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Yazd Handicrafts Bazaar can be auctioned for handicraft artists

ISNA / According to the latest news, Yazd handicrafts market can be auctioned for handicraft artists.

The project of Yazd handicrafts bazaar included two entrances of Prince Fazel and Darband Sadri in the first phase, and then the next phase of the project includes Sadr al-Ulma House, which started as soon as the credit was provided, and to complete its second phase with a credit of five billion Tomans. It needs to be mainly included in the stages of strengthening, demolition and restoration of Sadr al-Ulama complex, which, of course, has not been completed yet.

The location of this building in the vicinity of the traditional bazaar of Yazd and also the serious lack of space for the production, supply and sale of handicrafts in the center of the province has been one of the factors in creating this bazaar. On the other hand, the area and historical background of this building and of course the importance of handicrafts in the tourist city of Yazd, is another issue that has played a role in changing the use of this building towards the handicrafts market.

This place, which is intended to help the handicraft artists of the province, seems to be a good capacity for the development of this section, but despite the opening of this place, there is still no news about the establishment of handicraft activists in it. Has not been ineffective in causing this problem.

Mohammad Reza Dehghan, Deputy Director of Handicrafts of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Yazd, while stating that the handicrafts market was auctioned during the Corona era but was not welcomed, said: “Although this complex has been set up, its auction has not been welcomed and However, this auction is intended for the general public and not just for artists. Referring to the frequent objections of the Deputy Minister of Handicrafts to this auction process, he said: “However, the council and the municipality of the previous period did not pay attention to this issue, but it seems that we can accompany the current council and municipality in this area.” .

The deputy of handicrafts of the province, stating that the first level of selection of artists should be their nativeness, said: employment and development should be provided for the artists of the province, because special attention to the artists of this sector can also boost the economic prosperity of the city. Be accompanied.

Dehghan stated that the handicrafts market is a good capacity for the province’s handicraft artists, adding: “If we can act according to the plan, we can use this capacity to benefit the conditions of the province and to help the artists.”

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