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Urmia Bazaar is a rare gem from the Safavid era

Urmia Bazaar is a rare gem from the Safavid era

When it comes to exploring a historical setting, few can say no to the offer to visit illustrated history! Urmia Bazaar is a memorable destination of Safavid and Qajar days. This historic market has hosted millions of Iranian and foreign visitors and tourists for many years. Everything in this market gives the color of the originality and ancient history of Iran. The pleasure of walking on the old cobblestones of the bazaar and sitting and watching the beauties and colorful goods of the bazaar is an unforgettable memory of the old days of Urmia.

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Where is the address of the old market of Urmia?

West Azerbaijan province, Urmia, between Imam and Besat streets

What are the working hours of the old Urmia Bazaar?

Saturday to Friday from 10 am to 8:30 pm

What goods can be purchased in Urmia Bazaar?

There is almost everything expected from a market in Urmia market. Goods and products such as dairy products, perfumery, goldsmithing, coppersmithing, carpet selling, cloth selling, foodstuffs, crystal selling and shoe selling can be provided in the historical market of Urmia.

Which tourist attractions are located near Urmia Bazaar?

Tourist attractions near Urmia Bazaar are St. Mary’s Church of Urmia, Urmia Museum, Urmia Dam and Shalamkan of Urmia.

Urmia Historical Bazaar from the past to the present

The story of this historical bazaar started from the Safavid period and the story still stands. This bazaar is located in the center of the city next to one of the most important historical attractions of the city, the Urmia Grand Mosque. This mosque with an area of ​​5,000 square meters is one of the most famous and historical attractions of Urmia. The architecture of Urmia Bazaar is inspired by praiseworthy Iranian and Azeri art. The proximity of Urmia Bazaar to mosques and public baths indicates that this place is lively.

We can boldly say that all economic activities , Social, cultural, food preparation and other activities were carried out in this area. It is interesting to know that Urmia market was a place of buying and selling oil in ancient times; Oil was brought from the Caucasus to the Urmia Grand Bazaar with the help of camels.

Urmia Bazaar Specifications

This vast market covers an area of ​​about 60,000 square meters; Over the years, the old fabric of the market has remained unused and neglected. Urmia historical market is the place of 1000 shops (approximate statistics) with various products. In the heart of this historic bazaar there are five old baths, seven Timchehs (small caravanserais) and a large house.

old roof

This market has been considered one of the most prosperous and important places in Urmia since the Safavid era. From traditional goods to the sound of goldsmiths can be seen and heard in this historic market. There are many businesses in the market, the most important of which are coppersmithing, knife making, shoemaking, crystal selling, seed selling, making and perfumery.

Market Rules and Timelines

Currently, there are several categories with different uses, each of which has a world of Iranian beauty and art. Urmia Bazaar has similar work activities in certain areas so that shopping is very easy for the public.

Clients can go to the order according to their needs. Now, together, we will look at each of the rows and teams of the historical market of Urmia.

Market-oriented order

Whenever you go to Urmia Bazaar, be sure to visit the blacksmiths. This order is one of the busiest market orders and one of the most popular market attractions and there are few people who do not visit it after going to Urmia Bazaar. In this order, as far as your eyes can see, you can see colorful copper vessels of different sizes made by skilled blacksmiths.

Dairy sales order

A delicious and popular order has a good place in the historical bazaar of Urmia. Dairy fans will encounter a wide range of dairies and stores by entering this category.

Dairy products in this market are mostly prepared in the traditional way of Urmia. If you are a tourist and you are interested in tasting local and fresh food, go to the dairy store to try the taste of Urmia-style dairy.

Order of Attars

Colorful mountains with a lovely scent in the order of perfumers is one of the most beautiful parts of the market. These mountains are a range of spices that are used for food, medicine, cosmetics and health. Also, a variety of soaps and herbal shampoos are sold in these perfumes.

