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Vakilabad Park, Mashhad; A relaxing cup of nature tea

Vakilabad Park, Mashhad; A relaxing cup of nature tea

Vakilabad Park in Mashhad is a place to drink a cup of relaxation. Here you are supposed to stay away from the traffic and crowds around the shrine, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the whispering sound of its seasonal river. It is as if you are walking in a small forest with all the recreational and welfare facilities, a forest of modernity.

After seeing Vakilabad Garden and its seasonal spring and river, take the hand of your beloved children and go to Vakilabad Zoo, if you feel like playing in the amusement park, after drowning in peace, leave Vakilabad Park Go to Mellat Park to be immersed in excitement. Now the decision is yours. If you want to know the one-day entertainment program in Mashhad in detail, follow this short article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine .

What is the history of Vakilabad Garden in Mashhad?

Bagh Vakilabad was dedicated in 1348 by Haj Hossein Malek.

Where is the address of Vakilabad Garden in Mashhad?

at the end of Vakilabad Boulevard

What is the phone number of Vakilabad Forest Park in Mashhad?


How far is Vakilabad Park from Mashhad to the shrine?

About 20 km with a half-hour interval in traffic-free hours.

Is Vakilabad Park in Mashhad open during the corona?

Yes. Is open.

What are the working hours of Vakilabad Park in Mashhad?

24 hours.

History of Vakilabad Park in Mashhad; Noble and ancient

Before you see and hear how much fun you are going to have in Vakilabad Garden, ‌ It’s good to know a brief history about Vakilabad promenade. The story of Vakilabad Mashhad that we followed, we reached the year 1348 and “Haj Hossein Malek” and Bagh Mirtaraz ( Old name of Vakilabad Garden).

Haj Hossein Malek is a familiar good letter for Mashhadians and even Tehranians. He was the one who dedicated many of his lands and properties to the people, including the Vakilabad Garden, the National Garden of Mashhad, the House of the King of Mashhad, the Garden of Saba of Tehran, and the Palace of the King of Shahr-e Rey.

Currently, this park, like Goharshad Mosque of Mashhad is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this city. Becomes.

Amenities of Vakilabad Park in Mashhad; Suitable for any cortex

What exactly do we mean when we say you are about to step into a forest of modernity? It means the same facilities that make it easy for you to have fun and travel.

At first glance, the landscaped environment, flooring, street paving, the existence of a sidewalk, pleasant green space, swimming pools and numerous stairs attract your attention. The presence of parking, security and information in Vakilabad Park will ease your mind about its security.

تاریخچه پارک وکیل آباد مشهد؛ اصیل و کهنسال Existence of drinking water, toilet, pavilion, children’s play equipment and supermarket are the first needs that address the concerns of families with children. Vakilabad Forest Park buffet and restaurant also promises you a delicious meal in the heart of Mashhad nature.

Vakilabad Garden Lake; Roaring and lively

Vakilabad Garden Lake or its seasonal river can be considered the most beautiful and spectacular part of this promenade. If you choose one of the spring or autumn days to visit this forest park, you will understand what we mean.

A watery, roaring, and powerful river flows through the old trees while you watch it sitting by the river and dipping your feet into the water or sitting on one of the benches and pavilions of the riverbed to sit on. Have selected. We suggest you to have breakfast or dinner by the river and under the sun in Kamjan spring and autumn.

Mashhad Vakilabad Park Zoo; Abandoned, but attractive

One of the neighbors of Vakilabad Forest Park, Vakilabad Zoo from Mashhad Sights . This is the only zoo in Mashhad and of course Khorasan. It is true that this zoo has not received much attention for several years; But it can still easily delight children and sometimes even adults. Various species of carnivores, herbivores, reptiles, birds and aquatic animals can be seen in Vakilabad Zoo in Mashhad.

