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Travel to the heart of the bride of the northwestern wetlands of the country and get acquainted with the sights of Bonab

Travel to the heart of the bride of the northwestern wetlands of the country and get acquainted with the sights of Bonab

Talking about the history and antiquity of Iran, the subconscious of Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shahr Sokhteh and a number of other cities come to mind. Meanwhile, East Azerbaijan Province is one of the oldest provinces in the country, which is of great historical and tourist attraction.

Today we are going to Alibaba Tourism Magazine to travel to one of the oldest cities in the province whose soil smells History gives. Join us to get acquainted with the tourist attractions of Bonab one by one. Undoubtedly, at the end of this article, you will suggest visiting Bonab sights to all lovers of history and nature.

What are Bonab Historic Sites?

Among the historical places of Bonab are Panj Cheshmeh Bridge, Dokhtar Malekan Bridge (Qizlar Korposi), Amir Farhangi Pigeon House, Anthropological Museum of South Sahand, Haj Fathollah Bath, Qarah Qashoon and Saif Al-Ulama House.

Which province is Bonab for?

Bonab is one of the old cities and the sixth largest city of East Azerbaijan province.

What is the distance between Tabriz and Bonab?

Bonab city is located 120 km southwest of East Azerbaijan province.

Bonab Historical Attractions

Each of Bonab’s sights belongs to a period that has remained a relic for future generations. Due to the old texture of Bonab, the number of Bonab sights is not small. You can spend at least one day of your trip to see the sights of Bonab after you went to Tabriz with Alibaba tour.

1- Panj Cheshmeh Bridge; Bonab History Symbol

The historic five-spring bridge shines like the sun in the city of Bonab. This old bridge is a relic of the Safavid period and is one of the historical bridges of East Azerbaijan province. Panje Cheshmeh Bridge is known locally as Bash Gozli Korpi and is located in Sur village, 600 meters from Bonab.

Naturally, every bridge is built on a river. Panj Cheshmeh Bonab Bridge is also located on Sufi River . This bridge is 50 meters long. Do not doubt that walking on the cobblestones of the bridge and watching the river will make you feel good. As the name implies, this bridge has five spans or fountains, the unique view of which tempts even the most tasteless people to photograph.

The architecture of Panj Cheshmeh Bonab Bridge is built in the style of Safavid era. If you pay attention to the design of this bridge, the gabled arches, rectangular bricks, towers, paving and stone foundations of the bridge will attract your attention.

It is not bad to know that Panj Cheshmeh Bridge is one of the most important sights of Bonab, which was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran in 2000.

جاهای دیدنی بناب Address of Panj Cheshmeh Bridge East Azerbaijan Province – 123 km from Tabriz – Bonab city – Sur village

3- Amir Farhangi Pigeon House is one of the tourist attractions of Bonab

Amir Farhangi Pigeon House is one of the most famous places in Bonab, which was targeted by Russian warplanes (in World War II because of its similarity to watchtowers), but fortunately no serious damage was done to Amir Farhangi Pigeon House. If you are aware of the history of Iran, you must know that Amir Farhangi Bonab Pigeon House belongs to the Qajar period.

The building of this historical monument is made of 3 floors, the first floor was used as a garden house, the second floor was used for keeping pigeons and the third floor was used for guarding. This pigeon house was first reconstructed and restored in 1342 by Haj Abbas Ali Amir Farhangi. The second stage of reconstruction of Amir Farhangi Pigeon House was carried out by the Cultural Heritage Office in 2011 at the request of Amir Farhangi’s heirs.

Amir Farhangi Pigeon House is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bonab, which most tourists visit after arriving in Bonab. This building was registered in 2008 as one of the national monuments.

جاهای دیدنی بناب Address of Amirfarhangi Pigeon House in Bonab

East Azarbaijan province, Bonab city, Shahid Bahonar street

4- Anthropological Museum of South Sahand; Former Mehrabad Bath

What better place to get acquainted with the customs and history of a city than the sights of Bonab? Undoubtedly, the Anthropological Museum of South Sahand is an unforgettable destination for a trip to Bonab. Bonab Anthropology Museum was built in the past with the use of baths in the Safavid period. This bath is one of the most famous baths in East Azerbaijan province, which has changed its use to the Bonab Anthropological Museum over the past few years.

