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Brief description of Sahand Mount

Sahand mountain

Sahand is the name of a mountain range and a peak in the province of East Azerbaijan in Iran. Sahand is one of the dormant volcanic mountains in Iran. This volcanic mountain is full of beautiful and stunning lush meadows and is known as the bride of the mountains in Iran for its mesmerizing beauty. Sahand rangelands are one of the most beautiful rangelands in Iran and is a summer place for the nomadic peasants of Azerbaijan.
Sahand mountain Range has 17 peaks over 3000 meters above sea level. The most famous peaks of this mountain range are: Kamal, Jaam, Sahand, Sultan, Damirli, Aghdagh, Motal Daghi, Shir Daghi, Haram Daghi, Giro Dagh, Atashan, Darvish peaks.