nature in front of your eyes.
  • Apartment accommodations are more affordable. If you are planning to spend the night in Kordan with your family, apartments are a good choice.

Villa accommodations and garden villas are usually located outside of Kurdistan and are a good choice for friendly get-togethers and birthday parties; Especially if you go to Kordan in the hot seasons and you can have a party in the garden of the villa. ویلاهای کردان

Camping in Kordan for those who prefer to stay in nature

Kordan also has the possibility of camping in nature and spending the night outdoors. Of course, there is no specific place for camping in this village and camping is possible in different parts of the village. If you are planning to camp, it is best to do this as a group and also check that the space you have chosen to stay in is not part of the personal property and agricultural lands of the people in the area.

Access route to Kordan from surrounding cities

To go from Karaj to Kordan, enter the Karaj-Qazvin freeway. Continue your way to reach Kordan Bridge and enter the side of Kordan Martyrs Boulevard. After that, continue the straight path to reach Kordan. You can also go from Shahid Beheshti Boulevard to Kordan and turn right at the intersection of Ali Khan Soltani Street. Ali Khan Soltani Street leads to the Kordan Bridge and the Kurdish Martyrs Boulevard. The distance from Kerj to Kordan is about 19 km and you can reach Kordan in 20 to 30 minutes. جاده کردان If you want to go from Qazvin to Kordan, you have to reach Minoodar Square from Ayatollah Khamenei Boulevard. Enter Karaj-Qazvin freeway from Minoodar Square. Continue until you reach Kordan Bridge and when you reach the bridge, enter the side to reach Shohada Boulevard in Kordan. Continue the boulevard until you reach Kordan. The distance from Qazvin to Kordan is about 95 km and you can travel between these two cities in an hour and a half to two hours.

Villages around Kordan to travel for more than a day

Kurds are known for day trips or overnight stays; Because it is close to Tehran and the time of Tehranians is limited, but in fact the sights of Kurdistan and its surroundings need more than one day. Savojbolagh area is a good destination for a full week or more trip. Of course, people who are accustomed to Kurdish tourism and travel to this village several times a year also have the opportunity to see the surrounding sights. روستاهای اطراف کردان

Peacock Village

I think of the village as a place where the streets are not wide, it has narrow alleys, and if you look from above, you can see more trees and gardens than you can see the house. Peacock is a village that fits perfectly with my imagination. Tavousieh is a village where some of its neighborhoods are suitable for picnics and it also has residential villas. Of course, this village is not as famous as the Kurds. For this reason, most people prefer to stay in Tavousieh for half a day and spend the night in Kurdistan. This village is about 6 km away from Kordan.روستای طاووسیه

Afshariyeh village

Afshariyeh is part of Qazvin province and its climate is similar to Alamut.سفر به کردان If you have enough time to travel, do not miss Alamut and the sights of Qazvin. Afshariyeh is also known as a residential town and some of its residents work in Tehran or Karaj. The attractions of this village are similar to the surrounding areas and its gardens and nature are attractive to tourists.شهرک افشاریه

Sangarabad village

In Sangarabad, there are various roads that are surrounded by trees on both sides and seem to be built for walking. A walk that, if you are alone, needs your favorite headphones and music. سنقر آباد If you are not alone, talking to a friend and walking in the cool air and watching the trees and breathing in the smoke-free air will add a pleasant experience to your memories. Of course, Sangarabad also has spaces for a picnic and can be fun for a lunch.

روستای سنقرآباد

Saffron Village

Zafaranieh village is one of the other tourist towns and villas around Tehran that has attracted the attention of tourists due to its favorable climate and proximity to Kordan. Saffron is not as diverse as Kordan, but it has different villas. When traveling to Kordan, you can also rent villas in the surrounding villages. Alibaba has provided the possibility of renting villas online in all villages of this region. سفر به کردان و زعفرانیه

Where is Kordan?

Kordan is located 25 km from Karaj and is on the Karaj-Qazvin freeway. When traveling to Kordan, it is better to go with your personal car to be able to travel in the village and its sights. The minibuses and vans that travel between Karaj and Kurdistan are for the local people. Traveling by public transport is a big hassle for travelers. کردان کجاست؟<f

What is the distance from Tehran to Kordan?

Tehran is about 68 km away from Kordan and since its route is a freeway, you can reach Kordan from Tehran in one hour. Short distances are one of the reasons why Tehranians plan to travel to Kurdistan for their weekends. فاصله تهران تا کردان

How to go from Tehran to Kordan?

To travel to Tehran, you must first go to Karaj. The easiest way to reach Karaj is the Tehran-Karaj highway. Sheikh Fazlullah Nouri, Fatah, Shahid Hamedani and Lashkari highways reach or lead to the Tehran-Karaj freeway. After reaching Karaj, you must continue your route and enter the Karaj-Qazvin freeway. Continue on your way and cross the Karaj-Qazvin police station; 16 km later you will reach Kordan Bridge. بهترین زمان سفر به کردان After reaching the bridge, you must turn right and enter the Boulevard of the Martyrs of Kurdistan. This boulevard goes into the village. By renting a villa in Kordan from Iranviva, you will have access to the exact location of the villa and you can reach the villa very quickly.

Repetition of travel to Kurdistan is the habit of Tehranians

In this article, we briefly explained the entertainments and sights of the Kurds. Villages around Tehran are the best way to get out of everyday life, in these villages there is no news of traffic and crowds. By traveling to Kordan at the weekend, lost energy is recovered and you forget everything that was bothering you during the week. تفریحات سفر به کردان Iranviva is trying to provide short-term and long-term travel in any region of Iran and the world; From the Kurds to the Antarctic! By finding the best travel methods and the best accommodations, we help you to travel in the simplest possible way and do not have any worries. Just register your time and destination on Alibaba website and then book whatever you need.

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