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Where is Masal? Have you not tasted the pleasant taste of traveling to Masal?

Where is Masal? Have you not tasted the pleasant taste of traveling to Masal?

Have you traveled to Masal? Have you visited Gilan ? If you still do not know where Masal is and in which part of beautiful Gilan it is, we must tell you that you have failed to know one of the most beautiful places in the northern region. But there is nothing wrong with that. By reading this article, you will realize how beautiful the spectacular scenery in the neighborhood of the Talesh mountains is and why we insist so much that Get to know this small and attractive city.

We said that Masal is located next to the Talesh Mountains. Keep this key in mind to find out why this city is called Masal.

Masal literally means a mountain or a place next to a mountain. Therefore, it can be concluded that the neighborhood with Taleshi mountains is the reason for naming this city. Of course, you should also know that in the past, Masal was also called Rudkenar. Of course, this also has a reason that you will find out later in the text.

Where is Masal?

Masal is located in the northwest of Rasht in Gilan province and is known as one of the most important summers in this province.

Where is Masal Olsblanga summer?

Olsbalangah summer is located in Gilan province, Masal city, 25 km west of Masal city.

What is the distance from Tehran to Masal?

The distance from Tehran to Masal is 374 km and it takes 4 hours and 43 minutes by car to reach Masal.

Where is Masal?

Consider a small town full of greenery and beauty, with a river called Khalakai passing by. This small and beautiful city is full of high waterfalls and forests where sightseeing is more like entering an attractive and colorful poster.

So if you want to know where Masal is and what sights you have, record this insight in your mind right now so that we can go into the details and define its sights. The Khalkaei River mentioned above originates from the Talesh Mountains and the slopes of Shah Moallem Mountain, and after its tour, it flows through Masal to Anzali Wetland.

ماسال کجاست

Masal waterfalls are also spectacular. For example, the Waves waterfall is located next to the Ulsbelangah summer area and is considered a high waterfall. Masal has other waterfalls, among which the following can be mentioned:

  • Waterfall 15 meters high;
  • Tolynsa waterfall with a height of 10 meters;
  • Ramineh waterfall with a height of 10 meters.

Masal is a high city and among the cities of Gilan province in terms of height, it stands in the position of the tallest and highest city after Rudbar.

What is the location of Masal among the cities of Gilan?

In order to know more about the geographical location of Masal, it is good to tell you which cities in Gilani are in the neighborhood. Rezvanshahr, Fooman, Soomehsara, Khalkhal and Ardabil have been taken around Masal from different directions.

ماسال شهری در گیلان

In the distant past, Rudkenar, or Masal today, was a small village where thriving bazaars were held on Saturdays. This Saturday, the markets will cause the growth and prosperity of Masal more and more and take on an urban state.

These days, Masal’s attractive summers are one of the most important reasons for its popularity and fame. The people of Masal speak the sweet language of Talshi.

This language is still preserved from the maze of history, and studying it can be a wonderful guide to the history and language of Iran’s past. Masal does not have a large population. Of the small number, which was about 49,389 nine years ago in 1390, many are elderly and most young people have left their hometown to work and live in larger cities.

Masal summers

We all know Masal for its beautiful and pristine nature and areas submerged in clouds and fog. Areas where you can not see yourself from a meter away when you wake up early in the morning, but you have to wait for the clouds to move away and show true beauty. Masal is famous for its lush summers on the slopes of towering mountains, where you can see the world under your feet.

In the following, we will introduce the most popular and, of course, the most beautiful handmade by nature, the summers in which you will get rid of the fatigue of a year. After the introduction of each summer, its location is also listed on Google Map, but some of the summers have not been registered in Google Map yet, so if you want other tourists to know the exact address of these areas, by registering their exact location in Google Map, take a step towards Iran’s tourism industry.

On this trip, do not miss the tranquility of the pristine sights of the North .

ییلاق های ماسال

1- Olsblangah summer

Olsblangah summer is one of the most beautiful places in Masal, despite the trees that come in beautiful and different colors in autumn. The word Olsblangah means “tree at high altitude” and is a good name for this region. “Olas” in the local language of this region means the border tree and “Balangah” also means a high place. Some locals also consider Ulsbelangah to be a place where a border tree grows.

In any season of the year you can see the stunning beauties of this region. We suggest that if you like autumn and fog and dark clouds, travel to this area in October and November to enjoy seeing the mountains painted with red, orange and yellow trees.

ییلاقات ماسال

It is interesting to know that the climate of this summer is so great that many natives of Masal also choose Olsblangah summer to spend the summer. All the houses in this area are wooden and do not have electricity yet, and for this reason, solar panels or electric motors are used to supply electricity. The height of Olsbalangah Masal summer is about 1490 meters above sea level and you can see the whole Masal and Talesh from this area.

