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by scanning the barcode on the "Iran Visa Grant Notice", you will find your visa information on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran

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Tourist card is a bank card provided for tourists who travel to Iran. These cards are not different from the other bank cards used by Iranians for transactions in Iran. Among the services provided with this card are as follows:

  1. Withdrawing cash from ATMs in the city

(Daily withdrawal limit for all the bank cards in Iran, including Tourist Cards and Debit Cards used in Iran by Iranian citizens, is 2,000,000 rials)

  1. Doing shopping from all stores around the country and paying through the POS machines
  2. Doing shopping from all online shops
  3. Recharging SIM card and paying for it by the tourist card
  4. Transferring amount of money from a card to another bank account (only Iranian banks)

(Daily withdrawal limit for all the bank cards in Iran is 30,000,000 rials)

Tourist Card Advantages

The service provided with this card are not limited to what mentioned above; though, tourist card has other benefits such as:

  1. Security and no risk of theft
  2. No waste of time and money for exchanging money
  3. Notifications after money withdrawal in Iranian currency as well as different currencies (euro, dollar, etc.)
  4. Daily fixed exchange rate
  5. 24-hour support service to avoid any problems
  6. Low cost
  7. Facilities in increasing the credit of the card, without going to the bank
  8. Tourists easy access to the banking software in the desired language

The card being blocked in case of getting lost

If you would like to get more information about tourist card in Iran, do not hesitate to read Iranviva article “Iran Tourist Card”.

How to Get a Tourist Card?

Iranviva Tour Operator tries to provide the tourist card in the shortest possible time, to avoid wasting time. The issuance of cards is done as follows:

  1. First, you need to fill out a form and upload your passport photo via the link “X”.
  2. Once you registered, the documents will be sent for approval to the bank.
  3. After approval from the bank, a credit card, as the following image, is issued.


  1. Credit card is delivered to the tourist at the airport
  2. A mobile banking application is installed for the tourist (at the airport exit gate)
  3. The tourist will be taught how to use the tourist card, ATM and POS
  4. The tourist will be supported during the whole journey