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Valley of Sculptures Qeshm; Nature-style mythology sculpture

Valley of Sculptures Qeshm; Nature-style mythology sculpture

The world of tourism has shown me many attractions. Of the eight arts in the world, the visual arts have had the greatest impact on the tourist attractions of all cities. But have you ever seen an attraction where the visual arts are used in a natural way? The Valley of Sculptures is one of the wonders of Iran, where nature has made sculptures and sculptures that no other sculptor has ever made.

Today the destination is Alibaba Tourism Magazine in southern Iran; A place that reminds me of the happy local music of this region and Nihanban and Timpo. Hormoz Island is a place where the Valley of Statues is located, and of course other wonders such as rainbow mountains There is also in it. In this article we have a virtual trip to the Valley of Statues, an experience that shows you how enjoyable a real visit to this place can be.

Where is the Statue Valley?

Hormozgan Province, South Coast of Hormoz Island

When is the best time to visit this valley?

Fall and winter and early spring seasons

What attractions are there in Sculpture Valley?

Rocks in the form of various sculptures, beach and sea.

What you see by traveling to Hormoz Island and visiting the Valley of Sculptures

At the beginning of the statue valley, you think you have entered a normal beach and, like all other beaches, the soothing sound of the waves is heard. If you are barefoot, you can feel the coolness of the beach sand on the soles of your feet and you can experience the pleasure of walking by the sea, when the whole space is silent and no sound is heard except the waves. The thrill of playing in the sea is an experience that needs no explanation, and you know for yourself how good it can feel.

دره مجسمه ها In the continuation of the path, which is a bit difficult to cross, at least the unique rocks of the valley of sculptures appear. Rocks that are unlike any other ordinary rock and have unique designs that are similar to those not found anywhere else. Looking at these rocks woke the child inside me and made me look for the shape of the natural sculptures of the valley, like when I look at the clouds in the sky and consider the shape for each one. These rocks are as attractive as the cotton clouds of the blue sky and can be stared at for a long time and unique shapes can be considered for them. What do you think of the images in the article?

The Valley of the Statues attracts the attention of those who are more interested in pristine natural attractions. There is no trace of human-made change in this region, and I think this is the valley’s most important strength. The Valley of the Sculptures, like other parts of Hormoz Island, is unknown and many tourists return without visiting Hormoz Island. But those who are familiar with this valley know that it is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in southern Iran.

When did the story of the Valley of the Sculptures begin?

The story of the Valley of the Statues can begin when your imagination allows. For example, when they may have been real dragons, but in this valley they have turned to stone and at the same time remain watching the sea. The valley of the statues is very old; The rocks have formed over time, with the accumulation of sea minerals, and have gradually emerged from the water. The valley is several thousand years old and is quite clear from the mythical fossils made by nature.

داستان دره مجسمه ها از چه زمانی آغاز شد؟ In general, the island of Hormuz is a natural monument that is very old and each of its attractions may be thousands of years old. Nature is a patient mother who, with patience and a lot of time, has implemented the eighth art in different parts of the world. If you’ve seen fictional movies like Dragon Heart or The Hobbit, you might think that the valley dates back to the time of dragons and dinosaurs!

Why is this valley known as the Tandis Valley?

You have probably already understood why the valley on the island of Hormuz is called the valley of sculptures or statues. Sculptures that you can feel the rough stones by touching and realize that no tools have been used to make them except the flow of sea water and a lot of patience!

چرا این دره را با نام دره تندیس می‌شناسند؟ The unique shape of the rocks is the main reason for naming this valley. Forms that everyone with a point of view can have a different perception of the story they are telling. You have probably noticed my mythical impression of the Dragon Statue by now; But I had a friend who saw most of the rocks look like lovely domestic animals such as sparrows, roosters, cats, and so on. This valley shows you how powerful your imagination is and what you can visualize.

What do you think the rocks of the Statue Valley look like?

Have you ever seen images where you can see several different shapes? Some of them are also psychological tests and say that if you see a certain image, you have these personality traits, and if you see another image, this is your personality. In my opinion, the statues in the Valley of the Sculptures have the same characteristics, and everyone will have a different perception of them according to their point of view. For example, when we traveled to the island, I saw a rock resembling a large snake with its mouth open for hunting, but my friend saw the rock resembling an eagle staring at a prey. >

به نظر شما صخره‌های دره تندیس‌ها چه شکلی دارند؟ Statue Valley Rocks Statues can look like anything you can imagine. Of course, there may be commonalities between everyone’s perceptions. Tourists usually see rocks in the form of dragons, birds of prey, dinosaurs, vipers, and so on. If you have experience traveling to this area, write to us about how you see the rocks.

Traveling to the Valley of the Statues is doubly fun these seasons

One of the most important advantages of the statue valley is that it is pristine. For this reason, there is usually no news of the hustle and bustle of other tourist destinations in this area, and peace and quiet is something you experience at every moment. But one important point is to escape the scorching heat of the south. If you go to this valley in late spring or early summer, the heat is so great that it does not allow you to enjoy the sound of the waves and do not fantasize about the shape of the rocks!

Like other places, the best time to visit the Sculpture Valley is in the fall, winter and early spring. The weather is exactly what you need in these seasons; The ideal temperature and cool air, the gentle breeze from the sea and the sun that shines a good light to complete the party instead of the unbearable heat! This combination is more enjoyable when you take refuge in the cold weather of other cities in Iran and leave warm clothes for a few days.

Where is the Valley of Sculptures?

Before we talk about the address of Hormoz Sculpture Valley, you should pay attention to one important point. That traveling to this valley without guidance can be dangerous. For this reason, the best way to visit the statue valley and other tourist attractions of Hormoz Island is to join the tourist tours of this region. A professional tour leader will ensure your safety and show you all the sights.

دره مجسمه ها کجاست؟ Sculpture Valley Hormoz is located in the south of the island and is about 10 km away from the residential area. . Some other attractions of Hormoz Island such as Rainbow Valley and Red Coast are close to this valley, but some of the island’s attractions such as Portuguese Castle, Silence Valley or Dr. Nadalian Museum are farther away and about 10 km away from Hormoz Sculpture Valley.

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