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Varian village of Karaj; The only blue village in Iran

We may be surprised to hear simple and unbelievable topics these days; Like the existence of the only water village in Iran with the name Village of Varian Karaj . The only way to enter this spectacular village is water and it is surrounded like an island in the water. Even motorcycles and bicycles are not allowed on it, and this simplicity and life away from the hustle and bustle of the city has made it a very pleasant climate and beautiful nature. Join us on a trip to Varian village to know where Varian village is and discover its beauties.


Amazing and unparalleled village with pristine and beautiful nature that after founding Amirkabir Dam is left alone and is not even allowed to receive tasty guests. This spectacular village has a population of only 238 people, whose inhabitants have not forgotten the village due to its unique beauty, and like other villages, it has become a summer place for its natives, so that sometimes, if the worries of life allow, they go there and get out of the air. Cleanse your breath. The last survivors of Varian were an old couple who left there and took refuge in the city in October 2007.

Most of the residents of Varian village live in Karaj and visit Varian on different occasions and gather in husseiniyahs to evoke the past, togetherness and intimacy of the past. Muharram mourning is famous in Varian. The residents of Varian village have taken advantage of this rural situation, have won the national championship in skiing and boating, and have been among the best sailing and skiing champions. We are also happy that Varian is included in the list of tourist areas of Alborz province.

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