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Vakil Shiraz historical bath; A building with a beautiful rainbow roof

including valuable places Shiraz , Historically Bath, he is a lawyer in Shiraz . This bath has become a museum today and is visited by many tourists every day. The architecture of this bath was one of the principled and attractive architectures of that time and in the same period of Zandieh, it was considered as one of the largest baths. The entrance to this monument is two-stage; In this way, it is located first in the small door and then in the main one. With this architectural form, the air is controlled. This bath consists of two kingdoms and two rulers. Join us in this fascinating article to know where the lawyer’s bathroom is and find out the address of the lawyer’s bathroom.


Unfortunately, the roof of the historic Vakil bath in Shiraz has been slightly damaged, but its beautiful shape is still clear. According to the article “Where is the lawyer’s bathroom”, you should know that this ceiling is octagonal and is decorated with limestone. Another feature of this bath is the channels in which there is a flow of water vapor. These ducts are under the bathroom floor and heat the bathroom floor sooner. Before the bath was turned into a museum, it was a traditional coffee house. Now, in addition to many people coming to see the beautiful architecture of this bath, they can also visit the sculptures that represent the culture and history of Iran.

General Information

Among the ways to access the address of Vakil Bath are getting off at Namazi Square metro station and then boarding buses to Shahrdari Square. After reaching the Municipality Square, you have to enter Piroozi Street on foot, then Farhang Street, and then Taleghani Street. After about 50 meters, you will reach this museum.

Address: Shiraz, Darb Shahzadeh neighborhood, Karim Khan Zand Boulevard

Phone: 0772236203

Visiting hours: Every day from 8:30 am to 8 pm

Ticket price: 40,000 Rials for Iranians and 300,000 Rials for non-Iranians

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