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Yazd Fire Temple; Fire of life or roaring flame

Yazd Fire Temple; Fire of life or roaring flame
Why was the fire burning from the heart of the sun or from the heart of the earth sacred to Zoroastrian and non-Zoroastrian Iranians from the beginning until today? The Zoroastrians, with their 1500-year protection from the fire inside the fire temple of Yazd, showed their sanctity and purity, but before the Iranians converted to Zoroastrianism, they were pious. This shows the importance of fire in both ancient religions.Thousands of years ago, unaware of the existence of fire, man woke up in the morning with cold and darkness. For this reason, it is enough to consider the sun as a symbol of life and to be the beginning of the formation of love. However, with the discovery of fire, a great revolution is created in human life and it transforms itself into an element that will play the role of civilization for human beings. If you care about the place of fire in the ancient history, religious culture, poetry and rich proverbs of Iran, read this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine I suggest.

What is the fuel of Yazd Fire Temple?

The fire of Yazd fire temple is from Bahram fire or Varhram fire from Azarfarnbagh fire temple.

Where is Yazd Fire Temple?

Bahram Yazd Fire Temple is located in Yazd city, Ayatollah Kashani Street.

What time is it to visit the Yazd Fire Temple?

You can all days of the week from Saturday to Friday except holidays, in spring and summer from 8:00 to 11:45 am and 17:00 to 19:45 In the afternoon and in autumn and winter from 16:00 to 19:00, visit the Yazd Fire Temple and the Victory Fire. Visiting hours vary from Thursday to 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Fire Temple in Iranian Aryan Culture

We first saw Iranians as worshipers (sun worshipers) who later converted to Zoroastrianism; Nevertheless, the special place of fire in our culture still exists today. Since lighting a fire was not so easy, the Iranians looked for places where the fire could be lit for years and sometimes centuries to use the heat and light of its flames for their stoves.

آتشکده در فرهنگ آریایی ایران

Fire enters the poem; My yellowness from you, your redness from me

Fire is so ingrained in Iranian culture that it can even be seen as one of the elements of purity on Syrian Wednesday.

وارد شدن آتش در شعر؛ زردی من از تو، سرخی تو از من

To date, the philosophy and roots of jumping over I did not know fire, but I realized that this tradition dates back to Zoroastrian times and ancient Iran; The fire that they considered a symbol of purity and by jumping from it they wanted to eliminate their sorrows and replace their sorrows with happiness.

Fire enters the proverb

Children in the families of that time had the role and responsibility of bringing fire from the fire temple to the house. Their task in this case has been so important and serious that it has even entered the proverb. Right now I’m thinking of the saying, “His stove is blind” or “His stove is off.”

I knew the usage of this proverb, which refers to childless families, but I did not understand the connection between this proverb and the stove, fire, and childlessness. Upon further study, I realized that if families did not have children, they could not send their children to the fire temple to bring fire to their families. Therefore, the stove of that house was blind or off.

آتشکده یزد

History of Yazd Fire Temple

In places of the Zoroastrian Persian Empire, we see fire temples, one of which is the Yazd Fire Temple, which houses the oldest fire; The fire, which has been burning since the 5th century AD, has been burning for about 15 centuries and will remain burning for an indefinite period of time. Bahram Fire Temple Yazd shows the intertwining of the vast Zoroastrian religion with the rich Aryan culture and This fire temple is now one of the Yazd sights .

تاریخ آتشکده یزد

After a while, it stays in the cave of Ashkaft Yazdan Sholehvar for 700 years, then it is moved from Aqda to Ardakan and to the village (Turkabad), then (Sharifabad) and for another 300 years. It stays hot there. Until after a long wandering, he is taken to Khalaf Khan Ali neighborhood to the house of one of the Zoroastrian elders named Mubad, the shooter of Azargasht in Yazd.

تاریخ آتشکده یزد

Finally, the fire and pyramid will be located in the building of the Yazd Fire Temple; The building, which was built about 80 years ago, in November 1313 under the rule of Reza Shah in the first Pahlavi dynasty and with the investment of Hamabai from Persian Zoroastrians. Several Iranian Zoroastrians also gave their lands to the Zoroastrians to build a fire temple in Yazd.

