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What should hoteliers consider to succeed and retain a dynamic new traveler?

ISNA / Following the news, the question arises that what should hoteliers consider in order to succeed and retain a dynamic new traveler?

With the advent of the new era of travel, the nature of the hotel business is less obvious, and hoteliers’ ability to sell, market, manage and grow their business is less important. For this reason it is currently being investigated. As community members, we can adapt to the changing world around us. However, we have never been asked to change as fast as we did in the last 2 years. The use of advanced technology has interfered with work and life at home, separating our physical distance from our loved ones, but there are things hoteliers need to consider in order to succeed and retain a dynamic new traveler so that they do not lag behind. And feel confident and in control.

Recently, the SiteMinder platform published a report entitled “Dynamic Traveler: A New Age of Hotel Guests” which examined how people ‘s travel preferences have changed over the past 2 years and the comprehensive online business approach that hoteliers are now pursuing. They are, we will enter a new era for the industry, the most important of which are presented below:

Requires a wider range of equipment

Currently, a wider range of equipment is required. Managing a hotel is clearly more complicated than attracting guests to stay on your property. With the increasing needs and awareness of altered (dynamic) guests to increase the efficiency of hoteliers who want to stay in touch, smart performance is non-negotiable. Hoteliers now have a wider range of tools to operate in the current and dynamic environment, such as creating a new website, understanding pricing between competitors, expanding capabilities through the latest apps, and ranking well on ads and search sites or processing payments. Need.

Trust building

It is now vital to build trust through each of their channels, given the growing number of travelers seeking direct contact with hotels. Ways to achieve this also include ensuring that your website is full of up-to-date content that allows smart travelers to have a deeper insight into your offer, or to ensure that persuasive and timely advertisements are displayed. Understand the needs of your guests.

With the increasing threat of scams, it may not be a concern that only 21% of travelers worldwide have a high level of trust in their accommodation provider when it comes to paying for accommodation. However, this underscores the vital importance of creating an integrated and secure payment process that can be trusted by guests.

Rely on oral references

Oral references are more important at this time. Usually family and friends will have the most influence in choosing the destination of travelers. To ensure that you maximize these verbal advice, it is important to create a guest referral program to advise close people and receive rewards. It is also important to have good communication strategies to get the most out of your business, because this is where the final decision is made.

Open path for guest data

There is an open way to access your guest data. Eighty-two percent of travelers worldwide do not oppose using personal data for a better stay, up from 93 percent in technology markets such as Thailand. This reflects the growing need for hoteliers to become more familiar with guest data and preferences; So they can create the personalized suggestions and experiences that dynamic travelers want. The ability to access and use the data of people who live on your property will only become more important in the coming years for people who want to stay ahead of dynamic travelers.

Observe the evolution of travelers

Travelers should be able to see how it evolves. Accommodation providers who can keep in touch with their guests are the ones who are currently the most successful. Simple online booking, creating an inspiring work environment, connecting deeply with local businesses and showing that you have established a sustainable business and are weather-aware are all things you can offer travelers.

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