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Zanjan Behestan Castle; Show power on the moon showing unparalleled

Zanjan Behistan Castle or Zanjan Fairy Chimney is located near the Ghezel Ozan River and is said to have been built in the fifth century AH. However, some archaeologists date the castle to the time of the Medes. However, more detailed archaeological research has been done and the antiquity of this fortress is attributed to the Achaemenid period. The purpose of building this fort by the rulers was to defend themselves and the people against possible attacks and the special conditions of that time. Join us in this interesting article to know where Behistan Castle of Zanjan is and be aware of the path of Zanjan Genie Chimney.


It seems that the architects had an initial plan based on which they dug a mountain, emptied the soil and rocks from it, and thus created the rooms. The interior of the castle includes rooms, corridors and stairs and the connection between the rooms is provided by creating corridors. On some parts of the castle walls, there are places in the shape of triangles or circles that have been the place where tallow burners are located and provide lighting for corridors and rooms. The stairs of this fort were also built in a zigzag pattern along the western and eastern sides, and according to experts, in the past it started from the lowest part of the northern side of the castle.

At the top of these stairs, there is a room that is decorated in the shape of the arches of the altars of the mosque of the Islamic era and its decorations belong to the Islamic period. In addition, many stairs with a width of one meter are another sign of Islamic architectural style in this castle. Due to the extensive destruction that took place in Behistan Castle in Zanjan, today only the top of the castle can be reached by mountaineering operations. This fort was registered in the list of national monuments of the country with the number 1458 under the name of the chimney of jinn and fairies.

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