It was during this period that Bazargan, a wealthy man, the first Zoroastrian representative in the National Assembly and one of the founders of the National Bank of Iran, Arbab Jamshid Amanat, took over the task of raising capital from the Association of Indian Persians. He traveled to India several times to raise capital from the Persians. Arbab Jashmid accepted the trust as well as supervising and supervising the construction of the Bahram Fire Temple in Yazd to form a Zoroastrian shrine in Yazd.

تاریخ آتشکده یزد

The construction of the Yazd Fire Temple was completed in 1315, and it was in 1318 that the Fire and Pyramid reached its permanent home. . Visiting this building has been open to the public since 1340, and another 38 years, on September 13, 1999, it was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran.

The main name of Yazd Fire Temple

“Code” in Dari Persian means “house” and fire temple means “house of fire”. The fire temple was also called a fire temple. The fire inside the fire temple of Yazd is of Varhram or Bahram race. The fire of Mars or Verhram means “fire of victory” which has kept its light from the time of the Sassanid dynasty until today for 1500 years.

Yazd Fire Temple Section

Yazd fire temple with a simple and cozy appearance, is divided into several parts: fire chamber, water storage, yard and life, Forouhar painting and Varjavand hall, which I will discuss in each of them in the following.

Fire room (culprit)

It is clear from the title that the fire of Verheram is protected in a bronze vessel in a chamber with a glass enclosure. Only Zoroastrian clerics of the Yazd Fire Temple are allowed to go behind the fire chamber and add special sticks to the fire to keep the fire and pyramids burning.

Visitors to the Bahram Fire Temple in Yazd can watch the Victory Fire only through the glass of the culprit’s chamber.

اتاقک آتشدان (مجمر)

Yazd Fire Temple Water Reservoir

Yazd fire temple water reservoir is in the form of a covered pool or pool that includes a reservoir, stairs, sprinkler, entrance and windbreak and was responsible for storing water and water supply to the residents of the fire temple.

If you want to know the location of the Bahram Yazd Fire Temple water reservoir, I must say that it is located in the basement of the fire temple and there is no problem to enter it. Zoroastrian and… Visit.

Fire Temple and Yard

The courtyard of the Yazd Fire Temple, where the circular and blue pool is located, is the entrance of domestic and foreign non-Zoroastrian tourists into the fire temple. If the Zoroastrians want to hold their own ceremony and celebration on days such as the first day of Farvardin, they will enter the Bahram Fire Temple in Yazd from the backyard of the building.

محوطه و حیاط آتشکده

Forouhar Fire Temple of Yazd

Forouhar, as one of the main and most important symbols of the Achaemenids and Zoroastrians, is tiled at the entrance of the Yazd Fire Temple, which means progressive and uplifting. Forouhar’s painting can be seen almost everywhere in the Zoroastrian religion. Yazd Fire Temple is no exception to this rule, and when entering the building, we can see an almost large blue-painted Forouhar painting that has been tiled on the front of the building. The ancient Iranians and Zoroastrians believed in five human forces: the psyche, which is the soul of man, the soul that ends after death, the conscience that sticks to the person in committing a mistake, the power of perception and Forouhar. Forouhar’s painting should not be seen as ineffective in the shaking house of Nowruz celebration. Perhaps the philosophy of the house is here that we prepare the house for the coming of Forouhar and in thirteen doors, we expel it to nature.

نگاره فروهر آتشکده یزد

Forouhar’s painting in Yazd Fire Temple strikes the first nail from the very beginning Zoroastrianism is current and Sari. One of the Zoroastrian beliefs about Forouhar is that they consider it a symbol of humiliation and eternity. They believe that Forouhar existed before everything that lives in this world, and with the disappearance of every creature, he goes with it to the spiritual and heavenly world.

Varjavand Hall

Yansh Varan Mantra Association organizes Zoroastrian customs, celebrations and traditions in the form of an exhibition in Varjavand Hall in Yazd Fire Temple, which Parviz Varjavand rebuilt in 2002 after being eroded. In this exhibition, you can see examples of Zoroastrian white clothes, tablecloths, traditional circles, paintings, pictures about Zoroastrianism, a Zoroastrian book called Avesta and things related to Zoroastrians.

Backyard of Yazd Fire Temple, non-Zoroastrian entry prohibited

As I mentioned earlier, the Yazd Fire Temple has two entrances: an east entrance for tourists and a west entrance behind the building for Zoroastrians. Zoroastrians are allowed to enter the backyard of the fire temple in white hats or white scarves to hold ceremonies and celebrations. They have to take off their shoes to enter the interior.

