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You do not need a car in the city with Tabriz metro

You do not need a car in the city with Tabriz metro

Tabriz metro covers almost the entire city. The metro lines of this city are suitable for travelers who travel to this city without a car. If you go to Tabriz without a car, you can use the subway to explore the city.

You do not need to know the streets with Tabriz metro lines. It is enough to know the address of the sights of Tabriz and know which metro station is closer to it. In this article from Iranviva Tourism Magazine, we have named all Tabriz metro lines and stations, important routes and a summary of everything you need to know about Tabriz metro lines.

Tabriz metro lines operate from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm.

Lines 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are active in Tabriz in 1400.

Simple routing with Tabriz metro map on your mobile

At the very beginning, we have presented the map of Tabriz metro to get acquainted with the generals of metro routes. Metro maps are also available at metro stations. But these maps are not used to determine the overall route because passengers must determine their route before entering metro stations.

On the other hand, in the hustle and bustle of the subway, you do not get a chance to stop and look at the map and navigate. The map is usually mounted on the top of the walls, which is far away from your eyes. This also makes it more difficult to read the Tabriz metro map or find Tabriz metro lines.

نقشه متروی تبریز

The simplest solution is to have the updated version of Tabriz metro map on your mobile phone and it is very easy to navigate do. The image below is the latest version of the Tabriz metro map.

Tabriz metro lines in the city map

It is easier to find station details on a subway map. But if you want to match the location of the station with its location in the city of Tabriz, you will also need a city map. For this reason, in this section, we have included a map of metro lines in the city of Tabriz.

خطوط مترو تبریز

Tabriz Metro Lines

There are two categories of subway passengers. The first group consists of people who use the subway every day and their daily commute does not change. So they know what time they should be at which station and what route they should take. So they can read this article once and get acquainted with the details of the stations and the line they want.

But the second group are passengers and people who do not always use the Tabriz metro. So they have to do accurate routing. For this reason, they probably need to check the details of Tabriz metro lines several times.

If you are one of these travelers, then it is better to save the link of this article to access it. No doubt its information will come in handy every time you navigate.

Line 1: Il Goli Square – Laleh Alley

A metro line in Tabriz travels a distance of 17.2 km. The color of this line is blue-green on the map. Line 1 has 18 stations. The first terminal is Il Goli Square and the second terminal is Laleh Alley, which of course is known as Noor Station.

خط 1: میدان ایل گلی – کوی لاله خطوط مترو تبریز

The list of line stations of a Tabriz metro is as follows:

  1. Il Goli
  2. Sahand
  3. Imam Reza
  4. Khayyam
  5. February 20
  6. Master Shahriar
  7. University of Tabriz
  8. Water supply (intersection of lines one and four)
  9. Pole Square
  10. Shahid Beheshti
  11. Clock Square (intersection of lines one and three)
  12. Researcher (intersection of lines one and two)
  13. Qonqa
  14. gasran
  15. Laleh crossroads (where line one meets line four again)
  16. Imam Hussein
  17. Shahid Bakri
  18. Light

Train service on this line starts at 6:30 and continues until 20:00. This working hour has been approved since 27 May 1400 and will remain unchanged until further notice. On average, trains run every 13 minutes from Il Goli station and Laleh alley.

Line 2: Gharamalek – Basij Square

This 22.4 km line is marked in purple on the map. Tabriz Metro Line 2 has 20 stations and is the longest metro line in the city. Gharamalek Square and Vahdat Street are the first stations of Line Two. This station is also known as the organic fertilizer factory. The last stop is at the Tabriz International Exhibition located in Basij Square. The following is a list of two metro line stations.