پارک وکیل آباد مشهد؛ یک فنجان آرامش از چای طبیعت

Visit information from Vakilabad Park Zoo

  • Entrance ticket fee: 6 thousand tomans
  • Contact number: 05135014433
  • Visiting hours in the first half of the year : 8:30 am to 6:30 pm
  • Visiting hours in the second half of the year: 8:30 am to half an hour before sunset.
  • Address: Mashhad, at the end of Vakilabad Boulevard, next to Kuhistan Park

Address of Vakilabad Park in Mashhad on Google Map

Bagh Vakilabad amusement park; Mountain Park Sleeping

Until a few years ago, in the neighborhood of Vakilabad Zoo and Park, there was an amusement park called “Mountain of Shadi Park” and Al-Haq and Al-Ansaf, whose name was appropriate to its nature.

باغ وحش وکیل آباد It was impossible for you to go to Vakilabad Park and not park in the mountains. A mountain park and amusement park that attracted the sound of play equipment and the excitement of your people. Unfortunately, there is no excitement at the moment and the mountain park has been closed for some reason (which we do not know), but the park mountain The stone of Mashhad is still standing.

However, do not be upset, if you want to taste the excitement along with a cup of relaxation in Mashhad, we have a more special offer for you.

شهربازی وکیل آباد” Mellat Park amusement park “is our special offer. Its geographical location is not too far from Vakilabad Park; Because Mellat Park is at the beginning of Vakilabad Boulevard and Vakilabad Park is at the end of Vakilabad Boulevard.

Of course, we do not deny that this boulevard is long; But due to the directness of its route, you can easily reach Mellat Park after 10 minutes of driving (if you do not get stuck in the traffic on this highway) to enjoy the spectacular and exciting game city. We suggest you go to this amusement park on a pleasant spring or summer night so that the cold weather does not make the pleasure of experiencing excitement unpleasant for you. After that, you can mourn in one of the best Mashhad restaurants .

If you are excited and fear does not mean anything to you, ‌ Be sure to experience the skateboard of Mellat Park, if you want to see Mashhad under your feet, ride one of the tallest fanfare in the Middle East in this amusement park. We take a factor from the introduction of other games in this park to describe it in a separate article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine.

Details of Vakilabad Park; Extensive, but eye-catching

Well! Let’s go back to Vakilabad promenade and its sights. As we have said, Vakilabad Park is one of the summer and pleasant climates of Mashhad with its old and tall trees.

The area of ​​Vakilabad Park is about 70 hectares and is your host with all amenities. When you walk in the landscaped area of ​​Vakilabad Park, the taxidermy animals in the central part of the garden and next to the old pool attract your attention.

Also, sculptures and elements of bicycles and elements of dry trees on which beautiful designs have been created are other attractions that your eyes will stare at and you will inadvertently reach for your camera or mobile phone to take a picture. Make a note of them as well.

پارک وکیل آباد مشهد؛ یک فنجان آرامش از چای طبیعت

Existence of special footpath, tennis table, handball and cinema Five-dimensional other attractions that help Experience happiness in Vakilabad Park in Mashhad. According to all the facilities and entertainment mentioned, this park is from Mashhad sights for children Is.

Entrance price of Vakilabad Park in Mashhad

The entrance fee to Vakilabad Park in Mashhad is free, and only if you visit this park with your own car and use its parking lot, you will have to pay a small fee for parking.

Vakil Abad Garden Address

Address of Vakilabad Garden: Mashhad, at the end of Vakilabad Boulevard.

Visiting hours of Vakilabad Park

Visiting hours: 24 hours

Visiting Vakilabad Park is 24 hours and due to the amenities in the park, there is no problem for overnight stay; However, if you do not have a companion and the number of your companions is small, we recommend that you set up a night camp in Vakilabad Park.

Also thanks to the geographical location of this park, after visiting it to go to the market and buy Mashhad Souvenir Mashhad fast food You will not have any restrictions and the straight path ahead You have.

راهنمای جامع سفر و گردشگری در شهر مشهد

and finally

Mashhad is a city full of tourist attractions and places of interest that you can visit next to the shrine of Imam Reza (AS). Vakilabad Park is one of those promenades that can take at least one day of trip to Mashhad to Allocate yourself. It is good to know that Vakilabad Park is located on the way to Torqabeh and Shandiz. For this reason, on most holidays, this highway sees heavy traffic.

Keep in mind that if you Mashhad tour travel to this pilgrimage city, you may not be able to Visit the zoo, so our suggestion for visiting the zoo is to know the tour plans and to make a good time to visit the zoo.

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