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Yazd Khan Bazaar; Bazaar of Qajar aristocrats

Yazd Khan Bazaar; Bazaar of Qajar aristocrats

If you have not heard the name of Khan Yazd Bazaar until now, it is surprising because this bazaar is so famous for its history and tourism that it is known as the longest and most original bazaar in Yazd. This historical bazaar, next to the Yazd Khan Bath, Khan Square and Khan Theological School, all of which were built during the Qajar period and over several years, has a historical and lasting history for the people of Yazd and Iran.

One day, the exchanges that took place on the Silk Road passed through this bazaar and its ranks, and it is still the refuge of the noble and enduring classes of blacksmithing, coppersmithing, gold, and jewelry in Yazd. Of course, it may be interesting for you to know that if you wanted to see this market during the Qajar period, you might not have been allowed to do so unless you were an aristocrat and a khan! Here, in Alibaba Tourism Magazine I have written for you from an aristocratic market to a historical market in Yazd.

Where is Khan Bazaar?

Yazd, Imam Khomeini St., Ghaem St., Bazaar Khan Yazd.

What is the plan of Khan Yazd Bazaar?

Khan Yazd Bazaar is built in two parts, north-south and east-west, which continues from Ghaem Street to Shahzadeh Fazel as a winding corridor.

What are the sights of Khan Yazd Bazaar?

In addition to being close to Khan Square, Khan Bath, Khan School and Yazd Historical Museums, Yazd Khan Bazaar has a very historic reservoir in the Mehriz Gate Bazaar, which was built on the main aqueduct of the city since Safavid times. Has been.

Khan Bazaar from the time of Qajar to the age of technology

If you used to travel to Yazd in the Qajar period when this bazaar was built and visited this bazaar, you might be very shocked at how much everything has changed and changed except the main building and the bricks and rooms. A market that is still firmly attached to its historical context.

If you go to Khan Yazd Bazaar these days when the shadow of technology is very heavy, you can have the experience of traditional shopping and also the pleasure of traveling to the past, which ironically you can also find all kinds of goods and famous brands of Yazd handicrafts. Market.

بازار خان یزد

Sights around Bazaar Khan Yazd that have historical monuments in the dignity of this Visit the old markets And in general, have a completely fun and attractive trip. Especially since this bazaar has very easy access to Yazd Khan Bath, Khan Square, Khan School, Prince Fazel and Yazd Water Museum, which combine the experience of historical shopping with the pleasure of visiting historical monuments!

How many years is Khan Yazd Bazaar?

Khan Yazd Bazaar, like many Yazd sights and its historical monuments date back to the Qajar era . This large and vast bazaar of Yazd was built during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar and has gradually become more complete and larger, to the point that today it is the longest traditional bazaar in Yazd.

It is true that this bazaar was built during the reign of Qajar and Nasser al-Din Shah, but its founder was “Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafghi”, who in the following years was in charge of completing the bazaar for his descendants. Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi was the founder of the Khawanin dynasty and one of the rulers of Yazd during the Qajar period. Is.

پارچه های رنگارنگ یزدی

Khan Complex, which includes Khan Yazd Bazaar, Yazd Khan Bath, Khan School and Square, all by Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi And new Edgan has been established and all of them are considered as the most beautiful sights of Yazd. Also in 2003, on May 29, Khan Yazd Bazaar was registered as a national monument of Iran and its historical place was immortalized.

Khan Yazd Bazaar is 274 meters long, meaning it continues from Khan Yazd complex such as Hammam Khan to the shrine of Prince Fazel of Yazd, whose streets are beyond. The roof of this bazaar varies between 4 meters and 6 meters, which is mostly due to the gradual construction time of this old bazaar in Yazd.This old and historical bazaar has two parts, north-south and east-west, the north-south part of which is shorter: 78 meters long and has 53 shops. But the east-west part of Khan Yazd Bazaar is 180 meters long and has 100 shops. Even from these explanations, it can be understood that the architecture of this market is very special and spectacular!

The manifestation and glory of Qajar Khan Yazd Bazaar

We have explained about the length and height and the chapters of the north-south and east-west sections, and by passing these numbers and figures, we want to illustrate a little how the architecture of Khan Yazd Bazaar was formed and how it feels to those under its eastern arches. They walk.The walls and arches of Khan Yazd Bazaar are made entirely of clay, mud, brick and plaster, and the use of these materials has made this bazaar have a cool and shady area even in the hottest season of the year in Yazd.

جلوه و شکوه قاجاری بازار خان یزد

In the construction of this old and traditional market that Incidentally, timches have been made for a very long time It makes the space look a little hollow and complex. What do we mean by Timche? In fact, Timcheh is a small caravanserai that used to be built as a resting place in the heart of traditional markets.As each part of Khan Yazd Bazaar has a name for itself, it has a more specific architecture that varies according to the profession in which part of the bazaar operates; But from the point of view of tourists and experts, the architecture of Qaisaria Bazaar in Yazd, which is located between Khan Square and Khan School, is the most beautiful part of the bazaar and more spectacular.

