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 Best Places to Visit in Isfahan


Isfahan known as “Half of the World”, is the glorious capital city of Iran in the Safavid era. Now, as the third biggest city in Iran, with a peaceful atmosphere, Isfahan welcomes tourists from the five continents who love to explore the beauty and wonder that it has to offer. It draws many tourists to Iran notably for visiting its splendid attractions and enjoying the extraordinary experiences like walking by Zayandeh-Rud River along the wonderful historic bridges.

Considered as the cultural capital of Iran, Isfahan has been recognized by the UNESCO for its outstanding universal value. Furthermore, as a hub for crafts and folk art, Isfahan displays the extraordinary beauty and glory of the best architectural pieces of the Islamic world in its iconic mosques and delicate palaces.

Here, Iranviva Group has provided a complete guide on what you can do or where you can go in Isfahan. So you can get enough information about the city of Isfahan before you book your Iran tour package with Iranviva Group, and before you travel to Iran.

Best Places to visit in Shiraz


If you plan to visit Iran as your next destination, be with Iranviva Group that has provided numerous comprehensive articles about different tours to Iran offered by Iranviva and different cities of Iran you can visit. Here in this article Iranviva Group has brought the best places you can visit in Shiraz.

Words cannot express the beauty and elegance of the city of Shiraz, one of the cultural centers of Iran with its spectacular architecture. It is known as the city of nightingales and roses, the city of gardens and flowers, and the city of poetry. Shiraz with its peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, is the original land of Persia and the cradle of the greatest Persian Empires.

Let’s have a brief look at the tourist spots in the city of Shiraz that are definitely worth visiting at least once on your trip to Iran.

Top Places to Visit in Yazd


Yazd is one of the destinations in Iran that is highly recommended to visit. It is a city that has preserved its historical spaces through the centuries and offers exceptional sceneries to the visitors.

Yazd is one of the oldest human settlements on Earth, which is described as “a very fine and splendid city” by the world most famous explorer, Marco Polo. It is also home to many Zoroastrians, concentrated in Persia in the past.

Yazd, the city of wind-catchers, with its hidden beauties and wonders, is now listed among the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Iranviva Group has provided a variety of articles about the city of Yazd, as well as various tour packages around Iran, including the city of Yazd.

Yazd, a city full of places of interest, draws many tourists from around the world to travel to Iran every year. Here are some examples of these tourist spots in Yazd you can visit on your trip to Iran.

Taarof, Iranian Art of Etiquette

TARROF 3 - Iran Tours & Travel - Iranviva

As a tourist who is traveling to Iran, you need to be aware of Iranian culture and codes of etiquette. Iranviva Group has provided plenty of articles about different things you need to know, before traveling to Iran. One of the most challenging cultural phenomenon in Iran that you will sure encounter on your stay in Iran, is Taarof.

Taarof is an Iranian art of etiquette, a strong expression of respect that emphasizes both deference and social rank. Taarof is a key part of the Iranian culture.

For tourists in Iran who are unfamiliar with Iranian culture and taarof, in particular, it could be explained as an extreme courtesy that they need to be more acquainted with, before traveling to Iran. However, since it’s so complicated, it needs a lot of practice and experience to master it.

As an example, one of the most repeated words, tourists in Iran may hear while traveling around Iran, is the word “Befarma”, which is similar to “please!”, “after you!”, “help yourself!” or other polite expressions for offering a seat, a meal, etc., depending on the context.

Iran Public Holidays

Holiday in Iran- Iran Tours & Travel - Iranviva

Iran is a country with the most public holidays in the world. Iran has around 25 holidays per year, most of which are related to Islamic events based on the lunar calendar that may differ every year regarding the Lunar Calendar.

As in most countries in the world, there might be some limitations during public holidays regarding time hours for example. Some of the shops close earlier or even are closed all day in some cases. Generally speaking, tourist sights are open, with different opening hours. During these public holidays, you will also see Iranians enjoying their holiday as you, traveling around and sightseeing.