بازار ارومیه

Shoe Store Order from Urmia Bazaar

It is impossible for anyone to deal with shoes. So if you are looking for a place that has a high variety of shoes, the Urmia Bazaar shoemakers are a good option. There are shoes for all ages in these shops and it is generally an ideal market for buying shoes for family members.

Crystal Order

Urmia housewives always have a main destination to buy crystals, and that is the order of selling crystals in the historical market of Urmia. High quality and beautiful crystals in the shops of this order are charming, which are made by the talented hands of Urmia crystal makers.

Order of knife sellers in Urmia market

Every knife you think can be found in the knife shop. The merchants of this order have different types of knives and knives with different uses for sale. Depending on your needs, you can consult with the shopkeeper about buying the right knife for your job to make a better choice.

Order of goldsmiths

One of the most popular jewelry of Iranian women is gold. Gold can be purchased for goldsmiths in specialty stores. Of course, we must say that the gold of this bazaar is mostly made to the taste of the people of Urmia and their impressive and large appearance is not far from anyone’s eyes.

It is a pity to go to this market, but do not go to the carpet sellers. The well-patterned and traditional carpets of this market have given a unique feeling to the market environment. If you are a fan of hand-woven carpets, you can find beautiful carpets in this category.

Order of cloth sellers

In one of the market orders, there are a variety of colored fabrics suitable for every taste with various materials. If you are thinking of making souvenirs for your loved ones, you can buy cloth.

Market Timers

There are caravanserais in this market that used to be a place for travelers to rest and relax, but today they are nothing but ruins. Fortunately, decisions have been made to revitalize the Timchehs, but reconstruction has not yet begun.

Architectural features and historical attractions

A huge building with red bricks, dome-shaped architecture and tall arches are some of the beauties of the historical bazaar of Urmia that draws many tourists to this part of Urmia. This structure was built in the style of Safavid architecture; During the Qajar period, the market was expanded and changes were made. Although the architecture of the market is simple, but its charm and traditional form can not be ignored.

Dome roofs are placed one behind the other to make the Urmia market appear magnificent. The entrance of the bazaar There is a large arch and several small arches that clearly show the symbol of the originality and history of Urmia. If you go inside the bazaar, the presence of paving stones on the ground, brick walls and domed roofs in the shape of Urmia Bazaar will undoubtedly make you lose your mind.

بازار ارومیه

For the utmost beauty, each of the domes in the market is decorated with an arch and a spectacular effect is exposed. The eyes have placed. After watching the roof, enjoy visiting the houses and temples, each of which has its own pleasure. The historical bazaar of Urmia has been constructed in a rectangular shape with a length of 100 meters and a width of 300 meters.

Over the years, parts of this market have been renovated, but its traditional form and architecture have been preserved. An interesting point that can be seen in the architecture of Urmia Bazaar is the simplicity of the architectural style and artistic techniques such as plastering, stonework, tiling and old doors are not seen.

Address and access route to Urmia Bazaar

Urmia Bazaar is located in the heart of the city in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Urmia. Good location of the bazaar, access to most parts of Urmia is very easy thanks to the excellent location of Urmia Bazaar. The bazaar is only a few minutes away from the main square of Urmia. Wherever you are in the city, take public transportation such as buses and taxis to the main square of Urmia. Finally, walk to the historic bazaar of Urmia for a few minutes.

بازار ارومیه

Market Address and Google Map

West Azerbaijan province, Urmia, between Imam and Besat streets

Market registration in national works of Iran

There are a handful of historic markets that are both a historical attraction and a place for public shopping. The historical bazaar of Urmia was included in the list of national monuments on June 12, 1316. By visiting this bazaar, you can get acquainted with one of the oldest and most famous bazaars in Iran. Urmia Bazaar shows the experience of life in Safavid and post-Safavid times, which is an unattainable opportunity for lovers of history.

Walk in an environment that has a professional history to tell, but little listening. After visiting Urmia Bazaar, you can listen to it and be the language of this historical attraction.

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