Mehrabad bath has an area of ​​324 square meters, most of which are made of stone and brick. The mortar used in the construction of the bath is mortar and all the interior walls are insulated with lime. This bath, like other old baths, is divided into several parts, each of which has its own splendor and beauty.

The first part of the bath was the changing room, where the largest dome was built. Next to the main dome, there are four other small domes. When your eyes are warm watching the Mehrabad bath, the presence of a stone pool decorated with blue color attracts your attention.

Mehrabad bath is one of the oldest places of interest in Bonab. This work was purchased from the private sector by the cultural heritage in 1996 and was registered as a national monument of Iran in 1999. Mehrabad Bath has been known as the Anthropological Museum of South Sahand since 2003.

Many valuable and historical tools such as agricultural tools, Azerbaijani musical instruments, blacksmiths, traditional tools, and knitting machines are on display for visitors. Visiting this museum is recommended for those interested in the history of East Azerbaijan.

موزه مردم شناسی Address of Sahand Anthropological Museum of South Bonab

East Azarbaijan province – Bonab city – in front of the old mosque of Mehrabad

Anthropology Museum or Mehrabad Bonab Bath on Google Map

5- Haj Fathullah bath is one of the most important places of interest in Bonab

Do not forget to go to Hajj Fathullah Bath while visiting Bonab tourist attractions. This bath was built by famous Iranian architects in the Qajar period. Hajj Fathullah Bath is located in the old part of the city next to the Red Mosque and the old Mahal Gavdel Road.

This road used to be one of the main trade routes in Iran. The proximity of the bath to this road doubled the importance of Haj Fathullah’s bath. Unfortunately, one of the domes has been destroyed, but the other parts are in good condition. Parts of the building that have not been beautified well.

Ask the truth, seeing parts of the bathroom that are made of brick and are now whitewashed is an unpleasant event that we hope we will not see again.

Well, dear friends of Alibaba, we return to the main issue; Hajj Fathullah Bath is now the site of a workshop and handicraft training. This bath was registered in 2001 as one of the national monuments of Iran.

جاهای دیدنی بناب

Address of Haj Fathullah Bonab Bath

East Azerbaijan Province – Bonab city – Kamlo Street

Haj Fathullah Bonab bath on Google Map

Bonab Natural Attractions

Bonab enjoys good weather and beautiful nature due to its location in a temperate province. Be sure to visit the natural attractions of Bonab while rejuvenating and recording memorable memories while visiting the sights of Bonab.

1- Qara Qashoon tourist area is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bonab

To date, I have not seen anyone who does not love nature. If you want to go hiking in a safe environment while watching the pristine nature, where better than Qarahshoon? Qara Qashun tourist area is located in Qara Qashun heights and has several high castles; If you are a mountaineer, you probably have the desire to go to this area now. In this case, you can easily book a travel tour of this destination from Alibaba.

This area is also suitable for families due to its pavilion, bathroom, prayer hall and buffet and is one of the main attractions of Bonab. You may not think about it, the history of the Qarah Qashun region dates back to the post-Islamic era. Also, this tourist area has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran.

جاذبه های طبیعی بناب

Address of Qarah Qashoon tourist area

East Azerbaijan Province – 5 km from Bonab city – Khalilvand village – near the village of Tazeh Kand Zavarq

Qarah Qashoon Bonab tourist area on Google Map

Address Tarab Qara Gheshlagh Bonab East Azerbaijan Province – 13 km from Bonab

Qara Gheshlagh Bonab Wetland on Google Map

3- Shower dam from Bonab sights

One of the sights of Bonab that is of special importance in this region is the shower dam. This dam was built in 2008 on Chuan Chai River to supply agricultural water, rural lands and rural uses. The shower barrier is so spectacular that you should not go to this area without a camera, of course the phone camera is enough!

To date, the lake has hosted birds such as fish-eating chickens, herons, vultures, terns and golden eagles.

سد دوش

East Azerbaijan Province – Northeast of Bonab City

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