So you need to check the Iranian calendar before planning a trip to Iran, to be well aware of the public holidays in Iran. Some of these occasions might affect your trip plans. On extended holidays, like Nowruz holiday for example, you’d better book transportation tickets and accommodation in advance.

Just keep in touch with Iranviva Group in Iran, and follow Iranviva Group’s recommendations to enjoy the holidays among locals! Iranviva Group will inform you about the public holidays and the best time to travel to Iran.

Accommodation in Iran

Accommodation in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel - Iranviva

Accommodation is the most important part of a trip that provides safety for the tourists who travel to new places. Finding the perfect accommodation is a crucial aspect of going on a vacation to Iran. Travelers need to get some rest in a cozy and comfortable place after exploring new places in Iran. They may also want to have the opportunity to live with locals for a while, make new friends and learn their culture, customs and way of living. There are various types of accommodation where travelers can stay at in Iran, from local houses and eco-lodges to luxury hotels, for different types of vacation.

Here in this article, Iranviva Group will acquaint you with different types of accommodation you can choose during your trip to Iran, according to the type of holiday you are going on.

Smoking Regulations in Iran

Smoking in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel - Iranviva

If you are a smoker and you are going to travel to Iran, don’t worry about the smoking regulations! There is no specific restriction on smoking in Iran. Although smoking is prohibited in Islam, there is no regulation against smoking cigarettes in Iran.

In Iran, it is quite usual to see people smoking cigarette in the streets, even in public places like cafes and restaurants. If you have any doubt about smoking in a specific place while traveling to different cities in Iran, simply look at people around you, or just ask about it.

You may even see women smoking cigarette in public in Iran, too, especially in Tehran where it is totally acceptable; it may not be so common, though, and it might be surprising for locals in smaller cities.

Iran Domestic Flights

Flights 1 - Iran Tours & Travel - Iranviva

Iran is a big country, the second largest country in the Middle East and the 17th largest in the world. Its territory spans 1,648,195 km2. If you are going to stay in Iran just for a few days, travelling around Iran by plane might be the most convenient option for you.

Flying will save a lot of your travel time on you trip to Iran. It’s a fast and rather inexpensive way of traveling. It is also easy to book a flight ticket in advance for any destination in Iran at any time.

Iranviva Travel agency is with you on your trip in Iran to help you with your traveling around the country. Beside the wonderful Iran tours and holiday packages offered by Iranviva group, Iranviva Travel Agency will provide you with services like booking the tickets, booking the hotels, etc.

Using Public Transportation on Your Trip to Iran

SUBWAY - Iran Tours & Travel - Iranviva

As a clever way to avoid traffic congestion, and reduce time, energy and money consumption, public transportation can be more convenient and environment-friendly. Different types of public transportation services in major cities of Iran are available at a low price for everyone. For example, it’s really convenient to travel by subway around the city of Tehran, the capital city of Iran. In fact, using public transportation in Iran is not difficult at all. Here is all about public transportation in Iran that you may find useful as a tourist on your visit to Iran.

Iran Inter-City Transportation

Train in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel - Iranviva

Travelling around the country of Iran, using public transportation is as easy as pie for tourists who travel to Iran on their own. Everybody can easily access long-distance transportation system in any of the cities in Iran.

There is railway and bus transportation service between the cities all around Iran. There are different options from trains to buses. Intercity bus services are highly appreciated by travelers around Iran. In fact, “VIP” buses are extremely comfortable, flexible, inexpensive and safe! There are always buses available carrying passengers along long-distance routes into and out of the cities especially in main cities. The tickets are easy to book online, too.

There are also long-distance passenger train services available in Iran that is more comfortable and safer during the day and night, even if not faster. You can take a train to the destination city and just enjoy the landscape.

Another option is flying, although the service is limited to some main cities in Iran.