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What are the travel restrictions?

ISNA / Following the latest news and published reports, the question arises as to what are the travel restrictions?

Simultaneously with the implementation of the Corona Smart Management Plan from December 1, travel by public transport and use of accommodation centers, subject to the presentation of a vaccine card or negative PCR test, while traveling to red and orange cities is still fined.

All official accommodation centers and the air transport fleet, from buses to planes and trains, are required to accept passengers who have a vaccine card or a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure. The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development has also set an 80 percent capacity for passenger trains and buses.

However, there are still no legal requirements for tours and travel agencies. Of course, the agents say: with the implementation of this plan, the traveler will inevitably be asked when buying a vehicle ticket and hotel reservation, but the issue is about tours and group trips that do not stay in official accommodations or camp in nature and from They use buses for transportation, so far no instructions have been specified for these groups and this form of travel.

In addition, unlicensed rental and overnight homes, which are in greater demand than formal residences due to increased hotel costs and lower customary and legal restrictions, are subject to corona supervision. They have not followed the health instructions.

On the other hand, despite the lifting of the night traffic ban, according to the Rahvar police, inter-provincial road traffic will be carried out intelligently from the beginning of December and the presentation of a vaccine card (both doses) and a negative test (valid for 72 hours) PCR is required. Recommended: If you have a long-distance traffic permit, but you have been fined, you should go to the place where the permit was issued. It is necessary to keep the traffic form until the wrong penalty is removed.

Rahoor police also announced that traveling by car to red and orange provinces and cities is still prohibited and fined by the Corona National Headquarters. Travel to yellow and blue cities is not covered by this law.

Accommodation centers and travel service offices are open in all cities without regard to color and are required to provide services to travelers in accordance with the approval of the National Corona Headquarters.

Museums, historical sites and tourist sites also have no restrictions on activities in blue, orange and yellow cities due to their job classification and can be open. These centers are not as open as reception halls in red cities.

What are the restrictions according to the travel article? You should know that travel abroad was also subject to the regulations of the destination country, but according to the regulations announced so far, it is mandatory to present a negative PCR test or vaccine card in most foreign routes. To enter Iran, all Iranian and foreign nationals must have a negative PCR test certificate in English within 96 hours before the international flight to Iran. This law applies to all Iranian and foreign travelers over 12 years old.

Despite the smart management plan, travelers were still asked to follow Corona health protocols. According to reports from the 92nd meeting of the National Corona Management Headquarters, passenger control has been weakened at some borders and on public transport. At present, the average observance of health protocols in the country has reached 46%.

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