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Urmia Three Domes Tower; The architecture owes its history

The Three Domes Tower of Urmia was a building that was not considered important until the 19th century. However, in 1852 he was introduced to the art world by Nakhanikov. The three-domed tower is a tomb and was built in 580 AH. The tower was built on land surrounded by many tombs, and it was probably the courtyard of the building where some people were buried due to their sanctity. Join us in this readable article to know where the Three Domes Tower is and learn about the other name of the spectacular Three Domes complex.

The three-domed tower of Urmia consists of a high platform in the form of a cylinder and a circle, and the brick entrance porch is located in the northeast. The current building has two floors and there are vents on the four sides of the tower. The first floor of the building is known as the crypt and has an arched roof. The first floor has a small door 170 cm high. The second floor is called the tomb room and has a door 250 cm high. In fact, the second-floor room was designed in such a way that the circular cylindrical structure had a crypt that formed the upper part. This part was turned into a tomb room by a brick. The entrance of the building is enclosed in a patterned architecture and is embedded in the cylindrical body of the tower.

The entrance door is located between the surface arches and is unique in terms of decorative architecture. Architecturally, this building is very similar to the tombs of the sixth century AH and other tombs of the Seljuk period. The wall of the tomb room is decorated with sharp crescent-shaped arches and Mogharnas corneas in the corners and has a domed roof. The main roof of the dome and its walls are completely intact and have unique and beautiful designs. The arrangement of the roof bricks is circular and in a single central position. The materials of the lower parts up to a height of about 360 cm are made of gray cut stones and from this part upwards, all parts are formed of rectangular bricks.

The floor of the crypt was covered with beautiful brick geometric crescent arches and according to the measurements, the height of the crypt is 510 meters. In addition to the unique architecture, the colors were well used in the three domes tower of Urmia.

At the entrance of the building, there are three inscriptions in Kufic script, which are carved from stone, and at the end of the inscription, Muharram of the year 580 AH is read. Hence, the architecture of the Three Domes tower can be attributed to the sixth century AH. The inscriptions are one at the top of the entrance, the upper part of which is Mogharnas, the other is above the arch and the third is on a rectangular frame. According to the article, where is the Three Domes Tower and another name of the spectacular collection of the Three Domes, you should know that the last inscription has this phrase: in the city of Muharram, Samanin and Khomsma’at. The inscription on the door was made by Musa, son of Abu Mansour, according to Khanikov, who read it.

It can be understood that the plan of the three domes and its foundation are not similar to the fire temples of the Sassanid period, and regardless of the contradictory statements of historians, it can be said that this building is a tomb related to the Seljuk period. As mentioned, according to the inscriptions inside the building, the Three Domes tower is attributed to the sixth century AH. According to these inscriptions, the Three Domes tower was built by the order of one of the Seljuk rulers named Sheikh Qateh Al-Mozaffari. According to historical texts, the Three Domes tower was located one kilometer from the wall of the defense fence of Urmia and near the gate of Bazaar Bash.

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