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What are the obstacles to the development of the tourism industry in Mazandaran province?

ISNA / Following the latest news, the question arises that what are the obstacles to the development of the tourism industry in Mazandaran province?

Ali Shafiei, noting that there are many problems in the field of tourism in assessing the obstacles to the development of the tourism industry in Mazandaran province, said: “Because it is not integrated in the field of tourism challenges and another issue is the limitation of authority to the tourism organization.” Assigned but expectations in the field of tourism from this organization. “For example, health tourism is an important issue, but its infrastructure must be ready in the airport area, but when we do not have a direct flight yet, how can we pay for health tourism and the tourism organization expects this and blames it on the organization,” he said. Wrote.

Doctor of Tourism Management continued: “One of the important issues that has been raised is the lack of a comprehensive tourism plan, which has caused a lot of damage to the tourism sector and the lack of tourism development in Mazandaran is due to the lack of a comprehensive plan.

Shaghiei continued: “Three years have passed since the review of the comprehensive service description. The review was also reviewed in all provinces, all objections were analyzed and approved by the planning council, but due to the lack of a correct and principled service description and The necessary credits are left for that.

Emphasizing that the first step in tourism development is service description, he clarified: “Service description of each project is provided before the start of services and the topics are specified and consulting engineers are selected for these teams and the work is performed.” . But the comprehensive plan that was presented from most of the provinces did not have a good output and its shortcoming is due to the lack of a description of basic and practical services.

Professor of Tourism of Mazandaran University continued: The framework communicated to the provinces by the Deputy Minister of Tourism has been good, but the important issue is the credit that must be provided and the governor must act for the credit that can eventually advance the programs.

Shafiei announced the lack of a comprehensive plan in the three northern provinces and said: the lack of a comprehensive plan has caused a lot of damage to the economy of Mazandaran in the field of tourism.

He continued: “The budget that is seen for the master plan must be expert, also the funds allocated for the master plan of some provinces are very limited and have reduced the comprehensiveness of research for the master plan. Referring to the importance of updating comprehensive plans, the professor of tourism at Mazandaran University said: “Such a comprehensive plan, which was written in the past, has been approved in some provinces, but it must be rewritten, because it is obsolete.” Emphasizing that the master plan should not be just a library study, Shafiei pointed out: we should prevent such a writing plan in Mazandaran, so that if 200 comprehensive plans come out of Mazandaran and not everyone has access and is not feasible, it is a weakness. is considered; The master plan should be in the public eye.

He continued: “In all these years, there was no credit problem in Mazandaran to create a comprehensive plan for Mazandaran, and this shortcoming may have been by other officials, but tourism must be held accountable.

This professor of Mazandaran University continued: If an investor wants to enter the province and invest, we should know based on the master plan what places to introduce for investment, but if a little credit is given for the master plan, this plan Comprehensive will not have output.

Shapiei, pointing out that only with the presence of skilled and specialized people with appropriate credit, the comprehensive plan can be saved, said: Specialized people in Mazandaran with high potential who have sufficient qualifications should take over the comprehensive plan and The important thing then is to supervise the work, which must be done carefully. “The presence of non-specialist teams who want to lobby with a comprehensive plan should also be avoided, as this would be harmful,” he said.

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