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Customs Rules and Regulations in Iran

Customs Rules and Regulations in Iran 3 - Iran Tours - Iran Travel - Iranviva

It is very important for passengers and people who are planning to travel to another country to know about rules and regulations on goods temporarily brought into the country. These rules and restrictions are divided into three categories:

Customs rules for boarding the plane
Customs rules for bringing goods into the country of destination
Customs rules for taking goods out of the country of destination

Being aware of and knowing about these laws is important to ensure you enjoy your visit to Iran.

Smoking Regulations in Iran

Smoking in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel - Iranviva

If you are a smoker and you are going to travel to Iran, don’t worry about the smoking regulations! There is no specific restriction on smoking in Iran. Although smoking is prohibited in Islam, there is no regulation against smoking cigarettes in Iran.

In Iran, it is quite usual to see people smoking cigarette in the streets, even in public places like cafes and restaurants. If you have any doubt about smoking in a specific place while traveling to different cities in Iran, simply look at people around you, or just ask about it.

You may even see women smoking cigarette in public in Iran, too, especially in Tehran where it is totally acceptable; it may not be so common, though, and it might be surprising for locals in smaller cities.

Visa-Free Traveling to Iran

Visa to Iran - Iran Tours - Iranviva

Tourism in Iran has blossomed in the recent years and the number of tourists who are eager to explore Iran, a land full of beauties, has increased. There are a variety of attractions in Iran that seduce tourists with any interest, from historical places, beautiful mosques and stunning palaces for architecture lovers, to ancient sites, monuments and museums for history lovers, holy shrines, Sufi monasteries, Armenian churches for those who see beauty in spirituality, lush, green forests and mountains and deserts for eco-tourists and nature lovers, and lots of other attractions that appeal to any visitor to this land.

Everything about Clothing in Iran

Clothing in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel

Wherever you travel to, you need to respect the norms in the country. Before traveling to Iran you need to know what to wear that contributes to your comfort and also it is not contrary to the norms of society in Iran. Indeed, dress code in Iran is far from the misconception among people from other countries. On the contrary to the misconceptions, Iranians are among the most fashionable people in the world.

Iran Visa for visitors from the US, UK and Canada


Iran is one the most interesting tourist destinations that attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Visitors to Iran are of different nationalities. Entering Iran as a foreign tourist can be easily done, though, as a westerner it will be somehow different, yet possible.
There are some specific rules to be observed by visitors from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Citizens of the US, UK and Canada are not eligible for Iran Visa on Arrival. They must apply for and obtain their visa before traveling to Iran via the embassies / consulates of Iran. Having a code of permission issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a must for them.
They actually need an Iranian travel agency to help them through the procedure of getting their tourist visa. Iranviva Group will be with these citizens in all the process.

How to Obtain Iran Tourist Visa (2019 Guide)

vissa arrival

Iran Tourism
Tourism in Iran has blossomed after the nuclear deal and the number of tourists to Iran has increased from three hundred thousand visitors to about six million last year. By 2025, Iran has set a target of attracting more than 20 million foreign tourists from all over the world into the country.
The government, with the goal of promoting the growth of tourism in Iran, is making an attempt on providing travel facilitation services for tourists at suitable attractions, as well as facilitating visa application procedures. As a result, it’s getting much easier for tourists from around the world to apply for and obtain Iran travel visa.
To get more information about getting Iran tourist visa just contact continue reading this article.

5 Restrictions You Need to Know before Traveling to Iran


Each country has its own unique atmosphere and social norms and etiquette, travelers need to be aware of, and Iran is no exception. There are some Iran-specific regulations and restrictions you may encounter while traveling to Iran, some of which are brought here for you by Iranviva team:
No International Credit Card Acceptance in Iran
Internet Filtering in Iran
Compulsory Hijab Law in Iran
Alcohol Ban in Iran
No Public Display of Affection in Iran