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Travel to Shahmirzad city; Negin Kavir Markazi Iran

Shahmirzad is the name of one of the affiliated sections of Sangsar city of Semnan and in It is located 24 km from the center of this province. This city has many titles due to its rich history and many differences with other cities in Iran. Shahmirzad, unlike the desert climate in which it is located, has a relatively acceptable vegetation and forest and has countless walnut trees. Shahmirzad can be considered as an ideal destination for foreign and domestic tourists in terms of history and tourism. Join us in the travel guide to Shahmirzad city to guide you with Let’s become more familiar with Shahmirzad ‘s famous sights.

Do not look for excuses to travel to Shahmirzad, because there is no better reason than to reach a pleasant tranquility, pristine and beautiful nature, ancient sites and attractions along with a large number of alleys of memorial gardens that are definitely The elderly Iranians each have a general memory of these gardens and the back alleys of the garden can not be. On a trip to Shahmirzad, everything is different from other crowded and very polluted cities from earth to sky; For example, Shahmirzad does not confront you with the air and environmental pollution that surrounds this city in any way, and you can count the bright stars for several hours at night until dawn.

Shahmirzad can be an ideal destination for all those living in the central part of the country with easy access, and for other compatriots who live in the corners of this Islamic country, a tourist city to spend the long holidays. Take into account.

As mentioned in various historical books such as Tabarestan Ibn Safandiar, Tabarestan of Dr. Abolfath Hakimian, Nozha al-Qulub Hamdallah Mostofi, History of Qoms Abdul Rafi Haghighat, Ma’jam al-Baldan Yaqut Hamavi, Alavian book and a number of other reliable and ancient historical books and books Shahmirzad must be dated to the time before the arrival of the Aryans in Iran and even before the Parthian rule on this border, with this account, the history of Shahmirzad will be over 3,000 years! Of course, a group of famous Iranian historians have estimated the antiquity of this city to be less than the mentioned figure due to the existence of names such as Ashkesh and Arshak, which were located on the springs of this city at that time.

Apart from all these discussions, according to the material that was extracted and interpreted about the history of Shahmirzad from the mentioned books, we must accept that this city was considered one of the most prosperous regions of our country in the past and from the distant past to Even now, it had different names, some of which are Shahmar, Sahar, Shahar and Shamar.

Shahmirzad is located 24 km from the center of Semnan province in the northern part of the province and its distance from the central desert of Iran is only 20 km. It may be a little hard to believe, but although Shahmirzad is one of the functions of Semnan province and in terms of its location should not have dense vegetation and forest, but this city has tall and dense forest trees and unlike the dry desert climate, from the springs And it has turbulent and watery rivers. To see the famous sights of Shahmirzad, you can move from Semnan to its northern areas and drive for about 20 minutes by private car to witness the height of Shahmirzad trees and its fertile agricultural lands from afar.

As we have talked many times about the pristine and untouched nature, we must also say that this city is the location of all kinds of old trees and familiar Iranian names, including poplar, walnut, willow tree. , Tabrizi, Chenar pointed out. According to the travel guide to Shahmirzad city, you should know that all these trees are completely visible in the corners of the city, and you can even encounter old walnut, apple and willow trees along the streets of Shahmirzad. It is worth mentioning that in Shahmirzad there are many gardens and agricultural lands that the main products obtained from these gardens and agricultural lands are walnuts, plums, apples, pears and apricots.

According to the travel guide to Shahmirzad, we must say that the rich culture, warmth and hospitality in the behavior and actions of the people of Shahmirzad region is quite evident and they have been to Mazandaran cities for a long time due to numerous trips with the beginning of the cold season of winter. , Has common points and also the rich culture of Mazandaran and even their local language is Mazandaran. Due to its great antiquity, this city was considered as a final destination for Iranian and Arab immigrants in the distant past, and various buildings were built by this group of immigrants.

