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Where is the Meshginshahr suspension bridge; The largest suspension bridge in the Middle East in Iran

Meshginshahr Suspension Bridge because of its beauty and design Special compared to other similar bridges in the Middle East, alone to one of the has become the most important tourist attraction in Meshginshahr . Join us in the article Where is Meshginshahr Suspension Bridge to know the date of construction of Meshginshahr Suspension Bridge and the price of Meshginshahr Suspension Bridge.

Meshginshahr suspension bridge is the highest and largest suspension bridge in the Middle East and is two meters wide and 365 meters long. Meshginshahr suspension bridge at a height of 80 meters on Khiavachai river and on Meshginshahr Forest Park has been built. The unique Meshginshahr bridge has been built on a 130-hectare land at a cost of 400 billion rials and is the largest tourism project in Ardabil province. This bridge is part of the Xiao to Girdoli tourist complex. The beautiful suspension bridge of Meshginshahr is for pedestrians and the top of the bridge gives you the opportunity to watch the beauties of Sabalan slope from a height of 80 meters and enjoy this beautiful nature. The tourist complex also includes reception halls, accommodation suites, a ballooning site, and air sports, a revolving restaurant and an amusement park.

This bridge is two meters wide, 365 meters long and 80 meters high from the bottom of Khiavachali valley. In the construction of the bridge deck, polymeric materials with high resistance against moisture, fire, shock and pressure along with lightning arrester, anemometer, motion control sensors and resonant neutralizing dampers were used. The safety of this bridge is in line with international standards; As 3,000 people cross it on holidays.

The car road on this park starts from the entrance of Ardabil Meshginshahr road and ends at Sabalan Square. It should be noted that the side road ends in a roundabout and you will enjoy the beautiful and God-given nature while driving along the winding road. Meshginshahr Forest Park has an approximately elliptical shape with a length of 5 km and an area of ​​300 hectares is located on the west bank of the Khiavachai River.

– Qanli Bolagh Caravanserai

ghle sabalan

Kohne ghale mashangi shahr

Sassanid inscription of Meshginshahr

maghbare sheikh heydar

Dexh ghahghaha

spring of power

Khiavachai Forest Park

Abshar Shabil

Shirvan Darreh Waterfall

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