Olsblangah summer on Google Map

2- Sui Chaleh summer

Su Chaleh summer, also known as Suchaleh summer, is known to everyone despite its houses with colored roofs. In the local language of Masal, Sochale is a place where plants such as angelica and dagger grow. The houses in this area are built on one or two floors and floating clouds are moving over them.

Soe Chaleh is 1800 meters above sea level and this has caused a sea of ​​clouds to surround the area. There is a hill or high mountain in this area that is easily accessible and when you reach the top, you feel like you are on an ocean of clouds.

ییلاق سوئه چاله

8- Yashiq Vashiar

Vashiar summer is another green summer located in Masal region and one of its most important and beautiful natural attractions is the waterfall. One of the reasons that this area has become a remarkable and permanent place for summer is the cool weather in summer and the presence of roaring and cold waters of the waterfall. So in addition to enjoying the beautiful nature of this area, you can also take a dip in the cold and invigorating waters, so bring a swimsuit and suitable equipment.

ییلاق واشیار

ییلاقات ماسال

The beautiful, pristine and untouched nature of this region is one of the reasons why people choose to travel to Masal. Among the places of pilgrimage in Shalma summer, we can mention the holy tombs of Seyyed Reza Ali and Seyyed Mehr Ali. To access Shalma summer, you must use the Olsblangah summer route.

11- Dry summer sea

The dry summer of the Masal Sea is located in a valley where several rivers of the Masal River meet. The height of this summer is about 1500 meters above sea level and it is located in the middle of the plain mountains and for this reason, even in summer, it has a very pleasant and cool climate.

To get to the dry sea you have to drive for a few hours and then walk, but when you get to this area you will realize the value of energy and when you have left. One of the reasons for naming this summer is the existence of a lake in this area, which unfortunately has dried up today.

ییلاق خشکه دریا

12- Khan Band summer

Khanband summer has vast and green plains that are grazing sheep of villagers. One of the reasons that this summer has attracted the attention of tourists is the rapid movement of clouds, which is due to the geographical location of this region.

ییلاق خان بند

Khanband summer is located on the air border of Gilan and Ardabil and this causes the rapid movement of clouds in this area. It is said that the body of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali was first buried in this area, but this has not yet been proven and is considered a narration.

Do you know the sights of Masal?

Masal sights are not limited to the lush summers of this region, but you can also enjoy the historic castles, caves and beautiful waterfalls by traveling to Masal. Bathing in the cool and refreshing water of the spring is a pleasure that you can experience only by stepping into the running water downstream of the waterfall. If you travel to Masal, spend a half day to see the springs and waterfalls of this beautiful region of Gilan.

ماسال فرو رفته در ابرها

1- Cole Castle

Qaleh Kool is located in the village of Tas Kooh (also called Qaleh Kool village) on a natural hill about 35 meters high. Experts believe that this castle dates back to the second and third centuries AH. The type of building is brick and unfortunately it has been almost destroyed due to bad weather and poor maintenance. This beautiful historical monument was nationally registered on February 30, 2008. To access this castle, you have to go from Masal road to Kish Khani.

ییلاقات ماسال

2- Avishu Cave

Avishu Cave is located 22 km from Masal city at an altitude of 1460 meters above sea level and has only one entrance. Inside the cave you can see beautiful and roaring rivers that eventually reach one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. Apart from the river, inside the Avishu cave, there are lime chandeliers from the roof and walls, some of which reach a height of one meter.

When you want to cross the cave, bring enough equipment and carefully pass through the chandeliers. Inside the cave there are animals such as bats, waterfowl and snails that you can see up close. The cave dates back to more than 75 million years ago and when you step into it, you feel like you have entered a part of history.

غار آویشو

3- Ramineh waterfall

Ramineh waterfall, which is located above the main road of Masal in the heart of the forest, is one of the natural attractions of Masal. This waterfall, which falls on the rocks with a steep slope, has created a beautiful view. To relax, you can either set up a tent or stay at the Ramineh Hotel, which is located right in front of the waterfall.

آبشار رامینه

Some hotel rooms have windows directly in front of the waterfall, so in the morning you will wake up to the sound of the waterfall and the sound of birds, a pleasure that can not be described in any words. If you like being under a waterfall, Ramine is a great opportunity to experience such fun. Only have the necessary equipment for bathing.