For your stay while traveling to Shahmirzad city, we recommend you to visit the hotels created in this area and save your energy for more sightseeing with a good and suitable stay. For this purpose, we offer you two 4-star and 3-star hotels, respectively hotel house flower and  Sangsar Hotel. Golkhaneh Hotel is basically a house with the design and shape of old houses and has an enchanting courtyard and a pool in the middle. This hotel has four rooms and a number of suites and is only 1 km away from Shahmirzad tourist area. It should be mentioned that this hotel was located on Shahmirzad-Sari road.

Sangsar Hotel, which is also called Mahdishahr Hotel, has 14 separate and fully equipped rooms. Sangsar Hotel is located right in Mahdishahr city, 11 km away from Shahmirzad tourist area.

Make no mistake in this section we do not intend to recount the amount of dowry for girls and we just want to address the strange issue that has been considered a valuable dowry for the brides of this village for many years, and those are the old Shahmirzad walnut trees. . It is a custom to place an old and original walnut tree as a dowry for each newlywed girl, which is a strange and remarkable custom due to the strong belief of the people of this region who believe that Shahmirzad with its rooted and ancient walnut trees The land was connected, it has always been executed and done, and such trees that become the dowry of the girls of this city are called golden nails.

You may be interested to know that Shahmirzad walnut trees, like many palm trees in the southern regions of the country, have a single identity card in which both the age of the tree and the name of the tree owner were determined. The World Food Organization has introduced Shahmirzad with its area of ​​750 hectares as the largest walnut orchard in the world and the most prominent feature of walnut orchards in this region, which was also approved by Professor German, is their walnut clustering.

The strange thing about the horticultural system of this settlement is the use of drip irrigation method, which is perhaps the most important reason for the immortality of the trees in this area should be limited to the use of this irrigation method, because it does so even in seasons. Dry and low water of the year can also be irrigated trees and other plants in the region due to the significant amount of water stored and stored during the prevailing rainfall in the region. Note that Shahmirzad walnut is one of the oldest and most famous walnuts in the world due to its high age and has a beautiful and hard wood, high fat and also weighs 25 grams of hidden seeds.

Kaman Rostam

Kaman Rostam is the name of an old walnut tree that is over 1300 years old and has a height of 15 meters. This tree, whose name can be seen in the list of spiritual works of the country, is divided from its trunk into two thick and perfectly symmetrical branches, and its middle part resembles a royal crown. The people of Shahmirzad have given the name of this ancient tree the bow of Rostam and the likeness of this name to the tree is the 3 meter long arches of its crown. This famous city of Shahmirzad has an important place among the local people due to its long history.

Bolbol dare

The nightingale of the valley is the name of one of the valleys in which he works as far as the eye can hear, only the tall and soaring trees can be seen and the sound of the nightingales can be heard. This place was called the Nightingale of the Valley, because in its place only the sound of nightingales can be heard.

Breeding protection zone

One of Shahmirzad’s famous sights, Parvar Protected Area where you can get acquainted with a complete climate of Iranian wildlife. There is a variety of domestic and wild flora and fauna in the area, and you may even encounter a large brown bear on a hiking trail. Therefore, according to the travel guide to Shahmirzad city, we recommend that you be fully prepared to tour and visit the Parvar protected area.

Shahmirzad Springs

Another of Shahmirzad’s most famous sights is its numerous springs, which are generally located in the northern parts of the city. To go to the numerous springs of Shahmirzad, it is better to move from Semnan and Shahmirzad road to my eyes and watch the flow of these springs up close. Not to mention the names of two of the most famous springs in this region, is the source and seven springs.

Waterfall of the Day

For those who are interested in traveling and a little searching in nature, we must say that on the road from Chasham to Khatirkuh, there is a beautiful waterfall right in the middle of two mountains, which is Rozbeh waterfall.

