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Travel to Mashhad was banned

Travel to Mashhad was banned

Mashhad University of Medical Sciences Vice Chancellor for Health, referring to the continuation of the travel ban to orange cities, emphasized the refusal of travelers to enter Mashhad.

Dr. Mehdi Qalyan, Vice Chancellor for Health, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, yesterday in a press conference of the provincial headquarters against Corona, referring to the approach of the birth of Imam Reza (AS) and the beginning of the Decade of Dignity and the possibility of increasing the number of trips and the orange situation Mashhad asked travelers to refrain from unnecessary travel to Mashhad even for pilgrimage in the current situation. He clarified that travel to Mashhad is prohibited and private cars will be fined if they enter the city:

About traveling by plane and train, these people are also They must take the required tests two weeks in advance and are allowed to travel to Mashhad only with a negative test.

Hookah, while advising the representatives of the city, village council and the presidency to refrain from traveling Propaganda and the formation of election rallies, announced the continuation of the downward trend of the prevalence of Verona in the province and said:

Last week, the average daily hospitalization in the province was 212 people and the total hospitalization was 714 people There are 215 people hospitalized in ICU, and the death toll rose to 10 on Friday. The average daily number of hospitalizations in the province was 774 last week, and the number of outpatients has now reached 1,039. The percentage of positive tests in the province has decreased to 40% and the positive outpatient test has decreased to 27%.

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