کوچه پس کوچه های یزدی

Khan Yazd Bazaar has two old wooden doors that still open and close the bazaar. The overall architecture of Khan Bazaar is connected to a sub-row, corridor or Timcheh, and if you look at the length of the rows with your eyes, the arches that are regularly and evenly placed on the roof of the bazaar look like a snail worm with a hard shell that hits you under the sky of Yazd. It pulls in different directions.

Khan Collection, from Khan Yazd Bazaar to Khan Bath

You must know by now that Khan Yazd Bazaar, which was designed by Mohammad Taghi Khan Khan Bafghi, has other subdivisions such as Khan Yazd Complex, which are all of Yazd’s sights and famous historical monuments.

Qaisaria Bazaar of Yazd; The flagship of Khan Bazaar

This bazaar, which is actually one of the cloth sellers of Khan Yazd Bazaar, is one of the 5 famous Qaisaria bazaars in Iran. Yes, there are other cities in Qaisaria Bazaar, which are also historical cities, such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Kerman and Qazvin. But the attraction of Yazd Qaisaria Bazaar is as exemplary as them or even more.Yazd Qaisaria Bazaar is a sub-order with corridors and Timcheh, which used to be for precious goods. And this bazaar, which is located between Khan Square and Khan Yazd School, opens and closes with two wooden doors at the end and the beginning of the bazaar.

گنبد بازارخان

In terms of architecture, compared to other parts of Khan Yazd Bazaar, Qaisari Bazaar It has a more elegant and orderly architecture, and the abundance of colorful and very beautiful fabrics of Yazd gives tourists a feeling like walking between rooms with curtains and noble fabrics.

Khan Yazd Square, a beautiful bazaar rectangle

Khan Yazd Square is also part of the Khan complex, which in addition to leading to the Yazd Khan Bazaar, also has access to the Khan Bath. If you see this square from a distance or walk among its small gardens, you will think that this is not a square (which, of course, is not a circle and is rectangular in shape!) But a cozy and beautiful park that is full of historical sense of Yazd.

بخش های مختلف بازار

This square was built by Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi during the Qajar period and was one of the main squares in Yazd at that time. On the four sides of the square, there are shops with old canopies and crescent-shaped heads, and on the northern side of Khan Square, Khan Yazd School (Shafi’ieh) can be seen. This square, like Khan Yazd Bazaar, along with the shops and markets around it, has been registered as a national monument of Iran.

Khan School and the students’ secret underground road

Khan Yazd School, which is one of the most important seminaries in Yazd today, was built by Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi during the Qajar period in an area of about 2910 square meters. The building of this school is so large that its two courtyards are symmetrically and a large courtyard in the center of the school with two floors of a building with 78 rooms.

ساعت کار بازار

The architectural style of Khan Yazd school, which dazzles the eyes of every tourist, dates back to the late Zandieh and early Qajar eras and is one of the sights of Yazd and important historical monuments of this city. But this school has a very special and interesting feature that That is the underground way. Khan Yazd School has an underground road to Yazd Masla School and shows that at that time the teachers and students of this school were connected by underground.

The seminary also has a very rich library, which was founded by “Ayatollah Ulumi” and has more than 11,000 volumes of exquisite books and 133 historical manuscripts that are like a treasure in the heart of this school. The special architectural style of this school, which is very beautiful, is coordinated to receive tourists and those who want to visit the school during the hours when the students of this seminary do not have classes. Khan Yazd School, like Khan Yazd Bazaar and Khan Square, is registered as a national monument of Iran.

کالای بازار خان

Khan Yazd Bath or Noor Greenhouse

The bath of Yazd Khan took many years to build, and when it was used during the Qajar period, the aristocracy and the household usually had the right to use it, and the peasants could gather in the separate part of the bath and discuss as well as clean.

Hamam Khan Yazd consists of parts such as Miandar, Bineh, Garmkhaneh, Gavrov, Tavileh, support space, tone, symmetrical, serine and entrance and has a pool with an area of ​​approximately 6 by 12 meters, which has been the flagship of different parts of Hamam Khan Yazd. Other spaces such as changing rooms, shoe racks and benches were also created for this bathroom, which are very unique and beautiful in terms of beauty and architecture. For example, the walls of the central part of Hamam Khan Yazd were decorated with nude paintings in the past, but unfortunately little remains of them today.

کوچه های بازار

The greenhouse section of Hammam Khan also has a pleasant atmosphere due to the dome-shaped roof and the columns that support this roof. The royal part of the bath has colorful walls full of designs on which the characters of Shahnameh are designed. All these designs and paintings belong to the Qajar period and were added to it during the reconstruction of the bath building. It is one of the most beautiful historical baths in Iran and one of the national monuments of the country.

اهالی یزد در بازار

Refugee Lens Cafe, a delicious bazaar tour of Khan Bazaar

But one of the most attractive and delicious parts of Khan Yazd Bazaar, where you can have a basic tour, is the Refugee Lens Cafe. This cafe is one of the oldest cafes in Yazd, which was established 60 years ago; That means more than half a century! One of the attractive and important features of this cafe is that it has never been closed during these 60 years! This means that you can go to this cafe whenever you want and mourn. Almost from every stratum of society, students and bazaars and even famous people of Yazd visit this cafe and are avid fans of the refugee cafe.

