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We have a bright future ahead for the world record of the Bostan Arch

ISNA / According to the latest news, a bright future for global registration Tagh Bostan.

Jabbar Gohari, the head of cultural heritage of Kermanshah province, referring to the recent visit of a UNESCO evaluator to Kermanshah, said: In this trip, in addition to visiting Biston Caravanserai Bostan was done.

He added: “Considering that UNESCO has several evaluators who visit the world registration files in different countries every year, by conducting this visit, we wanted to express their opinions and views on the status of the Bostan Arch for world registration.” And give us solutions.

The head of the province’s cultural heritage added: “In this visit, with a good introduction to the Bostan arch and its historical importance, we created a mentality from the ancient site of the Bostan arch for UNESCO assessors so that a smoother way to register its globalization would be ahead later.” .

He added: “The beauties of the Bostan Arch and its location next to a spring were very interesting for the UNESCO evaluator and he considered its future bright for the registration of globalization.

Gohari also referred to the solutions provided by the UNESCO assessor to accelerate the process of registration of the globalization of Taq-e-Bostan and said: “One of the most important obstacles mentioned by the UNESCO assessor for the registration of this work is the existence of real estate and shops in The arena of the work and the existence of facilities that do not correspond to its historical nature.

He said that during these visits, useful scientific talks were held regarding the registration of the globalization of this work, adding: In recent months, we have had consultations with the municipality and we are looking to implement a plan that can free the field of work at the lowest cost.

Head of Kermanshah Cultural Heritage, emphasizing that all relevant agencies should work to register the globalization of Taq-e Bostan, said: “Currently, the municipality and the judiciary of the province are working well and we hope that other agencies will be involved.” To be.

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