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Top 10 tourist caves in Iran Part1

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Iran is a country full of diversity and home to numerous amazing tourist attractions, similar to which, one can hardly find any other places.
One of the tourist attractions in Iran is its amazing caves. Thanks to the numerous caves in Iran, it is the paradise for caving lovers, and, every year, a large number of nature and adventure lovers travel to Iran to explore deep into the earth at the beautiful caves in this country.
In addition to places like Mount Paraw (Parau), which is full of technical deep caves, Iran has some caves that are good destinations for tourists interested in nature.

Everything about Nakhjir cave

Nakhjir cave

This cave located in 11 kilo miters Northeast of Delijan and it’s in the way of Naragh one of city of Markazi state and on the slop of Takht mountain with 1716 meters hight, also this cave is near Kerugan, Veshtegan and Harazijan villages. This cave is one of the Calcareous caves and has several floors and it consider a class caves. The unique features of this cave is livelihood of the cave which it can repair cracks automatically. There are a large number of crystals discovered in the preliminary depth of the cave that’s been explored. The crystal prisms and sponges and coral gardens in the cave are the breathtaking beauties of the cave that catches every visitor’s eyes.