4- Toli Nesa waterfall

Toli Nesa Masal waterfall is another natural attraction and sight of Masal, which is about 10 meters high and falls into the lake from an almost smooth wall. To access Toli Nesa waterfall, you can use off-road vehicles. Of course, there is a climbing route that is used to reach the waterfall and it takes about 2 hours to reach the waterfall from the asphalt area.

5- Horse riding area

The ancient region of Asbeh Riseh is located in the summer of Espi, and experts date it to the first millennium BC. Some evidence in this area indicates its prosperity until several centuries before the advent of Islam. Therefore, if you are interested in ancient sites, you can also visit the relics of the ancient period during your trip to Masal.

In some excavations in this area, in addition to some ancient objects such as sharks, bowls and jars, remains of walls have been found that were made of stone and sometimes mud. In the cemetery of this region, you can see the remains of 28 burial mounds that experts have attributed to the Achaemenid period.

منطقه اسبه ریسه

The stone wall of Asbe Riseh is one of the tallest rock climbing walls in the country and many facilities have been provided for the use of rock climbers. Other recreational facilities of this summer include kayaking on the roaring river at the foot of the stone wall of Aspi.

Spinning area on Google Map

6- Bam Masal

The green roof of Masal has one of the most beautiful views and this is really the name of this area because you can see all the green and beautiful Masal under your feet. Bam Masal, as its name suggests, is the highest area of Masal, located one kilometer from the city and can be reached by car.

This area is one of the main tourist destinations when traveling to Masal, because in addition to the city of Masal, you can see some of the cities of Bandar Anzali and even the monastery.

بام ماسال

7- Masal parks

One of the biggest things that has been done in the Masal region to preserve natural resources is to turn part of the forest area of Masal into a forest park. These parks have facilities for tourists and as a result you can camp for a short stay and enjoy the wonderful nature and weather of this area.

Masal Beach Park

Due to its location along the Khalkaei River, it has been given the name of Masal Beach Park و and is one of the tourist and recreational centers in Masal. In this beach park, facilities are provided for tourists, which include a pavilion, a bathroom and a chair. In a part of the park, play equipment is provided for children and they can have a good time.

Masal Beach Park on Google Map

8- Rizandan Forest Park

The Rizandan Forest Park, created to protect the lowland forests of the Masal region, is part of the Hyrcanian forests. As you know, Hyrcanian forests start from Astara in Gilan and continue to Gildaghi in Golestan province.

پارک جنگلی ریزه مندان

The area of Masal Rizandan Forest Park is about 200 hectares and in some parts of it, welfare facilities have been provided for tourists. So if you are interested in nature tourism, you can camp for a few days in this forest.

Tiny Forest Park on Google Map

What are the souvenirs of this beautiful city?

If you are one of those people who travel to Masal or any other city looking for souvenirs and souvenirs, you should know that you will return to Masal with a full hand. Masaliya sweets and handicrafts are very attractive and by buying them, you can make those around you very happy when you return from a trip. Knitting, crocheting, mat weaving, kilim weaving and the like are plentiful in Masal, so you can find beautiful souvenirs in its shops and markets.

سوغاتی‌های ماسال

Let’s get a little more into the souvenir category of a trip to Masal and tell you what you can do in the beautiful Masal markets and what to buy:

  • Zarrin Nan: It is one of the traditional Gilani breads that is baked in Masal and Shanderman and has a dough that is filled in the middle with ingredients such as turmeric, cinnamon, sugar, walnuts, flour, rice and so on. This delicious bread is baked on a hot stone and has a very pleasant taste and smell.
  • Wool knitwear: Shawls, gloves and all kinds of woolen clothes with traditional designs and patterns are also important handicrafts of Masal that you can prepare for yourself or as a gift for your friends and family.
  • Various wood products: woodworking and carpentry are also among the other northern arts that you can witness up close during your trip to Masal. North and its other wooden crafts. You can also buy a variety of wooden utensils and utensils by visiting different shops and stores in Masal. Wooden objects are always attractive and beautiful and convey a sense of nature to their surroundings.

There are other types of handicrafts in Masal that you can buy by visiting their shops and markets.

نان های شمالی ماسال

What is the best time to visit this paradise?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling is choosing the right time to travel. You should also plan a trip to Masal from mid-spring to late summer. As mentioned, Masal is one of the high points of Gilan. So it is not surprising that in spring and summer, the weather is pleasant and pleasant. Visiting the summer areas of Masal is one of the best things you can do on a trip to this city. One of the most attractive summer places of Gilan, Olsbalangah is located in Masal.

بهار سبز ماسال

The summer village of Ulsbelangah is about 25 km south of Masal. Spending summer or spring in the wooden huts of this lush and elevated area has a charming atmosphere. Imagine, you open your wooden hut and you encounter green hills in a beautiful forest neighborhood. Not great? If you wake up very early in the morning and head out of the wooden huts, you will also see an ocean of clouds and fog that surround you and take you to an extraterrestrial land.