کافه عدسی پناهنده

The Refugee Lens Cafe is located in the Panjeh Ali Bazaar section of Khan Bazaar in Yazd and is surrounded by Yazd handicraft shops. The menu of the Refugee Lens Cafe is varied, but what has made the Refugee Lens Café even reach its name is the famous, delicious and hot lenses of this cafe from ancient times to the present.

Mehriz Gate Reservoir, a gate from Safavid times

In the Mehriz Gate of Bazaar Khan Yazd, which is located in the northern part of Qayam Street, there is an old reservoir that has access to the aqueducts of Yazd. This reservoir dates back to the 11th century AH and the Safavid period and is one of the reservoirs that were built outside the city at that time, ie they were not just a place to collect water and were considered a place for recreation and a kind of intercity resort. Yazd Khan Bazaar has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran. The building of this reservoir is a corridor with 63 steps, a skylight and an aqueduct, a resting place and a water tank, on the walls of which designs from the Safavid period are engraved.

سقف پوشیده بازار

In recent years, the Mehriz Durazeh reservoir has been handed over to the private sector through the country’s endowment office in order to restore and restore this historic reservoir. Before that, this reservoir was a place of garbage collection and somehow abandoned, but now and after the transfer, it is being taken care of and rebuilt to be a center for attracting tourists and visitors to Khan Yazd Bazaar.

What can be bought now?

In Khan Yazd Bazaar, various shops and rooms with old wooden or metal doors, various orders and attractive smiles will take you to the world of old Iranian films. They begin.

The goldsmiths’ bazaar is in the middle of Khan Yazd bazaar, the center of gold exchange and the gold bazaar there, and among the bricks and bricks of the bazaar wall, it is like a jewel that shines even from afar and dazzles the eyes. The arches and crescent arches of the roof of the goldsmiths’ market take you to the distant past and at the same time face one of the most up-to-date and famous markets for buying and selling gold and jewelry in Yazd.

حوض زیبای بازار

Mehriz Gate Bazaar, which is located in the north-south part of Khan Yazd Bazaar, finally ends in Dar Al-Shfa Alley, and the Mehriz Gate Reservoir is located in the same part of the Bazaar, which will soon be a major center for attracting foreign and domestic tourists.

The tile market, which includes the blacksmiths’ class, was built during the Afshari period, and a variety of handmade metal products can be found in this part of Khan Yazd Bazaar. But Panjeh Ali Bazaar, which is known as Mesgaran Bazaar, is full of hammers and Mesgaran songs that have kept this part of Khan Yazd Bazaar, which is like the beating heart of the bazaar, from ancient times to the present, and on the other hand, the popular part of travelers to buy Copper utensils are considered quality and souvenirs.

بازار قدیمی یزد

When should we go shopping?

Suppose we have traveled to Yazd and want to spend a day shopping and shopping, now when can be the best time to visit Khan Yazd Bazaar? When the sun has just set in the sky and the merchants of the new bazaar have opened the doors of their booths, or when it has been past noon and the bazaar is in full swing? For shopping among the crowds of different guilds and different shops, it should be in the middle of the week and in the afternoon, when all the shops are open and the traditional restaurants inside the bazaar have made attractive arrangements for your sightseeing in Khan Yazd Bazaar.

پارچه های رنگی بازار

When is Khan Bazaar in Yazd open?

In the first half of the year, your time for shopping is longer and you can come to Khan Yazd Bazaar from 8 am to 10 pm and buy a hearty meal. But Khan Yazd Bazaar is open in the second half of the year from 7 am and you can visit it until 6 pm and walk between the rooms.

Where is Khan Bazaar in Yazd?

Since Khan Bazaar and Khan Bath of Yazd are located on Ghaem Street, to access the traditional Yazd Bazaar, you must first go to the southern intersection of Imam Khomeini Street and access other parts of Khan Yazd Bazaar through the blacksmiths’ bazaar.

بازار خان یزد

So come here: Yazd, Imam Khomeini St., Ghaem St., Bazaar Khan Yazd.

Yazd Khan Bazaar on Google Map

How to reach Khan Yazd Bazaar?

To reach Khan Yazd Bazaar, you can use almost any vehicle such as taxis and buses, and fortunately, wherever you are in Yazd, buses and taxis can be found to Imam Khomeini Street, and you can get off at Ghaem Street and take a taxi again to the bazaar door or Take this path on foot.

Take home the shopping experience of the oldest bazaar in Yazd!

Definitely one of the most famous and beautiful places of interest in Yazd that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. Become one of the most historic areas of Yazd.

بازار خان یزد

Where in the tranquility of Yazd arts and crafts and the sound of life in the market, you can take home a kind of relaxation and therapy from a great shopping experience, leave your mind to its beauties and tall arches and walk from one market to another and explore He himself visited the traditional restaurant of Hamam Khan Yazd or the Refugee Lens Cafe, got a good taste and made this trip more and more dreamy.

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