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Urmia souvenir raises your expectations

Urmia souvenir raises your expectations

On your trip to West Azerbaijan, if you want to miss the delicious food, tombs of the greats, natural and religious attractions of Urmia for a moment, I do not know if you want to or you can even ignore the souvenirs of Urmia; From Urmia sweets such as quotes, halva, bread and liqueurs to Urmia handicrafts such as carpets, fabric dyeing and sculpture.

Have you ever bought souvenirs from Urmia? Do you want to taste the sweet taste of carrot halva? If you know Urmia only because of its lake, or if you think the souvenir of Urmia is nothing short of mouth-watering, read this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine Do not listen.

What are the famous sweets of Urmia?

Lausanne, Sujuk, Tandoori pastry Si

What are the most famous handicrafts of Urmia?

Carving, embroidery, sculpture, carpet and dyeing

What are the names of the famous pastries of Urmia?

Carrot Halva and Walnut Halva

Urmia edible souvenirs; Reminiscent of sweet days

Do not think for a moment that Urmia does not have sweet and delicious souvenirs with its pleasant foods such as gozlemeh, doogh soup, chicken meatballs, hair leaf jam, kebab coriander, gizatma, artichoke stew and.. The edible souvenirs of Urmia are as delicious as its lake and its food. In the following, I will go to different types of narrations, bread, halva and sweets of Urmia.

Do not forget to visit Sights of Urmia on this trip.

1- Quoted from Urmia

Quotes play a key role in all parties and celebrations, from celebrations to our weddings. But the quotations from Urmia are something else. If you want to experience a different taste of quotes, I suggest saffron quotes and Mohammadi flower quotes from Urmia. Of course, the first two quotes are the most famous quotes and the most popular souvenirs of Urmia.

نقل ارومیه

Saffron Quote

As you know, the taste, composition and color of the quotes are different, but the saffron quote with yellow color, saffron flavor and walnut kernel distinguishes itself from other white quotes.

Mohammadi Flower Quote

The third quote I want to mention is Gol Mohammadi quote, which is one of the most famous souvenirs of Urmia. The fragrance of Mohammadi flower has made this quote more famous than the previous two quotes.

نقل گل محمدی

If you are a follower of hot and cold herbal drinks, you have probably heard about the growth of medicinal plants and liqueurs, which are also souvenirs of Urmia. Kashan, Shiraz and Urmia are all three cradles for the production of spirits such as ivy, khakshir, fenugreek, celery, spring orange, walnut leaf.

عرقیجات ارومیه در سوغات ارومیه

The shocking properties of sweat are mostly used in the treatment of dizziness, anemia and heart disease. Lemongrass sweat also has the healing properties of burdock sweat. Let me tell you about the sweating of these two plants, which is done in the spring in Urmia and is also spectacular for tourists.

Lemongrass Sweat

Along with other liqueurs of different cities, Lemongrass sweat of Urmia, which is placed next to sweat with its popularity, has a pleasant aroma and is considered one of the most mesmerizing souvenirs of Urmia.

عرق بادرنجبویه


When you bring as a souvenir from Urmia, your food becomes more fragrant and delicious than ever. Burdock sweat with its amazing scent has medicinal properties to strengthen the heart, nerves, stomach, sedative, hematopoietic, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant.

عرق بیدمشک

3- Traditional sweets of Urmia

If you do not want to eat Urmia sweets on the night of Yalda, Nowruz and other days in Urmia, go there as soon as possible and enjoy Dushab, Halva, Nesa, Tare Halva, which are the sweets of Urmia. In the following, I will focus only on the most amazing sweets of Laurent, Sujuq and Tanor Sweets.


Muscat, Lausanne or Bastakh sweets are known as one of the popular desserts of this city, which is prepared with starch, cardamom, rose and grape juice. Eating Lausanne will bring back the sweetness of the memories of your trip to Urmia.

لوزانک در سوغات ارومیه


Sujuq is usually prepared with a combination of grape juice, starch and rose water and stuffed with walnut kernels to be served on cool autumn days and cold winter days. The shelf life of this sweet is several months and you can use this souvenir of Urmia during Nowruz.

سوجوق در خوراکی های ارومیه

Cake pastry C

Another sweet of Urmia is Tandoori Sweets, which is obtained from a combination of yogurt, flour and sugar. I can not describe the taste of this souvenir of Urmia in words and I just wish you taste it one day.

4- Traditional breads

It’s hard for me to imagine rice and bread being removed from our tables. Although Sangak, Lavash and Barbari breads have their own place, but Jazlachereh, Tavachereh, Tanoreh Chereh, Yakhachereh and Ardeh are the special breads of Urmia, Somun or Qalin or Kokeh, one of the oldest breads of Urmia and Yaghli Chorak with its dough soaked in oil. They are one of the most traditional breads of Urmia. These breads have different aromas and smells for the people of Urmia.

5- Walnut halva

Walnut halva with its dark brown color is one of the halva in Urmia that is consumed on cold days and nights in winter and autumn.

حلوای گردو

6- Carrot Halva

Carrot halva can be seen more on the longest night of the year, namely Yalda night, Iftar nights, mourning ceremonies and Muharram. Carrot is one of the main ingredients in Urmia carrot halva, of course, we should not underestimate the accompaniment of walnut in carrot halva, which makes it more nutritious.

حلوای هویج

Urmia Handicrafts

After the sweets of Urmia, it is time to deal with Urmia handicrafts from carpets and dyeing to sculpture, which you can see the variety in these three arts. So far you have seen that the souvenirs of Urmia are not so insignificant.

صنایع دستی ارومیه

In the following, I will go to three intoxicating handicrafts of carpet, dyeing and sculpture, which Urmia is one of the flag bearers of the country, especially in carpet. Urmia carpet is so popular with tourists that they go there to see or buy it.

1- Carpet

Domestic and foreign tourists are amazed by the art of Urmia male and female artists, how they weave beautiful and glazed carpets with their indescribable taste. Apart from the cities of Khoy, Takab, Miandoab and Shahin Dej, the city of Urmia, with its colorful handmade carpets, has raised its flag in carpet exports.

قالیبافی در سوغات ارومیه

2- Dyeing the fabric

Another handicraft of Urmia from West Azerbaijan province, in addition to carpet weaving, is dyeing. In the art of dyeing fabric, fibers or yarns are dyed with cold and warm colors.

رنگرزی پارچه در سوغات ارومیه

3- Sculpture

Wood carving or sculpture is one of the oldest arts in West Azerbaijan province and the city of Urmia, which with its long history has found a special place in the handicrafts of Urmia and has become the most important souvenir of Urmia.


No souvenirs can be made as souvenirs of Urmia

West Azerbaijan province, Tabriz and Urmia have their hands on fire in everything. If you want a big lake, Lake Urmia. If you want a good carpet, Urmia carpet. If you want an edible souvenir whose taste stays on your tongue for months and reduces the bitterness of the tea in the cold days of winter and autumn, quote, sweets and halva of Urmia.

When you go to Urmia, I suggest that in addition to eating Tabrizi meatballs, watching the natural monuments of Urmia, seeing Lake Urmia, visiting the tombs of famous people, you also use Urmia handicrafts, Urmia souvenirs and sweets. This article was a place to learn more about Urmia souvenirs. Maybe in the next articles I will write to you from kilim, mosaic, pottery, jajim, embroidered beads to inlaid work, dishes and food of Urmia.

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