Do we have anything more attractive than this morning? Of course, people’s tastes in choosing destinations and tourist areas are definitely different. Some people may like to wake up in the morning in a multi-star hotel and do not like the local environment much. Either way, the choice is yours. But if you are a nature lover and you are obsessed with pristine and forested places, you will most likely like Masal summer as well.


Do not forget that near the summer of Ulsbelangah in a village called Gilvaneh you can go to the tomb of Mirzakoochak Khan Jangali. The story of the death of this great man is not very pleasant. In his escape to Khalkhal, he freezes due to the extreme cold and loses his life.

Excursion in the summer of Masal means visiting the green and foggy scenes that make you feel good and the sluggishness and inertia of city life partially clear you of your existence. Ulusbelangah is not electrified and it is with the help of the electric motor that the necessary light is provided for the summer cottages. That is, everything remains in this place to some extent pristine. Of course, the fame of the beautiful summer of Masal has caused more tourists to come there. We hope that this welcome will not end at the cost of the destruction and encroachment of the pristine nature of Masal.

The best hotels in Masal

If you are planning a trip to Masal for a few days and you do not want to stay overnight in a tent, you can choose one of the hotels in Masal for your stay. These hotels are built in different areas of Masal and have easy access to the urban area and tourist attractions of Masal.

بهترین هتل های ماسال

The cost of staying in Masal hotels varies depending on the location and the facilities they provide, so we suggest that you check the cost of each night in the hotel before traveling in addition to exploring the area. Here are some hotels and tourist villages that are among the most popular accommodations in Masal.

1- Shanderman Masal Tourist Village Complex

The Shanderman Masal Tourist Village Complex is one of the best accommodations you can choose when traveling to Masal. This one-storey tourist village has 11 separate rooms with all the necessary facilities. The villas of this complex include two-bedroom rooms for two, three, four, six, six, nine and fifteen people.

The cost of villas is also determined by the number of their capacity. For two-bedroom villas for two, three-person and four-person, you have to ask the price from the inquiry complex, but the cost of one night stay in two-bedroom villas for six, nine and fifteen people is 3,100,000, 3,800,000 and 5,540,000 Tomans, respectively. . (In August 1400)

مجتمع دهکده توریستی ملل شاندرمن ماسال

2- Ratins Masal Hotel

Ratins Hotel is one of the luxury hotels in Masal, which is built on two floors and has 42 rooms. This 4-star hotel, which was opened in 1398, is located at 4 km of Masal Boulevard to Shanderman and has a very beautiful view of the forest and mountains. The rooms of this beautiful and luxurious hotel include single, double, triple and quadruple mountain rooms and double, triple and quadruple rooms facing the grounds.

هتل راتینس ماسال

The cost of one night stay in Ratins Masal Hotel starts from 995,000 Tomans per night and the maximum cost of accommodation is 1,139,000 Tomans. For information on the price of single and double rooms, you should contact the hotel.

Ratins Hotel on Google Map

3- Ariana Masal Hotel

Ariana Masal Hotel is located in Gandz village, 8 km from the summer road and is built on 3 floors. This 3-star hotel has 18 rooms and is located on a land area of 1700 square meters. One of the most important advantages of this hotel is its easy access by summer road.

The hotel rooms include double and triple double rooms with balcony facing the forest and paddy fields, double and triple double rooms with balconies facing the paddy fields and forest, double and triple double rooms with balconies facing the area and forest. You should contact the hotel to inquire about the price of each room.

هتل آریانا

at the end …

Northern nature is really a great blessing that you will realize by traveling to Masal or Taktek in the cities of Gilan and Mazandaran. not interesting? Do we live in a country where the north is green and humid and there are different climates in different corners? This beautiful country needs the care and love of those who protect and protect it with responsibility and respect.

ماسال زیبا

You and I are not in charge and the manager and the minister and the lawyer. So we can not make big decisions to make a beautiful Iran more prosperous. But thanks to our little care and responsibility for this good soil, it is possible to keep it green and alive. So let us promise each other that wherever we travel in Iran, we will take good care of it and not let garbage and the destruction of nature or historical monuments become an ugly habit and a symbol of uncivilized culture in our country.

Now that you know where Masal is and have a travel plan in mind, bring a travel booklet and add the name of this small and beautiful city to it. Feeling the beautiful nature in a small but wonderful city in terms of natural beauty will definitely not be without grace. So, at the first opportunity, pack your bags and suitcases and go to Masal. Have a nice trip!

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