محوطه پشتی آتشکده یزد، ورود غیر زرتشتی ممنوع

Every Zoroastrian who enters the fire temple from the western entrance, must do his own duty To play; From the etiquette of a fire guard who has to cover his nose and mouth with a foot mask when approaching a fire, to Hirbod, who is responsible for keeping the fire burning, he adds firewood to the fire several times a day and makes it brighter than before. >

محوطه پشتی آتشکده یزد، ورود غیر زرتشتی ممنوع

Yazd Fire Temple Architecture

When I see the Iranian and Indian Achaemenid architecture of the Yazd Fire Temple from its pictures, I enjoy its cozy and at the same time magnificent beauty, with its warm colors on the walls and its blue color on Forouhar. Some of these beauties are the masterpieces of Isfahani artists who carved stone capitals and flowery stones at the foot of the wall of the Yazd fire temple, and the other part was the work of Yazdi tilers who had a hand on the tiling of Forouhar fire temple.

If we consider the mosque, synagogue and church as the places of worship of Islamic, Jewish and Christian religions, respectively, the architecture of the fire can be considered as a symbol of the Zoroastrian shrine, one of which is the fire temple of Bahram in Yazd. The general architectural design of this building is from Indian Persians and Iranian architecture. Yazd Fire Temple has a large courtyard with green cypress and pine trees and a turquoise circular pond that surrounds the building.

معماری آتشکده یزد

We see the image of Forouhar as one of the symbols of Zoroastrians and Achaemenids in the capitals of the fire temple of Yazd with its beautifully tiled colors, which from the very beginning shows the Aryan culture and Zoroastrian religion. One of the superior components of fire temples compared to other places of worship is the existence of a water basin.

Three Fires Three fires of fire named Varharam Fire, Azaran Fire and Court Fire are located in the three fires of Yazd Fire Temple. Verhram Fire is more important than Azran and the court.

معماری آتشکده یزد

What can I say about the Yazd fire temple pool that I was personally attracted to. Ponds with circular, square and rectangular shapes can be considered as an important member in the life and architecture of houses in different periods that occupy the eyes of every tourist; From the pool of Ramsar Marble Palace, the pool of Chehelston Palace of Isfahan, the pool of Hasht Behesht Palace to the pool of Aali Qapo Palace, the pool of Sarraflar House, the pool of Modares House and….

The best time to visit Yazd Fire Temple

Your visit to Yazd Fire Temple will not be free and will take about 1 to 2 hours. This time may be longer during the special days of Nowruz and summer days when Zoroastrians and non-Zoroastrians go there to see their religious culture. For this reason, the best time to visit this historical-religious place is the second half of the year in autumn and winter.

بهترین زمان بازدید از آتشکده یزد

What are the etiquettes of going to the fire temple?

Where is the fire temple of Yazd?

Foreign and domestic tourists can enter the building in front of the fire temple, by private or public vehicles from Ayatollah Kashani Street in Yazd, to the fire temple Verhram and the western entrance.

Address: Ayatollah Kashani St., Verhram or Bahram Fire Temple, Yazd Province, Yazd Province, Iran

By the way, if you want to go by plane, be sure to read about Yazd Airport.

Contact number: 03536288386 – 03536244185

From Forouhar to Seh Atash, a manifestation of Zoroastrianism with Iranian culture

In the article on Yazd Fire Temple, I said everything you need to know about the building of the Bahram Fire Temple in Yazd. A 1,500-year-old fire that, with the help of the Zoroastrians, has been extinguished for 15 centuries without being extinguished.

The philosophy of the fire temple in Zoroastrianism is so prevalent in the Aryan and Achaemenid culture and civilization that we still see its role and manifestation in our culture, proverbs, festivals. Choose the best time to see this fascinating historical place, I suggest the second half of the year, which does not bring the hustle and bustle of Eid al-Adha and summer days.

از فروهر تا سه آتش، جلوه‌ای از آیین زرتشتی با فرهنگ ایرانی

Finally, if you want to go from the modern world to the world of your ancestors with Zoroastrianism, you can enjoy the beautiful architecture, the large pool of the Bahram Fire Temple in Yazd and other sights.

Since the importance of the fire of Mars for the Zoroastrians of Iran was such that they endangered themselves, it is recommended to visit the Yazd fire temple, which is one of the historical symbols of Zoroastrianism, in addition to observing historical and cultural attractions and enjoying the coexistence of different religions. Will not disappoint.

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