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Urmia Dam promenade; A natural and beautiful sight in West Azerbaijan

Iran has been one of the most attractive countries in the field of tourism. One of the sights of Iran is the village of Band Urmia. Join us in reading this article to know where Band village is and learn about the beauties of Band Urmia promenade.

West Azerbaijan Instead of using artificial attractions to attract According to tourists, it has many natural attractions. As far as we can say, about 80% of the tourist attractions of this province are natural attractions. Apart from the discussion of tourism and attracting tourists, this province becomes one of the busiest tourist spots in Iran every year, and places such as the Urmia Dam promenade.

Urmia Dam is one of the oldest villages in the country. This village is more than three thousand years old and has a favorable climate. Urmia Dam promenade is one of the central and main parts of Urmia and enjoying the eye-catching location, indescribable greenery and many natural attractions is an undeniable advantage for Urmia. Based on Band village, where should you know that Band promenade is located in a completely mountainous area with various gardens and a river dam and is geographically located 3 km southwest of Urmia.

Attracting the attention of domestic and foreign tourists, the village soon changed from an empty village to a perfectly suitable area for attracting tourists. With the process of turning the village into a tourist area, the occupation of most of the villagers gradually changed from gardening and agriculture to restaurant and cafe. Due to the hospitality of the local people, very soon they all succeeded in their new work and were able to introduce the local cuisine of Urmia to all foreign tourists and domestic travelers. According to the article, “Where is Band village?”

It might be a good idea to tell those who are looking for pristine nature with delicious and local food that it is best to plan your holiday this year so that you can spend at least one day in the recreation area. Spend. Be sure to use the special ice cream known as Turkish ice cream, as well as the homemade sorrel of this region and of course the local doogh soup, and if you want to travel to this region in summer, eat the berries that are sold in the same orchards. They arrive, do not be unaware. Note that the recreation and recreation area of ​​Band is very crowded both on holidays and non-holidays, as most residents of neighboring cities prefer to spend their weekends in such a natural environment.

Certainly such a village is economically well off. The resort, often referred to as the Dam, has been enriched in terms of amenities and tourism in recent years, despite the fact that it still earns its main income from livestock and agricultural activities. The most important livestock products of this village are dairy, meat and wool products, and agricultural products include wheat and barley products. According to the article, where is Band village? We should not neglect the existence and income of orchards of this village, including apple and grape orchards.

The customs in the village include ceremonies such as Yalda night, Syrian Wednesday, Nowruz celebration and of course the performance of special wedding ceremonies with music. Add to all this the celebration of Azeri and Kurdish speakers in Band village of Urmia, who have always created a happy atmosphere for the village. The inhabitants of Band Urmia village are Azeris and Kurds. The Azeris have their own clothes, but the Kurds wear a coat called a chokha, a pair of trousers called a rank, a handkerchief called a jamaneh, and a slipper called a maliki. The women’s clothing of this region also consists of long and loose shirts, closed-toe pants and handkerchiefs called Pushin.

Urmia Dam village is located about three kilometers southwest of Urmia city and can be reached along Daneshkadeh Street (Shahid Beheshti) and then, along the river to Urmia Road to The side of Rajan village changed direction. For those who want to visit other natural attractions and close to this area, we must say that the valley is very eye-catching in Rajan village

This beautiful and natural valley has placed in its heart various monuments such as Kalat Castle, millstone and Kille Drijeh and in the past it was used as a hunting ground called Sheikh House. Rajan village with all its visual attractions in summer is the main destination of cattle breeders, Urmia plain and Ghassemlou region.

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