The traditional game of the people of the city

One of the popular pastimes of the people is walnut, which is not surprising, because this city is one of the most important sources of walnuts in the whole world and all the natives of that time spent their childhood and adolescence with the same old walnut trees. Have done.

Amin Al-Roaya Historical House

One of the famous sights of Shahmirzad is a house that was built by direct order of the then ruler of Shahmirzad, namely Mr. Amin al-Ruaya in 1313 AH. This historical house is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Shahmirzad, namely Muharram Dasht neighborhood, and visiting it can certainly not be without grace for domestic and foreign tourists.

Rudbarak Natural Area

If you are planning to travel to Shahmirzad city in winter, we recommend that you visit Rudbarak natural area, which is located 40 km from Shahmirzad route to Sari, and visit its pristine nature. It goes without saying that the Rudbarak region also has a variety of animal cover.

Shahmirzad Mountain Park

Shahmirzad Mountain Park is an ideal area for all people in different age groups. In this park and amusement park, from small children to adult parents can have fun and entertainment. Of course, according to the travel guide to Shahmirzad city, we suggest you to visit Shahmirzad mountain park and amusement park in spring, when the lively and lush nature of the region comes out of its hibernation and will definitely make this place doubly attractive.

The old village of Maladeh

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city and car life, all you have to do is visit the old and beautiful village of Malada and enjoy being with simple, eloquent people as well as a very relaxing environment and get rid of tiredness. . In the village of Maladeh, there are still old houses made of wood. Numerous wooden bridges are still visible in the corners of this village, and the doors of most of the houses in this village also had iron clones.

Ancient castles

There are many ancient castles in Shahmirzad that certainly can not be visited by tourists and dear friends. In Shahmirzad, there are four ancient and historical castles called Dej Vahl Castle, Sheikhi Castle, Shir Castle and Nizwa Castle, among all of them, Nizwa Castle with a height of 3810 meters above the ground is considered as the tallest historical castle.

Castle Fortress

Wehl Fort is an ancient castle that dates back; In the years before the advent of Islam in Iran and the materials used in it are all made of stone and sand. This castle is located on a mountain in the northwestern part of Shahmirzad city and on a mountain range that has a gentle slope, and next to it, a number of orchards and walnut orchards can be seen. According to the words of the ancient people and what was mentioned about Dej-e-Wahl castle in the book and related historical documents, it should be stated that this castle had 4 solid and stone towers from the beginning, of which only two towers were built over time. They remain and are visible.

Sheikhi Castle

Sheikhi Castle is another ancient and historical structure, which unfortunately, at present, is nothing more than a few simple stonecutters from the overall view of this magnificent castle. According to various world archaeologists, including Professor Wolfram Kleis, the castle was built by Hassan Sabah supporters and in the tenth and eleventh centuries by the rulers of Kums during the Safavid dynasty, Kums or Qoms to defend the city and prevent vanguard. The Turkmen army was used.

Lion Castle

Shir Ghaleh is the name of another famous Shahmirzad landmark that should be estimated at the time of its construction by the Tabaristani government. According to various historical books, the Tabarestanis built this fort simply to protect an escape route that led to the Great Silk Road. The followers of the Ismaili religion fall into the hands of the followers of the Ismaili religion and in order to avoid the bite of the enemies during the siege of the castle, they start digging a deep tunnel to reach the spring which was located just below the castle. And since then, the name of this strong military fort is also considered as Sheikh Cheshmeh.

Sheikh Cheshmeh or the lion of the castle is located on a mountain at a height of 250 meters above the ground and next to it, as it is known, the main materials used in the construction of this ancient castle are stone and mortar. This historical castle has 7 watchtowers and defense towers and was located exactly 5 km away from the northern part of Shahmirzad city.

To get to Shahmirzad, you can use a personal car or private rides or a bus. According to the travel guide to Shahmirzad city, note that if you live in Tehran and you will use your vehicle to start the trip, you should leave the route from the east of Tehran and move towards Shahmirzad city, considering the signposts.

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