  1. Qaramalek
  2. Imam Khomeini Town
  3. Northern Preacher
  4. Akhoni (intersection of lines two and four)
  5. Garden Alley
  6. Air Force
  7. Researcher (intersection of lines one and two)
  8. Bazaar (intersection of lines two and three)
  9. Sheshgelan
  10. Flood
  11. Baghmisheh (the intersection of line two with line four again)
  12. Abbasi
  13. Power
  14. Siaban
  15. Roshdieh
  16. Angel
  17. Narmak
  18. Free University
  19. Culturalians
  20. Tabriz International Exhibition

Tabriz Metro Line 2 operates from 6:30 to 20:00. No information has been provided about the travel intervals of Tabriz Line 2 trains. If you have information about this, be sure to let us know.

Line 3: Tabriz Airport – Shahid Kasaei Highway

Metro Line 3 is a 15 km route that has a purple color on the metro map. This line connects Tabriz Airport to the terminal of this city.

خط 3: فرودگاه تبریز – بزرگراه شهید کسایی در نقشه مترو تبریز Tabriz Metro Line has 13 stations, which we will name in order.

  1. Tabriz Airport
  2. Azerbaijan Square (intersection of lines three and four)
  3. Satarkhan
  4. Revolution
  5. Eram
  6. Magenta
  7. Shams Tabrizi
  8. Bazaar (intersection of lines two and three)
  9. Clock Square (intersection of lines one and three)
  10. North Garden
  11. Tabriz Post (where intersection of line three with line four again)
  12. ascension
  13. Tabriz Terminal

The working hours of Line 3, like the working hours of other lines, have increased from 27 May 1400, and now trains run from 6:30 to 20:00. Information on train departure times from origin and destination was not available. If you have information in this regard, please submit it in the comments section so that we have a comprehensive guide for subway lines in the city of Tabriz.

Line 4: Azerbaijan Square – Pasdaran Highway in Tabriz Metro

Tram trains run on Tabriz Metro Line 4. The route of the fourth line is designed in the form of a 15 km curve that has a common station with all three previous lines. Line 4 stops at 17 stations. The starting station is Line 4 of Azerbaijan Square and its destination is Pasdaran Highway. The following is a list of 17 stations on this line.

  1. Azerbaijan Square (intersection of lines three and four)
  2. Conquering Commanders
  3. Master Jafari
  4. Spring
  5. Akhoni (intersection of lines two and four)
  6. Jihad
  7. Laleh intersection (intersection of lines one and four)
  8. Abu Dharr
  9. Abu Rayhan
  10. Southern Shariati
  11. Tabriz Post (the intersection of line three with four again)
  12. Hafez
  13. Maralan
  14. Abersan (line one to four again)
  15. Bilankuh
  16. Baghmisheh (the intersection of lines two and four again)
  17. Shahid Rajaei
  18. Pasdaran

The working hours of Metro Line 4 are from 6:30 to 20:00. Tram hours are also not recorded. In the future, this line will be expanded to Tabriz Shahid Madani International Airport.

Line 5: Tabriz – Sahand

Line 5 is also a tram line, which is basically a continuation of Tabriz Metro Line 1. This line has been set up to create a transportation route between the city of Tabriz and the new city of Sahand.

خط 5: تبریز – سهند در مترو تبریز

Its origin station is located with the destination station of the line (light station). Line 5 passes in front of Tabriz Tractor Factory and goes to Sahand. The length of this line is 5 km.

Tabriz Metro Ticket

Tabriz metro ticket is offered in two forms: single table and credit. Single-way tickets are used for travelers and people who do not use the subway much. But credit tickets are cards that can be recharged, and the cost is reduced each time you use the subway.

Do you know Tabriz Metro well now?

In this article, we provided the details of Tabriz metro lines. Metro lines cover the city. This is the most important advantage that city subways can have. So if you have traveled to Tabriz with a tour or in person and without a car, do not worry about travel.

Tabriz public transportation is of high quality. Even many foreign tourists use Tabriz metro, buses and taxis!

We collect the latest information about tourism, transportation and accommodation in Tabriz in Alibaba magazine. With Alibaba Magazine, you will have a comprehensive guidebook for traveling to Tabriz.

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